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MB n news builctih of GOvCRnMenr cou,€G€ univcfisrrv, lahqi c 




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"GCU is a natural forum for Indo-Pab peace 1 



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OfelUtit*V-*rt*«*-' W 
08- 130 *«* tem««4 fe ««••*«• 

PAS award* CCU VC Gold Medal 
Record 27 positions In CM Debates 
9 positions *n inter results 
International Best Library Award 
Debating Society earns 131 award* 
HEC ranks GCU-DS "the best" 

♦ CCU shine* in Punjab Games 

* 13 get Research Productivity Award 

• CCU tops Punjab in HEC ranking 
■f QEC shines *n HEC assessment 

• DC wins British Council Drama Contest 
■ Shahbaz honour* GCU high-achieve 

NAMS clean sweeps music conference • GCU wins Football Independence Cup 
MSD wins LUMS Gauntlet Contest • HEC Fastest Runner 

- Mustaqeem autmusdes 5, Asian i tarfl 

Saqib wins Doha Open 2012 
• HMC sparkles in walt-drmbrng 

* Resources outpaced 

* Rrst position in LUMS Ebquence Gala 

* New record in Triple Jump 




GSDfo "Btecftg SsiKscpSs-. 

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Educating People for Tomorrow 


1st Affiliation 

In 148 Years History of GCU University, Lahore 

% ' 


\\ u ild Llamvvi LodUo£ itH> tit at WmiiQSiiM 


4 Years Program 

BSc. [Hons.] Business 

Accounting & Finance 

BSc. [Hons.] Economics 

3 B.Com [Hons.] 


Rs. 30 Million for High Achievers 

85% Marks, Fee Waiver 100% 

80% Marks, Fee Waiver 50% 

75% Marks, Fee Waiver 25% 

As per policy Limited Seats 


of Business Studies 

5-Ahmed Block, Garden Town, Main Canal, Lahore - Pakistan 

+92 336 777 7772 +92 42 35844144-7 E-mail: 


It is really exciting for me to write a few lines for the first issue of The GCU 
Mirror, which reflects various academic, co-curriculan and social activities 
going on in Government College University, Lahore. This is the oldest 
educational institution of northern Indo-Pak subcontinent, which was 
established on 1st January 1864 as Government College Lahore, and was 
affiliated with the Calcutta University, On 8th August 1 989, Government College 
Lahore was awarded autonomous status in its financial and administrative 
affairs owing to the hectic efforts of its Principal Dr Abdul MajidAwan. This was 
in fact the turning point in the history of GC Lahore, which culminated into, first 
the degree awarding status on 16th June 1997, and then Government College 
University, Lahore on 10th September 2002, while Dr Khalid Aftab was the 

In this prestigious institution, students hailing from divergent ethnic, 
sectarian and cultural backgrounds have always studied together in the most 
congenial atmosphere. Rich traditions of academic excellence, research, 
promotion of new ideas, and tolerance are imbibed in them. The old students of 
this University, known as Old Ravians t have made significant contributions in all 
spheres of life. Our national philosopher poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal two 
Nobel Laureates Dr Abdus Salam and Dr Ear Gobind Khorana, Moulana 
MuhmmadHussainAzad, Ahmad Shah Bokhari, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Sufi Tabssum, 
Ashfaq Ahmad, CD. Sondhi, Sir GangaRam, Rajender Singh Bedi, Khushwant 
Singh, Dev Anand, Kanhaiya Lai Kapoor, Dr Samar Mubarikmand, and many 
others have made a mark in their fields, and glorified the name of this historical 

Student life in GC University is not just confined to class room teaching or 
laboratory work, but ample opportunities are made available for the character 
building and personality grooming of the students, No other Pakistani 
educational institution provides as many facilities for promoting co-curricular 
activities as we do in GC University. There are 44 societies which are actively 
operating at University and Departmental levels, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman has doubled the annual budget of each society 
to promote co-curricular activities. Side by side, the GCU Sports Board has also 
been made vibrant, and the achievements in the world of sports are as impressive 
as in the realm of academics. All said above is reflected by the contents of this 

In the end, 1 must congratulate the Vice-Chancellor on taking the initiative of 
publishing The GCU Mirror, a very informative news bulletin highlighting 
various academic, co-curricular and social activities going on in GC University, 

Editorial Beard 

Muhaxnmad Zakma Butt; 

The GCU Mirror is a publication of Government College University, Lahore. No 

part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior written 

permission of The Publisher. 

Fa re e ha Tahreem Lang a 


Ahmed Sahi 


5tippcrt Stall 
Arfan Johall, Haider AH , 














School of Accountancy 
Est. Since 1992 


Excellence is 









Degree Awarded By G.C University Lahore 

■ BSC (HonS) Business Accounting & Finance 

■ B.Com (Hons) 

Salient Features 

■ 50% fee discount to Ravians 

■ Academic scholarships 

■ Need based financial assistance 

■ Guaranteed job placement 

■ Credits transferable to UK 


Centralized Admissions Office: 

1-Tariq Block, New Garden Town, Lahore 

UAN: 1 1-11-75267 (SKANS) 

Tel: 042-3584431 1-14, 35914701-04 


Faisalabad Girtranwala Islamabad Karachi Mtritan Peshawar Rawalpindi Siatkot 


GCU CLOCK TOWER; The chairpersons of academic departments pose for a photo with Vice Chancellor Prof Khaleeq-ur- Rahman and Dr Kadrr Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul 

First honorary doctorate degree for Istanbul Mayor 

• Dr Topbas terms degree a shining beacon ofPak-Turk relationship 

• Announces scholarships & 15 seats for Ravians in Istanbul University 

The Government 
Lahore (GCU) this year 
conferred its first 
honorary doctorate 
degree upon Dr Kadir 
Topbas, the Mayor of 
Istanbul in recognition 
of his services for 
strengthening ties 
between Turkey and 

Dr Topbas said the 
degree conferred upon 
him would serve as the 
shining beacon of Pak- 
Turk cultural 
relationship, 'I will use 
it for the service of the 
people/ he said while 
speaking at the special 
ceremony chaired by 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman at 
varsity's Bukhari Auditorium, while 
Education Minister and Old Ravian 
Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rahman 
was also present. 

The Istanbul mayor announced that 
every year, 15 students from GCU 
would be accommodated in Istanbul 
University to pursue higher studies, 
while they would also provide 
scholarships of $6,000 to $9,000 to 
students of various Pakistani 
universities for studying in Istanbul 
Dr Topbas said the modern age was 
all about knowledge and 
universities were the places where 
knowledge was shaped, hence more 
investment should be done in 
universities and research. 
He stressed that the research papers 
produced by scholars in universities 
should not be left to rot; rather they 
shoufd devise solutions for 
problems faced by people in society. 
He said Lahore and Istanbul were 
ancient cities with great potential 
and they would like to share 
everything, they were doing for 
^ development of Istanbul, 
with Lahore. He said 
Turkey was the 15th 

GCU BUKHARI AUDITORIUM: Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman presents honorary doctorate 
degree to Dr Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul, Education Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman is also present. 

"/ feel privileged and 
honoured to become part 
of alumni of such an 
esteemed university 
which has produced nobei 
laureates, men of letters, 
prime ministers and 

Dr Kadir Topbas 

biggest economy of the World and 
resolved that it would be among the 
top 10 within next couple of 
years/Turkey will continue its 
collaboration with Pakistan in 
energy, solid waste management 
and transport sectors,' he assured, 
Thanking the GCU administration, 
Dr Topbas said, "I really feel 
privileged and honoured to 
become alumni of such an 
esteemed university which has 
produced nobel laureates, men of 
letters, prime ministers and 
GCU VC Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 

"GCU has undertaken 
collaborative research 
projects with the Turkish 
universities which 
resulted in publication of 
66 research articles in 
reputed international 
journals/ 1 
Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 

Rahman said Pakistan had always 
cherished a very warm association 
with Turkey. He said the GCU had 

collaborative research 
projects with several 
Turkish universities, 
which resulted in the 
publication of 66 
research articles in 
international journals. 
He said Turkey had 
progressed because it 
was spending more 
than four percent of its 
GDP on education, 
while under-developed 
countries were 
spending less than 0,46 
percent of their GDP on 
ed ucat ion . P rof 
Rahman stressed 
initiating student and 
faculty exchange 
programmes between 
the universities of 
Pakistan and Turkey to 
strengthen educational 
ties. Mian Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman 
welcomed Dr Topbas on joining the 
Ravians fraternity. Earlier, in a 
traditional style, the Dean Faculty of 
Social Sciences presented Dr Topbas 
to the Vice Chancellor for awarding 
him honorary doctorate degree. The 
Vice Chancellor and Education 
Minister dressed the Mayor with 
traditional GCU robe. It may be 
mentioned that Dr Topbas has 
already earned a PhD in 
'architectural history 1 from Istanbul 
University following his education of 
theology in 1972 and architecture in 
1974, He has also taught 
architecture in various renowned 
u n ive rs it i es of Tu r key. 

AMPHITHEATRE: Indian Old Kavians along with Vice Chancellor Prof Muh 

leeq-ur-Rahman address a press conference upon their arrival at GCU. 

Pre-partition alumni from India visit GCU 

• Say people-to-people contact between Pakistan and India should increase to normalise relations 

• In 1950s, 70% to 80% bureaucracy in Pakistan and India comprised ofRavians: Maj-Gen (r) Datta 

• It's always nostalgic to return where I have spent best time of my life: Maj-Gen (r) S N Talwar 

• 50 Indian Old Ravians are in contact with ORU Delhi chapter; Wing Commander (r) Iqbal Singh 

A12-member delegation of 
pre-partition alumni from 
India this year arrived in 
Lahore via Wagah Border on a five- 
day visit to their alma mater, 
Government College University, 
Lahore. Eminent personalities of 
India were part of the delegation 
which included Maj-Gen (r) Jaidev 
Singh, Maj-Gen (r) Suhnder Nath 
Talwar, iqbal Singh, Mrs Moina 
Cheema, Pran Neville and Mr 

A delegation of Old Ravians Union 
{ORU}, led by Honorary Secretary 
Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, accorded a 
warm welcome to the Indian 
delegation at Wagah Border. 
Addressing a press conference at 
GCU, former Indian Wing 
Commander Iqbal Singh said 
"demilitarisation at Siachen is 
possible and there is a growing 
feeling among army men as well 
that people-to-people contact 
between Pakistan and India should 
increase to normalise relations and 
move towards development at a 

faster pace." 

Mr Singh said the Gayari sector 
avalanche tragedy was big and it m ust 
never be repeated. "My message is 
that both countries should help each 
other and become friends. Like 
civilians, army men also feel that 
people-to-people contact should be 
increased but they cannot express 
this feeling publically/' he said. Mr 
Singh said he had visited GCU in 2004 
and 2005 and always wanted to come 

here because "we had spent a 
good time of our life here". 
Stating that he was at Government 
College during 1942-46, he said, "We 
had great living memories of this 
college and the games at Oval". In all, 
he said, there were around 50 living 
old Ravians in Delhi who were in 
contact with ORU Delhi Chapter. 
Oldest among the delegation was 
former Maj-Gen (r) Jaidev Singh Datta 
who said old Ravians always wanted 

that relations between Pakistan and 
India should normalise and become 
friendly. He said in 1950s almost 70 
to 80 percent bureaucracy in 
Pakistan and India comprised of 
Ravians, Gen Datta said now he 
could see many girls in the university. 
"During my time at GC, there were 
only two girls in my class including 
former principal G.D SondhTs 
daughter/ 1 he said. Moina Cheema, 
the wife of Old Ravian Amer Singh 
Cheema and sister of Wing 
Commander Iqbal Singh, said it was a 
home-like feeling as they were in 
Lahore. "Last time, I had visited GCU 
with my husband and he had 
showed me his room in the college 
hostel. It was quite nostalgic to come 
here " she said. In Lahore, she added, 
she used to study at Sacred Heart 
School. Maj-Gen 5 N Talwar (retired) 
said it was always nostalgic to return 
where one had spent the best time of 
one's life. He said that he could still 
remember many hockey matches at 
Oval, where referee's whist Ies3 were 
heard through the matches. 

Old Ravians mourn Dev Anand's death 

he Old Ravians Union expressed 

grief over the demise of 

legendary actor and Old Ravian 

Dev Anand. Dev had graduated in 

English Literature from the 

Government College, Lahore in the 

early 1940s. He was proud to be an 

^ Old Ravian and at many occasions in 

his life, he expressed love for his 

alma mater People from all 

walks of life, including politicians and 
students condoled over the death of the 
Indian actor. The Old Ravian fans of Dev 
Anand expressed grief over his death 
through their statuses on Facebook also, 
terming him as one of the best actors of 
his time. Former prime minister Nawaz 
Sharif said that Dev Anand was not only 
a popular artist but he was among his 
friends also, adding that he had a 

number of memorable meetings with 
Dev Anand. Nawaz said that he and 
Anand were both Old Ravians and he 
wished that Anand would come to 
Lahore again and the two would refresh 
their memories of the Government 
College, However, life did not give him 
time for the reunion, Nawaz added. Dev 
Anand was born in Narowal, the eastern 
city of Pakistan in 1923. 

1-' ' i 




Old Ravians' reminiscence of their alma mater 

• Pre-partition alumni from India attend the annual reunion 

• Dr Samar calls upon govt to grant GCU funds for KSK Campus 

• VC appeals Old Ravians to help GCU deserving students 

GCU OVAL: Or Samar Mubarikmand presents a souvenir to Indian Old Ravian Maj-Gen (r) SN Talwar and hh wife. 

India and 
need to 
bury the 
hatchet and 
take a giant 
leap towards 
peaceful co- 
existence. We 
can neither 
choose nor 
change our 
Won't it foe 
better if we 
peacefully? It 
was stated by 
scientist and 
Old Ravians 

Union (ORU) President Dr Samar 
Mubarikmand at the biggest annual 
reunion of ORU at the GCU Oval 
where pre-partltion alumni from 
across the border were the guests of 
honour Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
chaired the reunion which was 
attended by hundreds of 
ambassadors, bureaucrats, 
journalists, industrialists and 
politicians from all over the country 
including former Lahore High Court 
chief justice Khwaja Muhammad 
Sharif, Punjab Education Minister 
Mian Mujtaba Shuaja-ur-Rahman, 
provincial minister Nadeem Kamran, 
senior bureaucrat Kamran Lashari, 
Punjab DG Protocol Asjad Ghani, 
University of Education VC Prof Dr 
Fiazul Hassan and Lahore Board 
Chairman Nasrullah Virk< Dr Samar 
said institutions like GC were the 
nurseries that reared top-notch 
scientists who went on to make 

the G C 

Lahore Sports 
Former ORU 
Kamran Lashari 
said that Old 
their alma mater 
not because of 
their degrees but 
due to the 
values, morals 
and confidence 
that the 
G ove rnment 
College Lahore 
taught them. 

Pakistan's nuclear and missile 
programmes successful. "It is 
incumbent upon the government to 
pay special attention towards the 
preservation and progress of such 
nurseries, The Punjab government 
and HEC should generously provide 
funds for the establishment of GCU's 
new campus at Kala Shah Kaku," said 
the scientist who is also ORU 
president Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said in this age 
of cut-throat competition, the 
institution had been in a dire need of 
financial resources to keep up pace 
with its rivals in the private sector. 
"Your alma mater requires your 
support to expand its functions in 
different domains, besides 
strengthening the existing facilities," 
he said. Punjab Education Minister 
Mian Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman 
announced that the government 
would soon release funds for 
establishment of a swimming-pool at 

ORU cancels 
music concert 

The Old Ravians Union this 
year cancelled their annual 
music concert due to a 
national tragedy of an air crash in 
which 127 people lost their lives, 
The music programme was 
scheduled in connection with the 
annual reunion of Old Ravians. Prof 
Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Dr Samar 
Mubarikmand and Indian Old 
Ravians expressed deep 
condolences on the sad demise of 
127 Pakistanis in air crash. In their 
message to the bereaved families, 
Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Dr 
Samar prayed to the Almighty AKah 
to bless the departed souls in 
eternal peace and grant courage to 
the deceased's families to bear 
irreparable loss. 


Pab-China friendship is warm & sweet: Chinese students 


30-member delegation of students and teachers 
from Chinese universities visited the GC University, 
^ Lahore. The Chinese delegation, led by Southwest 
University of Political Science and Law Chairman Zhang 
Guolin and Tsinghua University Vice Chancellor Li Xiguang, 
discussed with VC Prof Dr M Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Punjab 
Secretary Higher Education Dr Ijaz Munir policies of the 
Punjab government regarding education and academic setup 
of Pakistani universities, Chinese students says "we have 
been listening about the friendship with Pakistan since our 
childhood but we never tasted it. However, now we know it's 
wa rrn and sweet ." They said they would go back and te II other 
students about the culture and universities of Pakistan. 

Art of hospitality be learnt from Pakistanis: Indian scouts 

Musical, cultural and drama 
performances enthralled the 
visiting delegation of 200 Indian 
scouts at a special cultural evening "Camp 
Fire" organised by the GCU Rovers Club at 
the university's Bukhari Auditorium, Vice 
Cha ncellor P rof Dr M Khaleeq-u r-Rah man 

was the Chief Guest at the evening which was 
marked by musical compositions, folk tunes, 
cultural dances, peace songs, skits and Urdu 
symbolic play "Deewar", The Indian scouts 
also performed at the Camp Fire. Talking to 
media, the Indian scouts said that the art of 
hospitality must be learnt from Pakistanis. 

Partition doesn't mean severing ties: Bangladeshi students 

Yv •: iMiii. - 

'□ i 

Partition doesn't mean 
severing ties. Pakistan 
and Bangladesh are 
brother countries and they 
will continue to be, 

said Bangladeshi students during 
their visit to the GC University, 
Lahore where they also met with 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr M Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman. The 20-member 

delegation, led by Prof Dr Abu I Khair, 
was comprised of social sciences 
students from various universities of 
Bangladesh. The delegation visited 
GCU Naqoosh Museum, Sports 

Complex, Postgraduate Library and 
Nazir Ahmad Music Society where 
they enjoyed a musical 
performance by the GCU 


■ 7*3 * ^ 





'CCU is a natural forum for Indo-Pab peace' 

• Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says political will is needed to implement laws 
m Lauds Shahbaz ' initiatives and vows to introduce similar reforms in Bihar 

• Pakistan and India must move forward for peace: Shahbaz 

The post- 
have had nothing 
to do with the 
skeletons of 
partition. All we 
need to learn 
from our national 
history is that 
rather than 
fighting with each 
other, India and 
Pakistan must 
learn to live in 
peace and 
harmony, Yes, we 
need to wage war 
against poverty, 
disease and 
corruption. Nitish 
Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, 
India, expressed these views at a 
seminar on governance and social 
sector progress held at the 
Government College University, 
Lahore where he was invited as 
the Chief Guest. Punjab Chief 
Minister Muhammad Shahbaz 
Sharif, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 
Punjab Planning & Development 
Department Chairman Javed 
Aslam and the members of Punjab 
Assembly and senior bureaucrats 
were also present, "I sincerely 
believe that Government College, 
Lahore is a natural forum to foster 
ties between the two countries 
since renowned Indians like Dev 
Anand, Bulraj Sahni, Kamini 
Koshai, Kanaheya Lai Kapoor, 
Khushwant Singh, Pran Nevel and 
many others have all been the 
alumni of GC. They and their 
i Pakistani peers can inject sense 
^ into our hawks and make them 
convinced that it is love that 
^ conquers all and that 

hatred serves no purpose/ Nitish 

He said political will was needed to 
implement laws which would lead 
to pursue cases against criminals 
and ultimately convictions. 
Nitish Kumar said he was greatly 
impressed by the youth-oriented 
development programme of 
Shahbaz and would introduce 
similar reforms in his province as 
well. He saluted Shahbaz Sharif for 
his successful policies. 
Addressing the seminar, Punjab 
Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said 
like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish 
Kumar, he had also transformed 
his province through good 
governance, merit transparency 
and determination. "As Mr Kumar 
is a socialist I am an Islamic 
socialist/' he added. 
Shahbaz said before Mr Kumar, 
corruption and cronyism were 
rampant in Bihar as Punjab was 
being plundered through 
corruption before the PML-N rule. 
He said Pakistan and India must 
move forward for peace and amity 

to resolve their mutual issues by 
promoting bilateral relations 
through negotiations. 
He alleged that taxpayers' i 
money was looted in the name 
of development projects by 
cronies of former dictator 
Gen Musharraf while secret 
fund worth Rs300 million was also 
embezzled. He said the cronies, 
contractors and concerned 
departments made an unholy 
alliance to loot the national 
exchequer, However, he claimed 
that now no political f 
interference was being made 
in any sector nor he - 
tolerated it as "ail matters 
are now being performed in a 
transparent manner." Shahbaz 
said people were sick of 
incompetent rulers due to their 
alleged corruption, load- 
shedding and bad governance. 
"General elections are quite 
near and now people will elect 
honest, determined and 
committed leadership which 
will solve their problems/ 1 


Vice Chancellor ProfDr Khaleea-ur-Rahman talks to journalists about his vision for GCU, 

GCU academia feels whiff of empowerment 

The Government College 
University, Lahore is taking a 
breath of fresh air with the 
appointment of new Vice 
Chancellor Prof Or Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, who has 
practically empowered all 
departments' chairpersons, deans 
and provided an enabling 
environment to students for their 
all-round growth. The university 
students, who had been 
complaining of suppression and 
monitoring up to the level of recce, 
are being allowed to express 
themselves without any hesitation. 
The students are not only visiting 
the vice-chancellor's office 
regularly but are also in touch with 
him on Facebook. In order to 
lessen financial burden on 
■^ university hostels' 

residents, the new vice-chancellor 
drastically lowered hostels and mess 
charges after analysing that the 
respective management was 
earning 'huge' profit and piling up its 

He said he would also make 
students' tuition fee realistic as soon 
as the university would start 
receiving funds from the Higher 
Education Commission as promised, 
VC Prof Rahman discussed these 
issues candidry in a meeting with the 
Lahore Education Reporters 
Association (LERA) executive and 
general body members at varsity's 
"syndicate room. In order to 
transform GCU into a world class 
institution, Prof Rahman said he had 
involved all senior faculty members 
and planners to plan varsity's New 
Campus at around 400 acres of land 

available at Kala Shah Kaku. On the 
new campus, he said, the university 
had plans to introduce cutting-edge 
technologies and modern disciplines 
that would start meeting the needs 
of the modern world in next 50 
years. He said latest labs would also 
be set up on the new campus 
because the existing one had 
become 'landlocked' and achieved 
saturation in terms of expansion. 
Prof Rahman said the Higher 
Education Commission and the 
Punjab government would 
continuously be asked for release of 
funds because it was the state's 
responsibility to invest in the 
development of human resources. 
As he assumed the charge of vice- 
chancellor, Prof Rahman said he 
found university's system highly 
centralised. "It was centralised to 

the extent that the vice-chancellor 
himself was responsible for allowing 
even one-day leave to the senior 
faculty members/' he added. Now, 
he said, he had started 
decentralising powers and 
empowered department's chairmen 
and faculties' deans to perform their 
duties at their respective levels 
instead of coming to the vice- 
chancellor's office for even petty 
issues, including those related to 
small finances. Similarly, at students' 
level, he said, an enabling 
environment was being provided to 
them, The VC said almost 44 
societies being run by students were 
being provided with extra funding 
despite resource constraints. 'The 
training imparted at societies' level 
would help them gain experience 
of artificial administration ." 

Resources outpaced 

The Government College University, 
Lahore has recently organised various 
selection boards and inducted 60 new 
faculty members including two full professors 
to impart quality education to the students. 
The GCU administration also launched 20 new 
postgraduate academic programmes 
including two PhD programmes. The varsity 
also revived two-year master's (MA/MSc) 
programme In different disciplines. The GCU 
Academic Council and Syndicate have 
approved the new programmes. At the GCU 
Annual Staff Dinner, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-urRahman announced that he had 
plans to induct more assistant professors on 
tenure track system and those posts would be 
advertised this month. Dr Khaleeq claimed 
that the university's research output had 
increased by 25 per cent in international 
journals during the last academic year and he 
wished to double it in the next couple of years 
by implementing research-friendiy policies 
and increasing research awards for the faculty 
members. He said he had doubled the 
research honorarium for the GCU staff for their 
each research paper appearing in the H EC- 

recognised research journals. The vice 
chancellor also announced giving away 
special cash awards to the PhD scholars 
and their supervisors on completion 
of their PhDs. He also pledged to 
give away scholarships to all GCU 
faculty members who were doing their 
PhDs arid not taking leave from the 
university. He said the teaching load of such 
teachers would also be relaxed. "I want a 
teachers of the GCU to be PhDs as time is not 
too far when minimum condition for the 
appointment of a lecturer in university will 
be PhD/' the VC added. Dr Rahman told the 
faculty members that the university had 
signed eight international collaboration 
agreements for research and academic 
developments with known universities 
like Bonn University, Germany and Faith 
University, Istanbul. He vowed that the 
university would not compromise on 
quality and rules. He urged the 
varsity faculty members to prepare 
and submit more and more research 
proposals at the national and 
international level, 

Shahbai Sharif 

OjjU delegation 


unjab Chief 

Minister and 

Old Ravian 
Mian Muhammad 
Shahbaz Sharif 
met with a 
delegation of Old 
Ravians Union (ORU) at his Minar- 
e-Pakistan Camp office. The 
delegation was led by ORU 
Secretary Dr Khalid Maznoor Butt, 
while Advisor to CM Zaeem Qadri, 
M. Cacharrand Zoraiz Lashari were 
also present, Shahbaz pledged to 
provide maximum support for the 
projects of his alma mater. He said 
GCU was a pride of Pakistan, He 
said he and majority of his family 
members had studied from this 
great educational institution and 
they had great respect and 
love for their alma mater. 

65th Independence f>au 

GCU prays for prosperity of Pakistan 

he Government College prosperity of the country, Vice GCU Bukhari Auditorium while 

University, Lahore Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr the entire GCU faculty and staff 

celebrated the 65th Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, were in attendance. 

Independence Day with Izaz-i-Kamal, along with academic it was followed by broadcast of J 

special prayers for heads hoisted the national flag in national anthem. 


A beautiful overhead pedestrian bridge has joined the Science Block of the university with its main campus after about one century. Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman made hectic efforts to convince the departments concerned regarding the need of this bridge in wake of increasing 
traffic on Kacheri Road which separates the two blocks of GCU. The bridge is designed In a way that it could also be used by the phvsicalfy-challagned. 

Bobhari Auditorium renovated after 40yrs 

The Bokhari Auditorium 
of GC University, Lahore 
has been renovated 
after four decades to host the 
academic and co-curricular 
functions and ceremonies of 
quality par excellence. Punjab 
Chief Minister Muhammad 
Shahbaz Sharif also visited the 
auditorium and appreciated the 
efforts of Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman for initiating several 
development projects at GCU. 
Carpet, rooftop, sound system, 
lights and all other facilities 
have been upgraded at the 

Chief Minister grants 
give buses to GCU 

Punjab Chief Minister and Old Ravian Mian Muhammad Shahbaz 
Sharif, to facilitate the students of his alma mater, granted five 
new buses to the Government College University, Lahore. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, faculty 
members and students of GCU expressed extreme pleasure and 
gratitude to Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. 

Five new generators 
provide lOQpc power 

Five new generators are installed at the Government College 
University, Lahore which provide hundred percent backup to 
the energy requirement of the university. Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that these generators were very crucial 
for uninterrupted working of the university's high-tech 
laboratories and other research and academic activities. 

KSK Campus ready/or development 

> 400-acres campus to meet needs of modern education for next 50 years: Vice Chancellor 

> Secretary education assures Vice Chancellor of extensive funds for KSK Campus 

> OldRavians request Shahhaz Sharif to grant funds for the new campus of his alma mater 

"he oldest seat of liberal 
learning in the subcontinent, 
Govern me nt Col lege 
University, Lahore, is all set to 
commence development at its Kala 
Shah Kaku Campus (KSK) and has 
requested the government to 
allocate funds forthe project. 
Punjab Secretary Higher Education 
Drljaz Muniralso visited the site for 
GCU KSK Campus along with Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman. GCU Campus Engineer Col 
(r) Bilal Ahmed and Director 
Facilities Yousaf Bashir were also 
present. Talking to the secretary 
higher education, Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
said that in order to transform GCU 
into a world class institution, he had 
involved all senior faculty members 
and planners to plan varsity's new 
campus at around 400 acres at Kala 
Shah Kaku. On the new campus, he 
said, the university had plans to 
introduce cutting-edge 
technologies and modem 

disciplines that would meet the 
needs of the modern education for 
the next 50 years. He said latest labs 
would also be set up on the new 
campus because the existing 
campus had become landlocked' 
and achieved saturation in terms of 
He said the KSK campus would 

provide the state-of-the-art 
facilities to its students and carry 
forward the legacy of its torch 
bearers in every sphere of life. The 
vice chancellor told the secretary 
higher education that with the 
completion of boundary wall, 400- 
acres of land was well acquired and 
roads were constructed besides 

guard rooms. "A 200 KVA 
complete electric supply wiring is 
laid and the provision for a new 
tube well is created alongside 
various other developments being 
made at KSK/' he added. 
'To lay more emphasis on security, 
lights with poles and cables are 
installed which illuminate the 
passage inside the campus. 
Construction of the main gate is 
also completed while side gates are 
made of steel with steel pillars as 
perGCU design," he added. 
Students in the Government 
College University, Lahore wish that 
the ground breaking ceremony 
would be held by Chief Minister 
Punjab and Old Ravian Muhammad 
Shahbaz Sharif and he may take 
keen interest in KSK campus 
development project and leave no 
stone unturned to ensure that his 
alma mater continues to produce 
nobel laureates, sportsmen, 
politicians, artistsand statesman. 

Vice Chancellor discusses uplift projects with Old 

A delegation of eminent Old Ravians met with 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
and discussed with him various development 
projects including new campus of GCU at Kala 
Shah Kaku. The delegation, comprising of ORU 
Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, former inspector 
general Punjab Saadat Ullah Khan, former federal 
secretary Kazi Afaq Hossain, former minister Zia 
Haider Rizvi, Col (r) Rafi Nasim, former test cricketer 
Shafqat Rana, noted businessman Saeed Ahmed 
Buksh, noted columnist Ajmal Niazi, anchor Aftab 
Iqbal, Prof IMasreen Aftab, Co!(r) Hamyun, noted 
^ historian Dr Farhat Mahmood, eminent physicist Dr 
M Zakria Butt and noted businessman Taha 
^ Sadaqat, appreciated the VCs concern and initiatives for 
development of GCU and assured him of their all-out support. 

Prof Khaleeq assured the Old Ravians that traditions and historical 
significance of GCU would never be compromised, 


GCU & PFSA sign accord to promote forensic sciences 

The Government College 
University, Lahore will 
introduce a diploma in 
forensic sciences for policemen 
and officials of other law 
enforcement agencies in 
collaboration with the Punjab 
Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) to 
train cops in crime scene 
investigation, evidence 
preservation, crime mapping, 
fingerprints and DNA markers as 
well as technological and 
analytical techniques. It was 
announced at an agreement 
signing ceremony between PFSA 
and GCU for academic and 
research collaboration. GCU Vice 
Chancellor Prof (meritorious) Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and PFSA 
Director General Dr Ashraf Tahir 
signed the agreement. GCU 

Director Research Prof Dr 
Muhammad Zakria Butt, Academic 
Planning Director Fauzia Shaheen, 
Chemistry Department 
Chairperson Prof Dr Islam Ullah 
Khan, MS Forensic Chemistry 
Coordinator Dr Akhyar Farrukh and 
PFSA Forensic s Director Dr M 
Sarwarwere also present. PFSA will 
extend practical training and other 
facilities for the six-month diploma 
which would help policemen use 
modern methods and technologies 
in nabbing outlaws and ensure 
effective collaboration with 
forensic experts and agencies. PFSA 
also offered to provide training to 
GCU faculty members for teaching 
and curriculum designing of the 

Speaking on the occasion, Prof 
Rahman said training of 

professionals involved in law 
enforcement would help create an 
enabling environment for equality, 
fair play, justice and rule of law. He 
announced GCU would soon 
launch BSc (Hans) and one-year 
postgraduate diploma in forensic 
sciences to produce skilled 
manpower for law enforcement 
and forensic science agencies. PFSA 
would provide excess to students 
to high-tech equipment for 
practical training and identify new 
areas of research in the subject of 
forensic chemistry. 
He said in the four-year BSc (Hons) 
programme, the university would 
train students in wide and diverse 
spectrum of forensics. He said GCU 
was the first public university in 
Pakistan that initiated academic 
programme in forensic chemistry in 

2008 and upgraded it to MS in 2009, 
He said GCU revised its curriculum 
of MS forensic chemistry in 
collaboration with PFSA. 
Both the parties also agreed to 
jointly hold seminars and lectures 
for judges and officials of law 
enforcement agencies to raise 
awareness among them about 
forensic sciences. 

Later, PFSA DG Dr Muhammad 
Ashraf Tahir and Prof Khaleeq 
visited the GCU Chemistry 
Department and inspected the 
high-tech facilities including 
Materials Chemistry Laboratory, 
Single Crystal X-Ray Diffracto meter, 
HPLC LC-20T Diode Array Detector, 
Gas Chromatography- Mass 
Spectrometer, CHNS Elemental 
Analyzer and Atomic Absorption 


GCU allows affiliations 

he Government College 
University, La ho re 
Syndicate allowed the 
varsity to affiliate public and 
private sector colleges for 
bachelor and postgraduate 
programmes and approved 
affiliation rules and regulations. 
"GCU takes pride in its academic 
excellence and through 
affiliation intends to share its 
prowess with a wide spectrum of 
academicians, students and 
researchers which is otherwise 
impossible due to limited space 
on the GCU campus/' said Vice 
Chancellor Prof Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman while making public the 
Affiliation Rules and Regulations. 
Prof Rahman said the university 
would not compromise on 
quality while granting affiliation 
to private and government 
educational institutions. 
The GCU affiliation committee 
comprises a chairperson 
nominated by syndicate, two 
professors nominated by 
academic council, 


X \.W- 

HL /fix **?" rtiv 

1 l^Ct'y. 4 » 

- ^vU 

k Pi",; r; V*\ > ii^ii mmlmmmW "^ 

mm' * 

rw itf»t 

*► Mjjytf : ,>:. ^UHMH ~ H 

"" " fc_ *"V; 

*%% Rppl^ ."'■■ ^^i^st, 

two teachers nominated by special conditions laid down in the 

syndicate and the executive district 
officer (education). The GCU 
affiliation committee will inspect 
the institutions seeking affiliations 
in the light of 40 general rules and 

affiliation rules and regulations and 
then recommend the case to the VC 
and syndicate. The university will 
offer affiliations to colleges at 
bachelors and postgraduate level in 

29 disciplines. 

VC Prof Rahman says the GCU 
affiliation rules impose 
special conditions regarding 
classrooms, offices, 
laboratories, computer 
facilities, qualification of 
faculty members, PhD 
teachers and library on 
institutions seeking affiliation 
for postgraduate 

The VC said the affiliated 
colleges shall have to observe 
academic calendar of the 
GCU as well as follow 
evaluation, examination and 
attendance system 
prescribed by the university. 
Keeping in view its strong 
traditions of supporting 
deserving students, Prof 
Rahman said the GCU had 
made affiliated colleges bound to 
provide full fee concession to at 
least five per cent and half fee 
concession to at least five per 
cent of the enrolled 
students. ^ 


Alternative Energy Laboratory established at SDSC 

A state-of-the-art "Alternative 
Energy Laboratory" was 
established at GCU 
Sustainable Development Study 
Centre (SDSC) in collaboration with 
the Higher Education Commission 
for conducting advance research on 
renewable energy and energy- 
efficient technologies and their 
deployment on commercial level. 

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman inaugurated the 
higfvtech laboratory which included 
indigenous weather station, solar 
laboratory equipped with lasers, 400 
Watt Mono-crystalline solar panels, 
automatic solar frames, solar charge 
controllers, batteries bank, inverters, 
DC and AC Voltage and Amp meters, 
millimeters, portable irradiance 

meters and solar cell samples for 
comparative monitoring. Addressing 
the opening ceremony, GCU SDSC 
Director Prof Dr Aminul Haq said that 
from concept to commercial 
application, the laboratory was 
solely dedicated to advancing 
renewable energy and energy 
efficient technologies in Pakistan. 
GCU Foreign Faculty member Dr 

Naghman Khan, who is a PhD in 
Sustainable Energy from University 
of Nottingham UK, would lead a 
team of postgraduate students and 
researches to develop renewable 
energy and energy efficient 
technologies and would transfer 
knowledge and innovations to 
address the nation's energy and 
environmental goals. 

Pakistan's first Urdu literature research centre 

The Government College 
University, Lahore has 
established the Naqoosh 
Research Centre (NRC) at its 
Postgraduate Library in 
collaboration with historical literary 
house, Naqoosh, to promote the 
interest of students and researchers 
in Urdu literature. Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman along with a large number 
of eminent Urdu writers and poets 
inaugurated the first research 

centre of Urdu literature established 
in any university of Pakistan. The 
research centre, equipped with an 
Urdu library and state-of-art reading 
room, is the part of GCU Naqoosh 
Museum that houses more than 
10,000 literary letters and 
manuscripts of noted writers 
including Mirza Ghalib, Allama 
Muhammad Iqbal, Ehsan Danish, 
Saadat Hassan Mlnto, Akhter 
Sheerani, Akbar Ellah-abadi, Altaf 
Hussain Halli, Ahmad Nadeem 

Qasmi, Adda Jafferi, Ijaz Batalvi, 
Amrita Pritam, Hafeez Jalandri, 
Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Asmat Chugtai 
and Suffi Tab a sum. All editions of 
famous Urdu literature magazine, 
Naqoosh, are also placed in the 
research centre- Noted Urdu critic Dr 
Saleem Akhtar said that other 
universities would also follow in 
GCU's footprints and establish 
research centres on the pattern of 
Naqoosh. Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman said that GCU had separated 

its research funds and accounts so 
that innovative projects can be 
funded effectively. Noted columnist 
Attaul Haq Qasmi said Muhammad 
Tufail was a legendary editor whose 
editorial discretion was respected by 
all leading writers of his time. Tufail 
Naqoosh announced the research, 
conducted at NRC, would be 
published by Naqoosh Publishing 
House every year and the revenue 
generated through these publications 
would be dedicated to GCU. 

Solar Cell Applications Research Lab opened at Physics 

A"So!arCell Applications 
Research Lab" was 
established at the GCU 
Physics Department with the 
support of University of 
Delawa re, USA. Vice 
Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman inaugurated the lab. 
Prof Dr Ismat Shah from the 
University of Delaware, 
GCU Director Research 
Prof Dr Muhammad 

Zakria Butt, Prof Dr Hassan A 
Salamat Ali were also present 
will focus on the research in 
photovoltaic in general, and 
organic photovoltaic (OPV) in 
particular. GCU will also 
provide facilities, resources, 
and scientific know-how to 
scientist all over Pakistan to 
carry out research in the area 
of photovoltaic. 

Scholarships tor financially-challenged Ravians 

VC disburses Rs 20m among 939 students 

Budget cuts or no funds - I will not leaue my deserving students in the lurch: Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 

Scholarships worth Rs20*127 million were 
disbursed among the students of 
Government College University Lahore 
during 2011-12 fiscal year. In-spite of a financial 
crunch and budget cuts by the government, the 
allocations were made on special directions of 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman to encourage talented students who 
could not afford their academic expenses. The 
record amount of Rs20 + 127 was disbursed among 
939 Ravians in a transparent manner through 
varsity's scholarships and financial afd committee, 
The scholarships of Rsl6.05 million were given 
from the GCU budget while the remaining Rs4,077 
million comprised of donations by the Old Ravians 
to GCU Endowment Fund Trust. Prof Rahman said 
every year more than 2,000 students apply for 

financial aid and till 2010-11 maximum 400 
students were granted scholarships. "But, this 
year we increased the alfocation for scholarships 
by record 150 percent and also reduced the 
university fee by 35 percent to facilitate students. 

"Budget cuts and no funds — this is what is being 
done to the universities, but we can't do the same 
with our students who are highly talented but 
cannot afford their academic expenses/' said the 
vice chancellor. The annual report also stated that 
during 2011-12, as many as 86 Ravians secured 
RsO.249 million National Talent Scholarships, 19 
others got Rs0.783 million HEC Higher Education 
Opportunities Scholarships while seven students 
received Rs35,500 from Quaid-l-Azam and Mora 
scholarships. Pakistan Battul Mai also gave 
scholarships of RsO.608 million to 19 Ravians, 174 
others were given scholarships of Rs7.7million 
from the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund 
(PEEF). In total, as many as 1,243 deserving 
students of GCU got scholarships of Rs29.507 
million during the financial year 2011-12. 

• forsvty fee slashed bv $/& 

\\CW5tft incwase See for academic year 2o ? x , ^ @ § 

^f^ ^ University Lahore Vice budgets of all public-sector universities *t^ 

Chancellor Prof f Meritorious) Dr Muhammad but it Hoac tint anvwav mpan that th* financial rteHrit ic ># 

fl^ University Lahore Vice 

Chancellor, Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 

Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, last fiscal year slashed the university 

fee by 35 percent to facilitate students. A notification of revised 

fee schedule was issued providing enormous financial relief to more 

than 8,000 students of the university from intermediate to 

postgraduate leveL It was the first time in the 148-year history of 

the GC University Lahore that fee was reduced instead of 

being increased. Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said 

"the ongoing economic crunch is 

Old Ravians pay tribute to Vice Chancellor 

The Old Ravians Union paid glowing tribute to Government College University Vice Chancellor 
Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman forgiving away scholarships of record 
amount of Rs 20 million to the university's financially challenged students Jn a press statement, 
the union executive committee said that scholarships of that hefty amount were given to the 939 
university students for the first time in the history of this great institution, The union requested old 
Ravians to join hands with the vice chancellorforthe great cause of helping the deserving students. 

bud gets of a H pu b I ic-se cto r un rve rsities ""• *"*&^ 

but it does not anyway mean that the financial deficit is *J 

covered from the students/' The Vice Chancellor called upon 
philanthropists and well-off people to come forward and help the 
talented students in completing their education. Prof Khaleeq hoped the 
government realised the importance of higher education and would 
increase budget for the public sector universities. The GC University 
Syndicate, appreciating the Vice Chancellor's concern for 
students, endorsed his decision of reducing the 

Prof Khaleeq 

cuts hostels 

dues by 50% 

Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman, the Vice 
Chancellor of Government 
College University Lahore, after 
taking charge in July 2011 
immediately slashed the university's 
hotels dues by 50 percent. The 
Hostels Committee issued the 
notification of revised dues for 
Quaid-i-Azam Hostel, New Hostel, 
Girls Hostel and Allama Iqbal HosteL 
The GCU Vice Chancellor waived off 
the hostels' admission fee, 
miscellaneous dues and welfare 
funds. Chairing the meeting of GCU 
Hostels Committee, Dean Faculty of 
Social Sciences Prof Dr Khalid 
Pervaiz said that it was the first time 
in the history of any educational 
institution that the fee was reduced. 
He said that the GCU hostels already 
had very nominal fee and In the 
wake of ongoing rocketing Inflation 
and education budget cuts, it was 
fafrly difficult to provide students 
any relief, but the Vice 
Chancellor took a very bold 


Sir Vernon Ellis visits GCU 

ir Vernon Ellis, the Chair of 
.the British Council, has 
visited the Govern men 
College University Lahore and met 

with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
at the Vice Chancellor's office. 
They discussed in detail matters of 

mutual interest including funding 
for various faculty development 
programmes. Sir Vernon Ellis highly 
appreciated the measures taken by 

the GCU vice chancellor for 
research and academic 
development and assured him of 
their all-out support. 

EPS holds Eco Walk 

Walk against drug addiction 


I ^ Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman led "Eco Walk" to raise 

^^J awareness among students about the environmental protection. 

The walk, organised by the GCU Environment Protection Society, started 

from GCU Main Gate and ended at the Vice Chancellor's office. 

Students from all departments took part in the "ECO Walk" 

About 700 students of the Government College University, 
Lahore participated in the walk and seminar organized by 
Ravian Forensic Society (RFS) in collaboration with the Drug 
Free City Lahore. Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Drug Free City Lahore Project Director 
MtafQamar led the peaceful walk on the university campus. 

"Druo control mechanism in Pakistan and effects of drug-money on our socio-economic set up". 

Tthe country. he 
University, Lahore 
Chemistry Department 
organised a seminar on 
"drug control 
mechanism in Pakistan 
and effects of drug- 
money on our socio- 
economic set up". 
Commandant Anti 
Narcotics Force 
Brigadier Shahid Afzal 
was the chief guest at 
the seminar which was 
chaired byViceChancelforProf Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
Addressing the seminar, Brigadier 
Shahid Afzal said that drug 
addiction was increasing 
among youth especially girls 
at schools, colleges 

and universities level and there 
was a dire need to run mass 
awareness campaign against drugs 
in educational institution. The ANF 
chief called upon the students to 
avoid smoking, saying that the 
cigarette was the first step towards 
drug addiction and "Sheesha" was 

second. Speaking on the occasion, 
Vice Chancellor Prof Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman said Pakistan needed to 
promote forensic science to 
control drug trafficking, crime and 
terrorism. He said that most of the 
crimes remained untraced 
because of lack of technical 

expertise and sc tent i lie 

He said that GCU was 
the first university in 
Pakistan to initiate post- 
graduate programmes 
in forensic chemistry 
and they were also 
taking steps to promote 
research in this modern 
discipline. He believed 
that the quality human 
resource produced by 
GCU would meet the 
need of crime 
investigation agencies 
in Pakistan. 

He said drug addicts should be 
treated as patients and the 
government should work for their 
rehabilitation, so that they can be 
made useful citizens of the 

interview of vice, chancellor with Pakistan Todau 

Making GCU a research university 

Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman joined 
Government College 
University, Lahore as Vice 
Chancellor in July last year. He is a 
renowned academician and well- 
reputed in Physics. Dr Khaleeq, 
who has 37-years of teaching 
experience, came with a vision to 
GCU. Dr Khaleeq is a PhD Physics 
from Manchester University, 
UK and was 
Laser & 
arge Nano 
Centre at UET 
while he was 
also the 

member of UET's Syndicate. Dr 
Khaleeq speaks exclusively with 
Pakistan Today about the vision he 
has in mind for the future of GCU. 
The VC said the academic world 
was changing. Research is 
becoming central in measuring the 
performance and contribution of a 
university. Pakistan Today: What is 
your vision for GCU? Prof Khaleeq: 
The challenges facing by 
universities across the 
. world have 
?V changed. 
Universities are 
not only 
rather they 
'a r e 
These are the 
lessons of 



the move to research in most well- 
known universities. Another 
critical development is the move 
to offer multi-disciplinary 
programs. It is my vision to 
transform GCU to a multi- 
disciplinary, research university. 
Pakistan Today: So research is a 
priority? How do you intend to 
improve the research standards at 
the university? 

VC: No doubt. Research is a 
priority. I am bringing modern 
equipment to our science labs so 
that we offer a conducive 
environment to our researchers. 
My similar focus is on sociaf 
sciences and arts. Every 
department in the varsity is 
important and t personally visit 
and note all the issues. 
Pakistan Today: What shali be 
GCU T s admission policy? What is 
the situation of financial aid? 
VC: GCU remains the institution of 
all classes including the poor and 
middle class. GCU's only 
admission requirement is 
merit Poor students are 
extensively supported 
through the 
endowment fund 
and GCU financial 
scholarships. We 
hope to generate 
more donations 
for the 

Today: You are 

aware Pakistan has a rich tradition 
of student activism. What is your 
stance on the involvement of GCU 
students in political activities? 
VC: Personally, I oppose the 
political activities of students 
unions. But I appreciate student 
societies and their role in 
developing a university's image, 
However, there are many political 
societies at GCU which are 
performing well, And, immediately 
after joining GCU, I have doubled 
the budget of these societies. 
Pakistan Today: What is your 
appraisal of the role of the HEC in 
terms of its focus of faculty 
qualifications? Do you think 
faculty members must have PhOs? 
VC: The HEC has played a critical 
role in upping the morale of 
universities and encouraging a 
culture of research, The 
university's of the world now 
recognise the research at 
Pa kista n's un iversity and the credit 
goes to HEC. The number of PhD 
scholars also increased due to the 
At GCU, we encourage and offer 
incentives to non-PhDs to obtain 
PhD degrees, 

Pakistan Today: So what is your 
vision forfaculty? 
VC: There are two types of 
teachers in Pakistan's universities. 
One type who chooses teaching by 
choree. Another type who become 
teachers by chance. 
We shall prefer those who choose 
the profession. 

GCU produced 3*468 research papers 

• Highest number of international research papers produced in 2011-12 

The Government 
College University, 
Lahore produced 
as many as 2,304 international 
and more than 1,164 national 
research publications since its 
elevation as university in 2002, 
says a report compiled by the 
GCU Directorate of Planning 
and Development 
It is pertinent to mention here 
that GCU's research output 
remained highest in the 
academicyear 2011-12. 
The highest number of 
research publications came 
out from the Abdus Salam 
School of Mathematical 
The Chemistry Department 
also produced S00 plus 
international publications. 

The Physics Department published 
more than 200 research papers 
whereas, Institute of Bio- 

Technology and Department of 
Zoology successfully published 
about 250 research papers in 

international and national 
journals, Salam Chain named 
after Nobel laureate Dr Abdus 
Salam, also completed the 
century of its research 
publications this year. Faculty of 
Arts and Social Sciences did not 
Jag behind at all, as Urdu and 
History departments published 
more than 200 international 
and national research papers 
collectively. Research work of 
Department of Persian and 
Department of Arabic/Islamic 
Studies with 100 research 
publications also remained 

Mehbub-ul-Haq Chair produced 
37 international publications. 
Computer Science Department 

published 37 international 

publications . 

f ^irgetoratg of figggareh. Innovation and Commercial ization established N^ 

'DIRC to hone research potential of GCU' 

The Government College 
University, Lahore 
established the 
Directorate of Research, 
Innovation and 
Commercialisation (DIRC) to 
hone research potential of the 
university. The directorate was 
established on a special 
direction of Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman after the approval by 
the university's Syndicate. 

\^ Rat 


Eminent researcher Prof Dr 
Muhammad Zakria Butt was 
appointed the first Director RIC 
Prior to his current assignment, 
Prof Butt served Lahore Board and 
GCU Physics Department as 

He was awarded fn 1997 Tarngha- 
i-lmtiaz (Medal of Excellence) by 
the Government of Pakistan for 
his meritorious services in 
education sector. Prof Butt has 
over 90 international and 35 

national research articfes to his 
credit besides several books on 
the subject of Physics, He is also a 
recipient of Gold Medal (Physics) 
by the Pakistan Academy of 
Science, and was elected its 

He was instrumental in 
establishing metal research 
laboratories and laser 
laboratories at the GCU Ce ntre for 
Advanced Studies in Physics, as its 


PC§>T honours research output of Pak scientists 

13 from GCU get Research Productivity Award 

The Pakistan Council for 
Science and Technology 
(PCST) released a list of 
scientists who are awarded 
"Research Productivity Awards 
2011-12", As many as 13 faculty 
members of the Government 
College University, Lahore 
received research productivity 
awards 2011-12. 
These include Prof Dr Islam Ul la h 
Khan , the chairman of 


Chemistry Department, PrGhulam 
Murtaza, Professor Salam Chair in 
Physics, Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah. 
the chairman of Physics 
Department, Prof Dr Muhammad 
Zakria Butt, the Director Research, 
Innovation and Commercialisation, 
Prof DrRiaz Ahmad, the director of 
Centre for Advance Studies in 
Physics, Dr Farah Azii, an assistant 
professor at Department of 
Physics, Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq, the 

director of Institute of 
B iote c h n o fogy, Dr Purrre Shah war, 
an assistant professor at 
Department of Chemistry, Dr 
SikanderAIL an assistant professor 
at Institute of Industrial 
Biotechnology, Mr Muhammad 
Jamil from Physics Department, Dr 
Tamaz Kafadze, a foreign professor 
at Physics Department, Dr 
Muhammad Nouman Sarwar 
Qureshi, an assistant professor at 

Department of Physics, and Dr 
Muhammad Athar Abbasi, an 
assistant professor at Department 
of Chemistry. Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated the above 
scientists on receiving the research 
productivity awards, sayfng that 
"GCU is providing maximum 
facilities to its faculty members, so 
that they can increase their 
research output." 

5^* Qualitu teaching and research output ^^ \ 

GCU tops Punjab in HEC ranking 

The Higher Education Commission of 
Pakistan this year ranked the 
Government College University, 
Lahore as the best university of Punjab in 
the ranking of medium-sized ( general) 
universities . The ranking was based on the 
quality education and research output of 
the university. Overall, GCU secured the 
second position in the above 
category. GCU outshone even larger 
universities in the HEC ranking. 

Expressing immense pleasure at this 

L uni 


achievement of GCU, Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said 
"we are now engaging our students and 
faculty members in rigorous intellectual and 
research activities instead of just relying on 
traditional teaching methods for which the 
university's academic and examination 
rules are also rationalised as per the world's 
best standards." 

Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
said that GCU would further improve its 
ranking in the comingyears. 

Meeting of "Advanced Studies & Research Board \ 

University doubles research honorarium 

The Government College 
University, Lahore, 
besides reviewing PhD 
rules and regulations as per 
International standards, has 
doubled the research 
honorarium for its faculty and 
administrative staff . The 
decision in this regard was 
taken at the 23rd meeting of 
the GCU Advanced Studies 
and Research Board 

(ASRB), chaired by Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman while 
Director Research, Innovation & 
Commercialisation (DRIC) Prof 
Dr M Zakria Butt presented the 

Addressing the meeting, Vice 
Chancellor Prof Khaleeq 
announced that the research 
honorarium would be given 
from research funds of the GC 

University Lahore which had 
already been separated from 
the main budget to ensure 
smooth funding for the research 

"Now, any GCU employee, from 
faculty or administration, would 
get Rs 10,000 for each research 
paper published in ISI-index 
International Research Journal 
wtth impact factor, while in the 
past maximum research 

honorarium was Rs 5,000 only/' 
the VC said. 

Prof Khaleeq also announced 
giving an honorarium of Rs 
5,000 to GCU employees for 
their each research paper 
published in a HEC-recognised 
national research journal. The 
Advanced Studies and Research 
Board also reviewed PhD rules 
and regulations. 

f Prof f)r Khaleeq-ur-'Rahrcan'g interview with The Nation 

VC eyes slot for GCU in world-ranking 

Eminent Physicist Prof (Meritorious) 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 
izoz-l-Komal, appointed as third Vice 
Chancellor of the GC University, Lahore in 
July last year, eyes a slot for GCU in the 
ranking of world best universities, as he 
strongly believes that the Government 
College, Lahore was established, by the 
British rulers in 1864 on the pattern of 
Cambridge and Oxford, with the aim of 
making it one of the best worfd-class 
centres of higher learning, but was later 
not given the due financial resources 

and importance, "We are now engaging our 
students and faculty members fn rigorous 
intellectual and research activities instead 
of just relyfng on traditional teaching 
methods for which the university and 
examinations' rules are also rationalised as 
per the world's best standards/' said Prof 
Khaleeq in an interview with The Notion, He 
said that they were also striving to work in 
three additional strategic directions; 
institutional collaboration, international 
links and open-learning to increase 
flexibility and interaction, 

f gM§ acknowledges ■rtl>l)M§ as emerging Centre of excellence N^ 

'GCU puts Pan Maths on world's map' 



he Government College University, 
Lahore Abdus Salam School of 
Mathematical Sciences (GCU ASSMS) 
Lahore put the Pakistani mathematics on 
the world's map, as the European 
Mathematical Society (EMS) 
acknowledged the doctoral school as the 
Emerging Regional Centre of Excellence 
(ERCE) for its contributions to research at 
the international level. The decision to 
acknowledge GCU ASSMS as ERCC came at 
a joint meeting of EMS Committee for 
Developing Countries (CDC) and 

UNESCO in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. 
Only three institutions from all over the 
world are acknowledged by EMS as 
emerging regional centres of excellence - 
one each in Pakistan, India and Vietnam. 
"This is for the first time that the EMS has 
acknowledged the excellence of any 
Pakistani educational institution, says 
ASSMS Director-General Dr A D Raza 
Choudarv- "The school has indeed put 
mathematics on the map of Pakistan and the 
Pakistani Mathematics on the map of the 
world," said HEC Director DrSHNaqvL 

/ #8^^ Qualitu enhancement Cell \ 

QEC shines in HEC annual assessment 

The Higher Education Commission 
Quality Assurance Agency (HEC 
QAA) this year assessed the 
progress of the quality enhancement 
cells established in the public and 
private sector universities through 
quantitative/scorecard system. As per 
the latest quantitative assessment, the 
Quality Enhancement Cell at 
Government College University, 
Lahore obtained a total score of 84% 

for the period ending December 31, 
2011. HEC QAA Managing Director Prof 
Dr Azam Ali Khwaja appreciated the 
efforts of GCU Quality Enhancement Cell. 
Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman also 
commended the efforts of GCU QEC and 
hoped this unit would continue to 
achieve the objectives of strengthening 
the internal quality assurance processes 
at GCU. 

Facultu of §eienees & Technology \ 

Prof Islam Ullah Khan appointed Dean 

The Punjab Governor and 
Government College University, 
Lahore Chancellor in pursuanttothe 
powers vested in him under Statutes 2(2) 
of the first statues appended as schedule 
read with section 9(7) of the Government 
College University, Lahore Ordinance 2002 
appointed Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan, 
Professor, Department of Chemistry as 
Dean, Faculty of Sciences & Tech no! ogy,GC 
University, Lahore for a period of three 

years. Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan is also the 
chairperson of GCU Chemistry Department. 
He has a large number of international 
research papers to his credit- The Pakistan 
Council for Science and Technology 
awarded Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan Research 
Productivity Award 2011-12 in Category A in 
recognition of his research productivity. 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
congratulated Prof Islam Ullah Khan on his 
appointment as the GCU dean. 

*/ Ph®s in Computer Science & Islamic Studies \, 

20 new academic programmes launched 

f^he Government College University, excellence of GCU, These programmes , Q -£L ^fcll 

The Government College University, 
Lahore is launching 20 new academic 
programmes including two PhD 
(doctorate of philosophy} programmes in 
the year 2012, The university's faculty 
members and Old Flavians paid tribute to 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman for initiating record 20 
new programmes in only one year, saying 
that these new programmes would provide 
opportunities to more than 2,000 new 
students to share the academic 

V opi 

excellence of GCU. These programmes 
include PhD in Computer Science, PhD in 
Islamic Studies, BSc Applied Chemistry, MS 
Industrial/Organisational Psychology, MS in 
Sports Psychology, Certificate in Research 
Methods in Psychology , BS Scientific 
Computing, Certificate of Forensic Science, 
BSc Applied Chemistry and BFA (Hons) 
Graphic Designing, The Academic Council 
and GCU Syndicate approved most of the 
above academic programmes on the 
recommendation of the Vice Chancellor. 

/ education Opportunitu \ 

MA/MSc programmes revived after 5 years 

The Government College University, 
Lahore revived two-year Masters 
programmes in various disciplines 
including History, Geography, Physical 
Education and Political Science to provide 
an opportunity of education to students 
who have two-year bachelor's d egrees* The 
GCU Syndicate and the Academic Council 
approved the Masters programmes. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman said MA Political Science 

and MA History had been the first two 
Masters programmes revived by GCU since 
MA/MSc had been replaced by the BA/BSc 
(Honours) programme in 2007. 
"The Masters programmes have been 
launched keeping in view educational 
responsibilities towards nation, market 
demand and the dearth of opportunities 
regarding quality higher education for 
students with two-year bachelor's degrees /' 
Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said. 

V\ -High percentage of f}+ grades Q> 

130 seats increased in intermediate 


For the first time in ten years, the 
Government College University, 
Lahore (GCU) this year increased 
the number of seats in their Intermediate 
programme, most of them in pre- 
engineering and pre-medical. The 
university took an additional 130 students 
on open merit to its intermediate 
programme. "Students securing A+ 
grades deserve to get admissions In 
institutions like GCU/' said Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 




Eighty of the new seats are for pre- 
engineering and pre-medical students. 
"There is a greater competition for 
admission in these disciplines, especially in 
public sector educational institutions/ the 
Vice Chancellor said. He said that since 
gaining university status in 2002, GCU had 
been receiving around 8,000 applications a 
year for admission to the intermediate 
programme. But this year, the university 
received 12,000 applications, a record 

/ Cfoizf Minister's Pf-nouth Initiative 

Hafiz Muhammad Irfan gets laptop 

Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, a physically 
challenged student of GCU, has got 
his first laptop as the university gave 
away merit laptops to its 168 final-year 
students who failed to register themselves 
with the Punjab Chief Minister's E-Youth 
Programme during the first round. Director 
Research, Innovation and 
Commercialisation Prof Dr Muhammad 
Zakria Butt handed over laptops to Hafiz 
Irfan and 167 other students at a graceful 
I ceremony held in Bukhari Auditorium, "This 
^k is the first laptop of my life and nobody can 
^ ^^ understand, what does it mean to me 

when I am doing the final project of BSc 
Electrical Engineering," said Hafiz 
Muhammad Irfan, who belongs to a lower 
middle class from Duska. 
Hafiz Irfan said that he was developing a radar 
system as his final project which would use 
radio waves to determine the range, altitude, 
direction and speed of objects coming 
towards it. He said this laptop would be very 
helpful for him as due to his disability it was 
very difficult for him to go to hostel or 
university computer lab twice or thrice a day 
for assignments and final project. 


li "1 

training for young lecturers 

The GCU Quality Enhancement Cell 
organised a four-day training to edify 
young lecturers' skills in modern teaching 
methodologies, time management, 
communication skills, stress management, 
lesson planning, education psychology, 

assessment and personality development, Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired 
opening and dosing ceremonies of the training 
programme and also presented a talk on "body- 
language an effective tool of communication" at 
a technical session. Addressing the participants, 

Prof Khaleeq said that the biggest challenge 
faced by the universities was the quality human 
resource. However, he said, imparting 
appropriate skills, knowledge and good attitudes 
to the talented faculty members undoubtedly 
would play a vital role in meeting the challenge. 

BUKHARI AUDITORIUM: Physics Department 

Chairman Prof Dr Hassan A Shah chairs a gathering 

of the university's academic staff association. 

FAZL-I-HUSSAIN: Computer Science Department 
Chairman Prof Dr Saleem Khan presents souvenirs to 
the participants at the concluding day of a seminar. 

ROI hottt A ll Pabhton O uii Competition 

The Ravians Quiz Society organised 
the GCU All Pakistan Inter-University 
Quiz Competition 2012, As many as 
37 universities from all over Pakistan took 
part in the quiz contest to win the title of 
'Brain of Pakistan'. Punjab Education 
Endowment Fund (PEEF) Vice Chairman 
and Old Ravian Dr Amjad Saqib graced the 
final round of the quiz contest as the Chief 
Guest, while Vice Chancellor Prof Dr M 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman was also present. Dr 
Saqib congratulated RQS for gathering the 
"\ geniuses of Pakistan at one platform . 

faculty members from the Bonn University, Germany 
holds a discussion with teachers of the department. 

CIP wim Ouaid-e-As am Qui* ContfH 

The Computer Sciences Department 
(CSD) won the Quatd-e-Azam Quiz 
Competition organised by the 
Ravians Quiz Society in connection with 
the 136th birth anniversary of Quaid-e- 
Azam Muhammad Ali Jlinnah. Eminent 
journalist Abdul Rauf was the Chief Guest, 
while VC Prof Dr M Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
was also present. As many as 31 academic 
departments of GCU took part in the 
contest. Muhammad Qamar and Rehman 
Latif of GCU CSD scored the highest 
\ points and lifted the winners 1 trophy. 


faculty members from the Bonn University, Germany 

pose for a photo with teachers of the department. 

CCU * UVAI hold training worhthop 

The Geography Department of GCU 
and University of Veterinary and 
Animal Sciences Lahore (UVAS) in 
collaboration withthePennState University 
on ''the Application of GIS and GPS 
Technologies in Public Health Significance". 
Part id pants from a II over Pakistan including 
Balcohistan and KPK participated in the 
Gaining course. The participants also met 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman at the closing 
of the workshop. 

Aoadtwdc £j research parb/ierskip with Bonn ua*Xversltij 

The Bonn University, Germany and 
Government College University, Lahore 
inked an accord for research 
collaboration and faculty & student exchange. 
Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Izaz-i-Kamal, 
and Bonn University Centre for Research 
Development (ZEF) Director Dr Solvay Gerke 
signed the agreement. Both the universities 
also agreed to carry out research in flood-hit 
areas through social perspective and investigate 

vulnerability, resilience and coping strategies of 
average local population in the socio-cultural, 
political and economic context. Chairing a 
meeting to ensure qualitative implementation 
of the project, Prof Khaleeq hoped that the 
research would contribute to develop an 
appropriate understanding about the problems 
of flood victims among national and 
international aid practitioners and policy 
makers, enabling them to design and 
implement adequate assistance programmes 

for disaster prevention and livelihood support 
measures in flood prone areas of Punjab and 
beyond. Bonn University, Germany ZEF senior 
researcher Dr Conrad Schetter attended the 
meeting while GCU Dean Faculty of Arts & Social 
Sciences Prof Dr Khalid Pervatz, Director 
Academic Planning and External Links Ms Fauzia 
Shaheen and the chairpersons of Political 
Science, Statistics, Psychology, Economics, 
History and Sociology departments were also 


/\ccovds> L\A,\z.&d with ~Fotr\zl£.V\ universities 

The Government College University, 
Lahore this year inked agreements 
of international collaboration with 
SIFA University, Izmir and GEDIZ University, 
Istanbul for fostering academic, research 
and cultural ties with Turkish universities. 
GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and GEDIZ University 
Vice President Dr Mustafa Gunes signed an 
International Cooperative Agreement 
(ICA) while a protocol on international 
educational cooperation was also inked 
with SIFA University. These agreements 
were signed during a visit of the GCU 

vice chancellor to Turkish universities with 
the position -holders. Prof Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that GCU's 
collaboration with Turkish Universities 
would open new vistas of academic and 
research exchange between Turkey and 
Pakistan. "Students and faculty exchange 
programmes between the universities wilJ 
strengthen educational ties as well as bond 
of friendship between the two countries;' 
he added. As per the agreements, the two 
Turkish universities will cooperate with GCU 
in areas and research and academic 

[ j±oiiA± c\CsC\dtvv^ics progrfli^n/ies with t>u.irbiflt/vu lA-kC 

The Government College University, 
Lahore and Durham University, UK 
were agreed to initiate collective 
research projects and joint academic 
programmes in the field of science, 
information technology, arts and humanities. 
The dedsion in this regard was made at a 
meeting of Durham University, UK 
International Office Director Shame Procter 
with GCU Dean Faculty of Sdence and 
Technology Prof Dr Ikramul Haq and Director 
Research, Innovation and Commercialisation 
Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Butt at the Vice 

Chancellor's Office. 

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Muhammad 
Zakria Butt said that research was at the core 
of GCU which shaped and inspired the 
disciplinary structure of its departments, 
several of which led Pakistan in their fields. He 
expressed his confidence in the research and 
troubleshooting capabilities of faculty at GCU, 
where, he said, new processes and working 
solutions were being developed for the local 
industry. He said that the academic experts of 
both universities would explore the areas for 
research and joint-degree programmes, 

Memorandum of uvidtrsta^di^a ^iavied with Ait Thailand 

The Government College University, Lahore 
and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) 
Thailand this year signed a Memorandum of 
Understanding (TvloU) for fostering advancement in 
teaching, research and cultural understanding 
between both the institutions, GCU Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and AIT 
Thailand President Siad Irandoust signed the accord. 
The GCU Lahore and AIT Thailand also agreed to 
initiate dual degree programmes in various 
disciplines of science and technology, arts and 
social sciences. The dual degree programme 
would involve the registration and studies of 
^ students at both the institutions. The AIT 
Thailand has also consented to 

promote cooperation with the Government College 
University, Lahore for exchange of students, joint 
training programmes of faculty members and 

formulation of joint research programmes, Under the 
MoU, both the universities would afso endeavour to 
share teaching material, research reports, 
curriculum, case studies, working papers, 
publications and software in a beneficial manner. 
The AIT Thailand and GCU Lahore would also hold 
joint seminars, conferences and workshops in the 
areas of mutual interest. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that GCU was making all- 
out efforts for enhancing collaborations with 
national and international organisations in the areas 
of research and academic development. 'Academic 
and research collaborations accelerate the £ 
progress and enhance the quality of work," the 
VC added. 

Students' inter- 

The position-holders from 
Bafochistan, Sindh, Gilgit 
Baltistan, Azad Jammu 
Kashmir and Kyber Pafchttunkhwa 
visited the Government College 
University, Lahore and met with Vice 
Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 
Izaz-t-KamaL Punjab Director 
General Protocol and Old Ravian 

Position-holders visit <5CtI 
provincial tours promote national harmony: VC 

Asjad Ghani Tahir led the 50 
member delegation of position- 
holders and their teachers to the 
148-year old educational institution. 
Talking to the position-holders, Prof 
Khafeeq-ur-Rahman said that the 
greatest strength of any nation was 
its youth, and the best way to 
strengthen the youth was to give 
them right education which made 

them innovative, logical, open- 
minded, cultured, responsible, 
honest and patriotic. "Education 
which does not impart these virtues 
in youth is of no use," he added. He 
appreciated the chief minister's 
initiative of inter-provincial tours, 
saying that it was promoting 
national harmony and solidarity. 
The position-holders visited the 

GCU Natural History Museum which 
is one of the Asia's oldest and largest 
natural history museums 
established by Or Lt Col Stephenson 
in 1906, Later, GCU Director Sports 
Ktoadim Ali Khan took the position- 
holders to the GCU Sports Complex 
where they were briefed about the 
various sports facilities in the 

GCU honour! intermediate position-holders 

The Government College 
University, Lahore 
organised a ceremony to 
honour its 11 students who 
secured positions in the 
intermediate examination, 
2011 T conducted by the 
Board of Intermediate and 

Secondary Education. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman was the 
Chief Guest at the ceremony 
which was attended by the 
parents and family members of 
the position holders, faculty 
members and other students, 

Talking to the position holders, 
Prof Khaleeq said Pakistan 
needed quality human capital 
which could put it on a path 
leading to social, industrial and 
economic development He 
advised the talented youth to step 
forward and filf this void by 

attaining quality education with 
diligence and perseverance. 
Talking to the vice chancellor, the 
position holders said they would 
study day and night to become an 
asset to Pakistan. They termed 
their stay at GCU "golden 

Lecture at CASP by Prof Faiz-ul-Hassan 

University of Education, Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Or Faiz-ul- 
Hassan delivered a fecture on "Preferred Orientation in 
Microstructure at the Center for Advance Studies in Physics 
(CASP). Vice Chancellor Prof Dr W\ Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Dean Faculty 
of Science and Teehnoiogy Prof Or Ikram-ul-Haq, eminent physicist 
Prof Or Muhammad Zakria Butt, Prof Dr Hassan A Shah and 
Prof Dr Riaz Ahmad were also present. 

Model Banking Bar nch at GCU 

The United Bank Limited (UBL) has declared starting a model 
branch at the Government College University, Lahore and 
installing two high-quality ATM machines on the university 
campus, The announcement was made by UBL Group Head Sales Ali 
Husnian while addressing a gathering of GCU faculty members 
rnBukhari Auditorium. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman was also present. 


51§t fill Pakistan flllaroa Iqbal Bilingual fteelamation Contest 

Debates teach art to convince others: VC 

K net second, every 3rd successful Pakistani is alumina of GCU: Justice (r) Ramaday 

The Debating Society of 
Government College 
University, Lahore hosted the 
31st All Pakistan Allama Iqbal 
Bilingual Declamation Contest. 
Teams from 50 educational 
institutions including UET, Aitchison 
College, FAST LUMS, FCC University, 
PU, BZU Multan, King Edward 

Medical University, LCWU and LGS 
contested for the coveted trophy 
which was won by Pakistan Air Force 
Academy, Risalpur. 
Eminent Old Ravians Justice (r) 
Khalil-ur-Rahman Ramaday was the 
Ch ief G uest at the final round of the 
event while Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
M Khaleeq-ur-Rahman was also 

present. LSE orator Saad Sohail was 
declared the Best English Speaker of 
the event and was awarded the 
Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medal 
Addressing the ceremony, Justice (r) 
Khalil-ur-Rahman Ramaday said 
that stature of academia was far 
above the rest of the society. He said 
that Ravians had led the nation from 

the front. "If not second, every third 
successful Pakistani is the alumina of 
the Government College, Lahore/' 
he added. Addressing the orators, 
Prof Kha!eeq-ur-Rahrnan said that 
debates taught students how to 
express their opinion and convince 
others while paying respect to their 
faiths and ideas. 

I6th fill Pakistan parliamentary Abates 


he Debating Society of 
Government College 
University, Lahore hosted 

the 16th All Pakistan Bilingual 
Parliamentary Debates Contest, 
As many as 35 teams from all 

over Pakistan took part in the 
contest. Lahore High Court 
former chief justice (r) Khawja 

M Sharif was the Chief Guest at 
the prize distribution ceremony 
of the contest. 

Training for newly-appointed young lecturers 

The Quality Enhancement Cell held a four-day training 
programme for the university's newly-appointed 
teachers to edify their skills in teaching and 



New ATM at GCU Sports Complex 

he United Bank Ltd (UBL) has installed a new ATM at GCU 
Sports Complex. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman inaugurated the ATM. 

NAMS clean sweeps music conference 

The Government College 
University, Lahore Nazir 
Ahmad Music Society (GCU 
NAMS} clean swept the All Pakistan 
Music Conference (APMC) 2011-12 

with six distinctions. Muhammad 
Saad Farooq secured the first 
position in Vocal Classical 
Competition, Hassan Maqsood 
secured Gold Medal in Vocal Folk 

Competition. Mohsin Abbas stood 
second in Vocal Classical, Imran Fida 
bagged the first position in Vocal 
Ghazal. Umair AH won the Faiz 
Ghazal Contest Asad Ali stood third 

in Vocal Semi Classical, Vke 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated the members 
of NAMS on their extraordinary 
performance in APMC. 

itmuscles S.Asian 

Mustaqeem Mehmood Butt, a muscfeman 
of Government College University Lahore, 
represented Pakistan at International 
competitions and brought glory to the porta Is of his 
alma mater. 

Mustaqeem after breaking national records 
is now an international name in 
weightlifting and has set international 
records in China and Nepal this year. 
Mustaqeem Butt clinched two 
silver and two bronze medals in 
105+ weight category in 
international weightlifting meet 
in the Nepal's capital, 
Khatmandu, He also represented 
Pakistan in an international 
championship in China, The extra- 
ordinary performance of the player 
was also met with lod applause at 
the nationaf level. Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman, Izaz-i-Kamal, also 
expressed great delight over this 
achievement of Mustaqeem. 

Saqib Yousag wins 
Doha Open 2012 

Saqib Yousaf, a squash player of Government College University, 
Lahore, won the Doha Open 2012 and the title of Asian Senior 
2012. The youngster's performance was lauded by his teachers, 
family members and fellow Ravians, Players from 20 countries of the 
world took part in the Doha Open 2012. Saqib triumphed in all the events 
of championship and lifted the coveted winner trophy. His great show 
and agility also honored him with the title of Asian Senior 2012, Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Director 
Sports Khadim AJi Khan congratulated Saqib on winning the 

Prof Ikram awarded Z. A. Hashmi Gold Medal 

The Pakistan Science 
Foundation, Islamabad 
(PSF) awarded the "Z. A. 
Hashimi Gold Medal" to Prof Dr 
fkram>ul-Haq, the Director of 
Government College University, 
Lahore Institute of 
Biotechnology, for being most 
productive principal investigator 
in the country for the last one 
decade. Federal Minister for 
Science and Technology Mir 
Changez Khan Jamali awarded 
the gold medal to Prof 
Ikram-ul-Haq at a 

graceful ceremony in the 
COMSTECH, Islamabad while PSF 
Chairman Prof Dr Maznoor H 
Somroo was also present, Prof Dr 
Ikram-ul-Haq is the most 
productive biotechnoJogist of 
Pakistan. He did his post-doctorate 
from the Cornell University, New 
York, US, asafulbright Scholar- 
He was declared the most 
productive scientist of Pakistan 
thrice and Best University Teacher 
once in the last decade. He also 
served GCU as Dean Faculty of 
Science and Technology. 

GCU clinches 9 positions in inter results 

Government College University, Lahore 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated 
Ravians on securing as many as nine positions in 
the Intermediate Examinations 2012, saying that 
students' achievements brought glory to their 
alma mater He attributed the tremendous 
achievement of the GCU students to their hard 
work and talent through which they have 
managed to uphold the GCU's tradition of 
excellence. He said it was due to unflinching 
dedication and commitment of the GCU students 

to their studies and invaluable pedagogical input of 
the highly-qualified trained GCU faculty that GCU is 
ranked among the top educational institutions of 
the country. The Vice Chancellor said that keeping 
in view GCU's excellence in intermediate studies, 
they had this year increased 130 seats in FSc pre- 
engineeringandpre-medical groups. 
According to BISE results, GCU students have 
secured top two positions in Pre-engineering 
Group (Boys) wherein Muhammad Umer stood 
first with 1028 marks while Najam Tariq bagged 
second position with 1026 marks. GCU students 

also secured two positions in Pre-medical Group 
(Boys) wherein Zamad Gillani and Awais Raza 
secured the first and third positions with 1025 and 
1016 marks respectively. Ravians clean swept the 
General Science Group (Boys) wherein 
Muhammad Aamir Eyyaz bagged the first position 
with 961 marks while Naeemur Rahman and 
Rizwan Liaqat stood second and third positions 
with 954 and 946 marks respectively GCU student 
Muhammad Umer overall stood second in Lahore 
Board with 1028 marks. Haider Iqbal secured 
overall second position in arts. 

Best Physicist 2011-12 

PAS awards GCU VC Gold Medal 

The Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Islamabad (PAS) 
awarded GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman Gold Medal for his outstanding 
performance in the field of Physics. PAS President Prof Dr 
Atta-ur-Rahman presented the medal to Prof Khaleeq at the 
annual meeting of the academy which was attended by 
noted scientists and teachers from all over the country. 
Every year, only one of the best scientists in each subject 
receives the prestigious award for his contributions to the 
cause of science at the national and international levels. 
Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman is one of the most eminent 
physicists of Pakistan who has over 110 research articles 
published in international journals to his credit, besides 
several books and articles on the subject of Physics. He was 
awarded the highest presidential award, Izaz-i-KamaL, for 
his meritorious services in education sector He received 
HEC Best Teacher Award for his extraordinary academic 
work in 2008. The Pakistan Institute of Physics also awarded 
Fellowship Gold Medal to Prof Dr Khaleeq as a token of 
recognition for his outstanding contributions to the 
advancement of Physics in Pakistan, Prof Dr Khaleeq did 
tis PhD in Physics from the Manchester University, UK. 



GCU triumphs in swimming championship 

• Ameen Ali Khan bags the title of Fastest Swimmer 

he Government College 
University, Lahore clean 
swept the Lahore Board 
Inter-collegiate Swimming 
Championship 2012 hosted by 
the Forman Christian College 
Lahore - a Chartered 
University under the 
patronage of Board of 
intermediate and Secondary 
Education, (BISE) Lahore. 
The team GCU triumphed in all 
15 events of the Championship 
which included 100 Metres 
free style, 100 Metres breast 
stroke, 100 Metres back stroke, 
4 * 100 free style relay and 
breast stroke relay. GCU 
secured record 275 points in 
the competition, while 
FCC U n i ve rsity 
secured the second 

FCC UNIVERSITY LAHORE; The team GCU poses lor a group photo after winning the Lahore Board Inter-Collegiate SwimmingChamplcTSn^ 

position with 155 points. The 
Superior College, Lahore 
bagged the third position with 
only 49 points. GCU student 

Hassan Kamran also won the 
title of the Best Swimmer 
courtesy his grand 12 golds and 
150 points. Ameen Ali Khan, 

another Ravian, 
bagged the title of 
Fastest Swimmer of 
the Championship. 

Int'l Best Library Award 

Chiet Librarian 
Abdul Waheed 



The Government College 
University, Lahore received the 
International Best Library Award 
2012 and 224 latest key publications 
from the International Society for 
Science and Religion (ISSR), 

Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) 

Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 

Rahman, Izaz-i-Kamal, 

expressed pleasure on the 
tremendous achievement of the 
university's Library as it now stands 
among the top 150 institutions of the 
World to have received this award, 
Abdul Waheed, the Chief Librarian of 
GCU, saidthat 224 publications 
awarded by ISSR,UKto GCU are on the 
subjects related to natural sciences 
and spirituality. 

The Marquis 
Who's Who 
USA has added 
the name of Abdul 
Waheed, the Chief 
Librarian of GCU, to 
Its latest edition. 
Abdul Waheed did his 
post-graduation from 
Manchester and was 
the first foreign qualified librarian in the 
Punjab Education Department since 1947. He 
also wrote four books and served the Punjab 
University as Chief Librarian. Keeping in view 
services in the field of Library Science, Abdul 
Waheed^s name has been added along with 
other prominent and profound individuals 
from over 200 nations, territories and 

RQS sparkles in national quiz contests 

he Government 

College University, 

Lahore Ravians Quiz 

Society (GCU RQS) 

performed exceptionally 

well in the national quiz 

competitions held during 

the academic year 2011- 

12. The team RQS 

comprised of Rana Asif 

Nazeer, Ammara Ratool 

{ and Rana Saifullah 

represented GCU in the 

All Pakistan Inter-University 
Quiz Competition held at 
^Aitchison College 

AMPHIETHEATRE: The executive body of GCU RQS poses for an annual group photo with the VC 

Lahore and secured the third 
position. RQS member Rana Asif 
Nazeer took part in the quiz 

Centre, Lahore 
second position 

held at the PTV 
and secured 
and also won the 

cash prize of Rs 10,000, 
RQS team comprised of 
Rana Asif Nazeer and 
Obaidullah Sahi 
participated in Sarwar-e- 
Qainat Seerat-e-Nabi 
(S,A.W| Quiz 
Competition and 
secured second position. 
Bhutto Quiz Competition 
was hefd at the PTV 
Centre, Lahore. RQS 
member Rana Asif, 
Nazeer bagged first position in 
the competition and won a 
cash prize of Rs 15,000. ^^ 

m in 

Record 27 positions in Chief Minister's Debates 2012 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Debating Society (GCUDS) this year broke 
its own previous-year record by winning 27 
awards at the Chief Ministers Debates, Essay 
Writing, Naat & Qi rat Competition 2012. TheGCU 
orators secured 5 positions at provincial level, 10 

division level and 12 at district level contests. Saadu I 
Hassan, the president of the GCU Debating Society, 
was declared the Best Urdu Speaker of Punjab at the 
postgraduate level. Vice Chancellor Prof 
(Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 
Izaz-i-Kamal, congratulated Saadul Hassan, Shoaib 

Academic Year 2011-12 

Ahmed, Ahmad Chaudhary, Zahid AH, Ayesha 
Urooj, Aitazaz Arif, Ammara Shah, Afzaan 
Muneer, Burhan Ahmed, Mudassir Seemab, 
Muhammad Fahad Anjum, Hafiz Omair Qasim, 
Shehzad Khan and Ismail Sherwani on their 
tremendous performance in CM debates. 

Debating Society earns 131 oratory awards 

Saadul Hassan declared Best GCU Debater with overall 17 individual awards 

The Government College 
University, Lahore 
Debating Society 
(GCUDS) earned 131 oratory 
awards in 57 national and 
international debating 
competitions during the 
academic year 2011-12. It was 
reported in the GCUDS annual 
report published in August 
2012. The report says that 
society is crowned the best 
debating team of Pakistan at 
the Higher Education 
Commission's Allama Iqbal 
annual speech contest, which 
was participated by debating 
teams from 140 universities in 

The society's 131 oratory 

awards include 34 team 

trophies, 35 best speaker 

awards, 25 second best speaker 

awards, 32 third best 

speaker awards and five 

consolation prizes. 

GCUDS Secretary 

General Saadul 

FAZL E-HU5SAIN: vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman addresses GCU shinning orators. 

Hassan was declared the best 
GCU debater with overall 17 
individual oratory awards, while 
Zahid Ali, a student of BA 
(Honours) Persian, stood second 
with 10 national awards to his 

The society also set an 
unprecedented record of 

winning overall 17 posi 
tions at the Chief Mini 
ster Punjab Speech Conte 
st 2011-12. The team GCU 
lifted coveted trophies atLU MS, 
Kinnaird College Lahore, Army 
Burn Hall College Abbotabad, 
Aitchision College Lahore, FAST, 
Punjab University, FCC 

University Lahore, Allama Iqbal 
Medical College University 
Lahore, Multan Law College, 
Beaconhouse, City School, Sadiq 
Public School Bahawalpur, Cadet 
College Petaro (Slndh), UVAS 
Lahore, Fatima Jinnah Medical 
College Lahore, Punjab Medical 
College Faisalabad, Govt. 
College Toba Tek Singh and Govt 
College Bhakhar. 
GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said the 
varsity debaters have proved 
themselves to be the most 
outstanding torch-bearers of the 
university's pride. Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that he 
had doubled the funds for co- 
curricular activities in the 
university since these activities 
honed the collective outlook of 
the youth. The Vice Chancellor 
expected of the GCU orators to 
further enhance their 
efforts to maintain and 
improve their existing 

Ravians win 

Q AU Declamation 


|l he Debating Society of GCU 
I won the All Pakistan 
i Declamation Contest 2012 
organised by the Quaid-i-Azam 
University, Islamabad. As many as 35 
universities from all over Pakistan took 
part in the declamation contest GCU 
student Ahmad Ch topped the English 
debate, while Khawaja Yaseen secured 
second position in Urdu debates. The 
prestigious team trophy was also lifted 
by team GCU. Prof Or Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated the 
Debating Society on this 

HEC ranks GCU- 
DS "the best" 

The Debating Society of Government College University, 
Lahore (GCU-DS) was ranked the Best Debating Team 
of Pakistan after having beaten 140 universities at the 
AH Pakistan Universities Declamation Contest hosted by the 
Higher Education Commission, Only six best teams, each 
from five provinces and Azad Jammu Kashmir, made to the 
finals after the university and provincial rounds, GCU-DS 
lifted the prestigious team trophy, called Allama Iqbal Shield, 
at the competition, while GCU-DS General Secretary Saadul 
Hassan was declared the Best Speaker. Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated the 
Debating Society on winning the biggest national I / 
declamation contest -"" 

First position in 


Speech Contort 

The Debating Society of 
Government College University, 
Lahore clean swept the All 
Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Urdu Speech 
Contest 2012 organised by the Nazaria- 
i-Pakistan Trust. The orators from 40 
educational institutions took part in the 
speech contest. GCU student AN Abid 
stood first while Adnan Farooq of GCU 
secured the second position. GCU Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated 
the orators on their 

ent College 
U n i versity, 
Lahore emerged 
triumphant in 
the All Pakistan 
First Women's 
Rifle Shooting 
2012 organised 
by the Higher 
Commission , 
The team GCU 
Madhia Ashraf, 
Sadaf Mehboob 
and N o o r 
S a I e e m 
universities of 
Pakistan in the 
Championship by winning 13 
of 20 gold medals, 4 silver and 
4 bronze medals in various 
shooting event s including 

VC OFFICE: The female rifle shooting team of GCU Lahore poses for a photo with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 

HEC First Women's Rifle Shooting Contest 

GCU shooters emerge triumphant 

• Sports are equally important for hoys and girls; Vice Chancellor 

skeet, down 
the line, free 
pistol and trap. 
GCU student 
Sadaf Mehboob 
was adjudicated 
the Best 
Shooter, while 
University and 
C M S A T S 
secured second 
and third 
positions in the 
Vice Chancellor 
(Meritorious) Dr 
Rahman met 
with the winning team and 
appreciated their 
outstanding performance in 
thechampio n s h ip . 

Aadersh wins GCU 
Mastermind 2012 

FAZL-E-HUSSAIN: Aadersh Hamza receives his certificate and 
shield from GCU RQS Advisor Or Saqif Nafees* 

Government College University Lahore Political 
Science Department student Aadersh Hamza has 
crowned as "GCU Mastermind 2012" for winning 
the Intra-university Mastermind Quiz 
Competition organized by the Ravians Quiz Society. As 
many as 84 students from various academic departments 
of GCU took part in the quiz which was spanned over nine 
brainstorming rounds. Out of 84 participants, GCU 
History Department student Tehseen Wattoo stood 
second whereas Maheen Iqbal of Bio-technology 
Department secured third position. 
GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Or Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated the winners, saying that quiz 
competitions polish and hone the knowledge of students 
and make them prodigious individuals. 

Debating Scoeity wins 
FAST Bilingual 

The Government College University Lahore Debating 
Society has won the All Pakistan Bilingual 
Declamation Contest organised by the FAST 
University Lahore. As many as 35 prestigious educational 
institutions from all over the country took part in the 
competition. Ahmad Chaudhry and Hassan Raza of 
GCU secured distinction at the competition besides 
L lifting the overall team trophy, 

Old Ravian tops CSS Examination 

Rana Abdul Aziz, an Qfd Ravian, stood first in the Central Superior 
Services (CSS) Examination 2011 held under the auspices of the Federal 
Public Service Commission, Mr Rana was the General Secretary of 
Government College University Lahore Debating Society during the 
session 2006-07* Being an accomplished debater, he won numerous 
laurels for his alma mater including Best Speaker Award at the Punjab 
Students' Convention 2006 organised by the Punjab government. 

Prof Hassan awarded Sitara-i-lmtiaz 

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan, has conferred civil awards 
on different prolific personalities for their distinctive contribution in 
various fields of life, Government College University Lahore 
Department of Physics Chairperson Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah was 
awarded Sitara-i-lmtiaz for his outstanding contributions in the field of 
Physics, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
congratulated Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah on receiving the award, 

HEC Best Teacher Award 

Government College University Lahore Centre for Advanced Studies of 
Physics {GCU CASP) Director Prof Dr Riaz Ahmad has been awarded the 
Best Teacher Award by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. 
The Higher Education Commission Best Teacher Award consists of a 
certificate and a cash prize of Rs 100,000. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof 
(Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated Prof 
Riazonreceivlngthe award. ^ 

Prof Ikram wins educationist award 

Government College University Lahore Dean Faculty of Science and 
Technology Prof Dr Ikramul Haq is honoured with the "Award for 
Outstanding Contribution to Education" at the Second Asia Awards 
held at Suntec, Singapore under the auspices of CMO Asia and World 
Brand Congress. Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated Prof Dr Ikramul Haq on receiving 
the "Award forOutstandmg Contribution to Education" . 

Young Scientist Award 

Dr Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at 
Government College University Lahore, received the "Young Scientist 
Award 2011" from the Inter-Academy Panel -a global network of 
science academies. Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman congratulated Dr Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh on 
receiving the award, Dr Akhyar is also the advisor of the Government 
College University Lahore Ravian Forensic Society. 

MSD wins LUMS Int'l Gauntlet Competition 

The Government 
College University, 
Lahore Management 
Studies Department (GCU 
MSD) won the three-day 
International Gauntlet 
Competition organised by 
the Lahore University of 
Management Sciences 
(LUMS). As many as 14 
teams including one from 
India took part in the 
Gauntlet Competition. 
During the business game 
simulation software 
competition, the 
participants need to run a 
company for nine years 
against their competitors 
and raise their market share 
index. The team GCU 
comprising Taimoor Ahmed, 
Mohsin Saeed Mirza, Hina 
Haroon, Murtaza Ali Khan 
and Aoon Mujtaba won the 
game by raising their share 
index to record 3700 points. 

VICE CHANCELLOR OFFICE: The team GCU, comprising Taimoor Ahmed, Mohsin Saeed Mirza, Hina Haroon, Murtaia Ali Khan and Aoon Mujtaba, 
poses for a photo with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman after winning the International Gauntlet Competition, 

University, Multan secured 
the second position with 
share price index of just 1800 

points. VC Prof Dr Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman and GCU MSD 
Chairperson Najaf Yawar 

Khan congratulated the 
students on their 
extraordinary performance in 

the Lahore University of 
Management Sciences 
Competit ion. 


left* EME fll 

XMtlttW &t 

HMC sparkles in 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Hiking and Mountaineering Club (GCU 
HMC) sparkled in a two-day All Punjab Wall 
Climbing Competition that concluded at 
DHA-EME . The event was organised by Sui 
Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL). 
Kashif Fayyaz, a member of GCU HMC, won 
top performance award among boys and 
Wishal Naveed, joint secretary of GCU HMC, 
got third position among girls. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman has congratulated the winners and 
appreciated the efforts of the Government 
College University Lahore Hiking and 
Mountaineering Club. 

View from New Hostel 

B o kha r i Auditorium 

On-campus development 


MURREE; The female high-achievers of GCU pose for I photo with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Punjab Director General Protocol and Old Ravian Asjad Ghani Tahir. 

Shahbaz honours GCU high-achievers 

Punjab Chief Minister and Old 
Ravian Mian Muhammad 
Shahbaz Sharif has 
honoured the shinning students of 
his alma mater, Government 
College University Lahore, by 
inviting them to Murree for a three- 
day study and recreational tour. The 
GCU student delegation, led by GCU 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman, stayed in chief minister's 
enclosure at the Punjab House, 
Murree and was given the protocol 
of state guests. Punjab Director 
General Protocol Asjad Ghani Tahtr 

received the delegation which was 
comprised of 95 students including 
40 female students who have shown 
excellent performance in academics, 
co-curricular and sports. The GCU 
high achievers also attended two 

seminars in which they were briefed 
about the higher education 
opportunities for talented Pakistani 
students aboard. Cot. Saleem Khan 
from NUST also held an interactive 
session with GCU students and 

discussed with them their future 
plans. The GCU Vice Chancellor also 
led the GCU high achievers to 
Pakistan Monuments Museum 
Islamabad and briefed them about 
the life history and struggle of the 
leaders of Pakistan movement 
including Allama Muhammad Iqbal, 
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad All 
Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah, GCU Chief 
Librarian Abdul Waheed, Political 
Science Department Chairperson Dr 
Khalid Manzoor Butt, Ms Fouzra 
Ghani and Ms Rubina Murtaza also 
accompanied the delegation. 


he GC University Lahore 
Dramatics Club (GCUDC) 
magnum opus "Shaoor" won 
the first prize at Ail Pakistan Drama 
Competition 2011-12 organised 
by the British Council at the 
Pearl Continental Hotel 

Lahore. The Competition was the 

part of week-long cultural activities 

"Active Citizens" organised by the 

British Council to celebrate the 

achievements of the Pakistani 


The drama competition held at the 

concluding day remained the most 
colourful event in which the teams 
of seven leading institutions 
including Beaconhouse National 
University, FAST University, Kinnaird 
College for Women, LUMS and 
Queen Mary College for Women 

Lahore participated. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman expressed pleasure over 
the tremendous achievement of 
the GCU Dramatics Club and , 
congratulated all of its 
hardworking members. 


Botany Department holds centenary celebrations 

_ * ... _,-^i__ j_. *__ *. .^..w -j* rt hjrjri mirrnhial manpt-ir pnaineerine. Dlant metab( 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Botany Department held its centenary 
celebrations which began with a reunion of 
the alumni of the department that was 
established in January 1912. The celebrations 
continued for three months. Chairing the alumni 
reunion function, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman called upon the 
alumni to play an effective role in development of 
their alma mater through financial, moral and 
intellectual support. Botany Department 
Chairman Prof Dr Zaheeruddin Khan said the 
three-month 100th year celebrations would 
conclude in March next with an international 
conference on "environment and biodiversity". 

Prof Khan said the department would also hold 
workshops and seminars for the training of 
botany teachers of different colleges in Punjab. He 
said flower exhibitions and declamation contests 
on topics related to environment, agriculture, 
forestry, horticulture, soil and water would also be 
part of the three-month celebration. 
GCU Faculty of Science and Technology Dean Prof 
Dr Muhammad Ikramul Haq said the importance 
of botany in the biosphere could be realised from 
the famous saying "All flesh is grass." These days, 
he sa id, the discipline of bota ny had a broad scope 
covering so many fields like forestry, horticulture, 
climatology, plant biotechnology, molecular 
genetics, medicine, biodiversity, plant and 

microbial genetic engineering, plant metabolic 
engineering, biopharmingetc. 
He stressed the need to focus more on quality of 
research instead of number of research papers 

being produced, 

The alumni shared experiences and interesting 
incidents from their student life at the university. 
Later, the alumni through a resolution paid 
tributes to noted scientists Prof Shiv Ram 
Kashyap, Prof. S.L Ghose, Prof. A + C Joshi, Dr. A.A. 
Qureshi, Dr. Sultan Ahmed, Prof. A.R. Zafar, Prof. 
A.H. Zafar, Prof. Jawad A. Khan, Prof Masudul 
Hasan, Dr R A Mirza and Prof. A. U. Khan who led 
the historic botany department and played highly 
significant role in its development. 

Aaq ib Hanif beats Amir Atlas 

Aaqib Hanif, a shining star of Amir Atlas and beat him after a great 

Government College University, neck-to-neck fight. The performance of 

Lahore, outclassed the both the players was celebrated at 

Pakistani number one squash player, international and national l evel 

Football Team wins Independence Cup 

The GC University, Lahore football Independence Day celebrations of 

team won the Independence Pakistan. As many as 16 teams took part 

Cup organised by the University in the contest. The GCU football team 

of Veterinary and Animal Sciences beat the noted Usmani Club by 2-0 in 

Lahore (UVAS) in connection with the the final, goals from the GC U side. 

Runner-u p in HEC Rowing Contest 

The Government College 
University, Lahore got second 
position in the All Pakistan Inter- 
University Rowing Championship 
organised by the Higher Education 

Commission, As many as 15 colleges 
marked their worthy presence in the 
championship. GCU students Adnan 
Tassadaq and Munir All secured Gold 
Medals in the championship. 

Second position in Ho cke y Cham pionship 

The Government College 
University, Lahore secured the 
second position in the All Pakistan 
Inter-University Hockey Championship 
organised by the Higher Education 

Commission. The team GCU played its 
first knock-out match against Bahria 
University and came out victorious with 
the score of 2-1. Semi final was another 
victory leading GCU to finals. 

National Debates Summer Camp 

The Debating Society of GCU 
organised the National Debates 
Summer Camp to train the young 
students in the art of parliamentary- 
style debates. Barrister Qmer 

Mehmood Khan, the former President 
of GCU-DS, who won record number of 
awards at national and international 
parliamentary debates, coached 
students i n the art of public-spea king. 

First position in LUM S Elo quence Gala 

~W Debating Society won stood first in Interpretative Recitation, 

the team trophy at the while Adnan Farooq secured the second 

Eloquence Gala 2012 position, Ahmad Ch was adjudicated 

organised by LUMS. Almas second in the English declamation. Jg 



Concert ol Heritage 



Live music performances in Urdu, 
Punjabi, Balochi, English and Pushto 
languages by talented Ravians rocked 
the "Annual Concert of Heritage" held at the 
GCU Bukhari Auditorium under the 
auspices of Nazir Ahmad Music Society. 
The four-hour concert proved to be a 
rich blend of Pop, Rock, Folk, Ghazal, 
Classical and Semi-Classical and 
reflected on sub- 

continent's rich musical heritage. 
The Vice Chancellor said "every person poses 
a unique set of abilities, some are good at 
research, some are good in sports, some are 
good actors, others are good in debates; GCU 
provides all kinds of opportunities to its 
students to exhibit and polish their talent. 
He said that education was as important 
for musicians and sportsmen as 
anybody else. 

A two-day 
held at GC 
University, Lahore 
for advancing 
research on algae 
plants for 
developing bio-fuel, 
food, shelter and 
medicine to fulfill 
the expanding demands of 
human society. The 
Botany Department 
orga n ise d the 

Workshop for advancing 
on algae plants 


GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Or 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired 
the inaugural session of the 
workshop titled 'Algal 
collection and recent 

taxonomy of 
Prof Dr Abdul- 
Hay ee from Sind 
J University 
Jamshoro and Dr 
Mehboob Ahmad 
from Punjab 
University were 
also present. About 
150 researchers from 
different universities took 
part in the workshop 
which was spread over 
six sessions, 

Shark fishing is no longer sustainable in 
Pakistan: Dr Mauvis Gore 

An international 
and Downs of 
Pakistan's Large Marine 
Animals with respect to 
PhytopJankton" has held at 
the GC University, Lahore 
under auspices of the 
university's Botany 
Department, HECand PSR 
Vice Chancellor Prof DrM 
haleeq-ur- Rahman 
chaired the opening 
session of the 

seminar while noted marine 
biologists from all over the 
present, In her key note 
address, DrMauvisAnnGore, 

the Co-Directorof Marine 
International, Edinburgh 
Scotland, said that 11 
species including sharks, 
rays, guitarfish and 
sawfish were beingf tshed 
due to which they had 
undergone a drastic 
reduction. Shesaidthatshark 
fishing was no longer 

Pakistan-China friendship is an exception 
to all theories of int'l relations: Prof Rong 

The Pakistan-China 
friendship is an 
exception to all 
general theories of 
international relations, but 
there is a dire need to 
strengthen cultural and social 
ties between the people of 
both countries, said Prof 
Zhou Rong while addressing 
a seminar on "China's 
perspective on Pakistan- 
United States relations" 
the Government 

College University Lahore- 
Eminent political scientist Prof 
Shafqat Chaudhry and GCU 
Political Science Chairperson 
Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt also 

addressed the seminar 

organised by the Quaid-e- 

Azam Political Science 

Society. Talking to students, 

Prof Zhou Rong, an expert 

on Pakistan studies at 

Fudan University and 

Sichuan University, China 

said that "the United States 

of America help Pakistan 

when they need Pakistan but 

China helps Pakistan when j 

Pakistan needs it." 

HEC Squash Contest 

The team GCU this year again won the AN 
Pakistan Inter-University Squash 
Championship organised by the Higher 
Education Commission. Saqib Yousaf and Aaqib 
Ha nif, lifted the trophy. 

HEC Fastest Runner 

Muhammad Gasim All Amjad, a student 
of GCU, won the title of the Fastest Man 
in All Pakistan Inter-university Athletics 
Championship organised by Higher Education 
Commission. GCU student Khursheed Ahmed also 
won the Gold Medal. Aslam Saddam won second 
position in Javelin throw and was honoured with 
the Silver Medal. Mohstn Naveed and Siddique 
Akbar won the 110 Metres Hurdles and 5000 
Metres Race respectively. 

Co-curricular festival 

The GCU Debating Society won the All 
Pakistan Co-curricular Festival with overall 
nine distinctions. As many as 30 
in stituti ons from a 1 1 over Pa kista n too k pa rt i n the 
festival organised by the Government College. 
Muzaffargarh. In English Debates, GCU student 
Fahad Anjum secured the first position while 
Jdhaun Aslam stood third. Hafiz Ali Vtrk won the 
Punjabi Debates. Adnan Farooq stood second in 
the Urdu Debates. In Kalam-e-lqbal Competition, 
Qasim Raza stood third. In Girat, Hafiz Umair 
bagged the second position. Hafiz AN Virk won 
the Nazam Competition. Adnan Farooq stood 
th i rd in the G h a za I Co m petition . The ove ra 1 1 team 
trophy was also lifted by the team GCU. 

Gymnastics Contest 

The team GCU sparkled in the All Pakistan 
Inter-University Gymnastic Championship 
2012 organised by the Higher Education 
Commission of Pakistan. As many as 20 
universitiestook part in the championship. 

Medals in Athletics 

The team GCU came up with flying colors in 
the Lahore Board Inter-Collegiate Athletics 
Championship. GCU student Nauman Yousaf 
won three Gold medals; each in 800 Meters, 1500 
Metres and 500 Metres. Adnan Ali bagged two 
gold medals in TripleJump and Long Jump. 

Volleyball Championship 

The team GCU was the semi-finalist in the 
inter-collegiate Volley Ball Championship 
2012 organised by the Lahore Board of 
Intermediate and Secondary Education. As 
many as 24 teams took part the championship. 

Football Championship 

The team GCU secured the second position in 
the Lahore Board Inter-Collegiate 
Championship. As many as 20 teams took 
part in the championship including Punjab 
College, GC University Lahore, Islamia College and 
MAO College Lahore The final was played between 
GCU and Punjab College. 

Cross-Country Contest 

The GC University, Lahore was ranked third in 
the Inter-Collegiate Cross-Country 
Championship 2012. Islamia College Burki, 
GCU Lahore, Punjab College and Superior College 
^were the top competitors of the event. 


Dramatics Club 

Welfare Society 

Horticulture Society 

Oath-taking Or Ajmal Psychology Society 

Oath-taking Ubrary Society 

Disaster Risk Management Society 

Membership Booth Media Watch Society 

Oath-taking Media Watch Society 




ll 1 

^2 g | 


■ U l , 

MM Mk 

1" A 


Oath-taking Rovers Club 
^1.1 I I 

Oath-taking Ravian Forensic Society 

Oath -taking Qui* Society 

it« : :. 


Horticulture Society 

I J_ ! 


HBw * W**^Hbfl| 

■ '* T \j^b| ,. 

It* &il£Jn 



The Scientific Ravi 

Seniors' Club 

I '* 

~ T Xi 



- ix 



GCUVClealSsa delegation oi position holders to European universities 
1 Social Evo lution tkrougk Educational Revo lution 

Article by: Taimoor Jaffar AH (a student ofFSc-H at GC University Lahore) 

Modem, purposeful education alone can 
address the problems that the third-world 
countries are confronted with! This is the 
gist of our observations, interactions and analysis that 
we acquired during our life shaping educational tour to 
some of the finest universities and colleges of Europe. 
Vice Chancellor of my alma mater Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman — a humble and seasoned 
personality — ied our delegation on the special 
directions of eminent Old Ravian and Chief Minister 
Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. Prof Khaleeq 
remained a valuable source of constant support and 
guidance for the students throughout the tour. His 
unique way of managing the students and leading the 
delegate to the various universities and monuments 
remained exceptional and students felt honoured to 
find such a charismatic person to lead them. Being an 
ordinary student from very humble background, I had 
never paid heed to the media propagation of various 
political dispensations since I had serious reservations 
about the veracity of their claims. It was after I won an 
academic distinction that I got an opportunity to have 
the first-hand experience of the far-sighted policies of 
Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. AH the cynical 
notions that the masses traditionally nurture about the 
sincerity of our politicians were rendered ineffective 
when I was chosen to represent Pakistan as part of a 
youth delegation comprising 40 academic high 
achievers from all the nooks and crannies of our multi- 
ethnic motherland, My sole claim to earn this privilege 
hinges on my academic merit and nothing else. 
Khadim-e-Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had sent 
his eldest son, MNA Hamza Shahba;, to accord a red- 
carpet farewell to the walking ambassadors of 
Pakistan! The skeptics question the wisdom of this 
stupendous step. Let me answer them: we the 
representatives of the Pakistani youth were sent to visit 
the three important countries of Europe; namely, UK, 
Germany and Turkey; to visit their leading universities, 
get the first-hand exposure to the international 
educational milieu and the socio-economic conditions 
in which it thrives, introduce us to cutting-edge 
technologies of the first-world, hold meetings with 
their students, academia and above all the Nobel 
Laureates M It is the Khadim-e-Punjab's vision to 
empower the bright representatives of our youth with 
such experiences that would help them break away 
from the norms of the decadent educational practices 
and inspire their peers to emulate their struggle and 
bring about the long awaited revolution through 
educational reforms. First destination, our delegation 
stayed in London for over a week during which we 
visited the universities and colleges in and around 
London. We got a life-time opportunity to proceed on a 
guided tour of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, 
Surrey, Queen Mary and Leeds besides the London 
School of Economics and Imperial College London, 
Our visit to the Surrey Space Centre was a very 
fascinating experience as we learned aboutthe 
latest research work being done regarding 

the satellite technology. We took stock of the research in 
various projects such as making vaccines, diagnostics of 
cancer and problems related to insomnia. Alongside 
academic visits, we toured the Natural History Museum, 
National Museum of Arts, Trafalgar Square, the British 
Parliament and the Pakistani High Commission in 

These are the world's leading institutions of research 
and pedagogy in pure and social sciences as well as 
humanities. The university has well stocked libraries, 
modern computer labs, state-of-the-art labs, extensive 
research recourses. Thev forge genuine intellectual 
excitement and cutting -edge research. The mystifying 
architecture of the centuries old buildings in London 
depicts the cultural heritage of the English Civilisation. 
We observed many cultural aspects of the western world 
as to how the people focus on their own task, behave 
hospitably, think professionally, live positively and follow 
a disci pi i ned way in every walk of life. 
We particularly noticed the presence of a strong Muslim 
community in these universities who strive to embrace 
modernity through state-of-the-art research facilities 
while at the same time preserve their allegiance to their 
religious roots. Their societies and clubs make 
arrangements for prayers at the campuses and ensure 
the provision of halal food for the Muslim students. At 
the University of Cambridge, Mr Arslan, the Graduate 
Union President at Cambridge made an informative 
presentation in the spacious hall of the Lucy Cavendish 
College, Our visit to the British Parliament was quite 
remarkable. We visited the various galleries of the 
prestigious building. Lord Nazir Ahmad, member of the 
British House of Lords warmly welcomed us. He 
presented souvenirs to the students. Lord Nazir Ahmad 
also told about the great building of the House of Lords, 
which is about 900 years old. He walked with us to a 
nearbv GEO TV station where we attended a program 
MANCHESTER: The second part of our UK tour took us to 
Manchester. This city was at the forefront of the 
Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, and was a 
leading centre for manufacturing. Manchester was the 
site of the world's first railway station, and the place 
where scientists first split the atom and developed the 
first stored -prog ram computer. 

In the 19th century, Manchester featured in literary 
works highlighting the changes that industrialisation had 
brought to Britain. Charles Dickens is reputed to have set 
his novel Hard Times in the city. There are two 
universities in the City of Manchester. The University of 
Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and 
the Royal Northern College of Music are grouped around 
Oxford Road on the southern side of the city centre, 
which forms Europe's largest urban higher education 
precinct Together they have a combined population of 
73,160students in higher education. 
Traveling from London to Manchester on Euston train 
was an exhilarating experience. The Council General Mr. 
Ehsanullah received us at the station and extended his 
best wishes to us. Here, we visited Ai-Azhar University, 

Universities of Manchester, Leeds and Manchester 
Metropolitan University. Al-Azhar at Manchester 
depicted the true pictu re of Islamic teachings as it was a 
perfect combination of science and religion. The most 
significant facet of our visit to the University of 
Manchester was our meeting with the Nobel laureate 
scientist, Dr* Konstantin Novoselov who had separated a 
single layer of graphite known as Graphene. He apprised 
us of his research routine and its significance. 
Besides this, we attended a TV talk-show: Guests in 
Manchester at DM Digital TV and a reception which was 
hosted by the members of PML(N) UK Chapter who 
presented to us medals of appreciation and a grand 
reception at the Muslim British Heritage Centre. The 
dignitaries then presented all the students and officials 
of the delegation with Special Initiative Certificates and 
souvenirs respectively. 

SCOTLAND: The last segment of our UK visit took us to 

Scotland. Its incredible influence on the world has 

encouraged invention, Inspired creativity and fired 

imaginations for generations. We immersed ourselves in 

Scotland's arts and cu Itu re during ou r visit as the country 

celebrates its creative contributions to the world since 

they have declared 2012 to be the Year of Creative 

Scotland. Edinburgh, the country's capital and second 

largest city, is one of Europe's largest financial centers, 

Edinburgh was the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment of 

the 18th century, which transformed Scotland into one 

of the commercial, intellectual and industrial 

powerhouses of Europe. Scottish waters consist of the 

la rgest oil reserves in the E uropean Union . 

Scottish education system has always remained distinct 

from that of the rest of United Kingdom, with a 

characteristic emphasis on a broad education, There are 

15 Scottish universities, some of which are amongst the 

oldest In the world, Scotland produces 1% of the world's 

published research with less than 0.1% of the world's 

population, and higher education institutions account 

for 9% of Scotland's service sector exports. 

After enjoying a wholesome breakfast at Preston, we set 

out to venture for the enchanting natural beauty of Lake 

District. This region is a treasure trove of scenic delights, 

majestic mountains, lovely lakes, secluded beaches, 

hidden tarns and beautiful villages. And it's not all 

walking and climbing. Millions of visitors from around 

the country, indeed the world, come to the Lake District 

for adventure- windsurfing, angling, horse riding and 

racing, sailing, paraglidingand lots more, We visited the 

Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and Edinburgh, the 

Scottish Parliament, and the Edinhurgh castle. Some 

famous alumni of the Edinburgh University include the 

philosopher David Hume, Charles Darwin, the Harry 

Potter author JK Rowling and former Prime Minister 

Gordon Brown. The university is also associated with 15 

Nobel Prize winners. We also attended a reception 

arranged by the Pakistani community of Glasgow. 

At the end of our UK trip, I was compelled to ponder 

over the differences between our national traits and 

theirs. We found them to be ethically upright, 

highly disciplined and punctual. 


Th^troW.sitVai Edinburgh 

IQBAL'S MAUSOLEUM: VT« Chancellor Prof Or Khaleeq-Ur-ftahman is escorted by the Naval Guards as he visits Iqbafs mausoleum to pay homage to the Poet of the East on his 134th birth anniversary. 

IqbaPs philosophy guarantees Muslim renaissance 

Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman pays homage to Poet of the East on his 134th birth anniversary 

^\rof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
fc^the Vice Chancellor of Government 
I College University, Lahore, has said Or 
Allama Muhammad Iqbal's philosophy 
guarantees the Muslim renaissance. "His 
deliberations both in verse and prose fuel the 
imagination of the Muslim Ummah, particularly 
his poetry composed in Urdu and Persian spell 
out the manifesto for purposeful change." Prof 
Khaleeq was tal king to media during his visit to 

Iqbal's mausoleum to pay homage to the great 
Old Ravian and Poet of the East on his 134th birth 
anniversary. The Vice Chancellor said that it was 
up to the Muslim youth today to seek light from 
Iqbal's philosophy and guarantee the revival of 
scientific, technological and social advancement. 
Prof Khaleeq added that the "Reconstruction of 
Religious Thought in Islam" was Iqbal's seminal 
work which was still quite pertinent for the 
Pakistani polity suffering from the menace of 

fanaticism. Later, the Vice Chancellor offered 
fateha for the sou I of the great national poet and 
laid floral wreath. He also recorded his views in 
the visitors' book. Iqbal's famous poem "Lap pe 
aoti hat duo ban ke to manna meri-Zindgishama 
ki surat ho Kbudaya men" (My heart's desire 
comes to my lips as a prayer-the Almighty Allah, 
make my life as one of a candle, a guiding light) 
was also part of his message that he wrote in the 
Visitors' Book. 

VC addresses Intermediate students 

"Allama Iqbal's philosophy 
is beacon of light for youth" 

Government College University, Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman has said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal's 
philosophy serves as a beacon of fight for the Muslim youth in the 
contemporary world and students should seek guidance from it- The 
Vice Chancellor was addressing the students of intermediate Part II at 
the university's Bukhari Auditorium. Prof Khaleeq said that the youth 
ought to equip them with the latest scientific knowledge to 
revolutionise the societal landscape. He also stressed that 
sociological grooming was no less significant than scientific 
education. "If we are to take the genie of extremism by the horns we 
have to assign equal value to humanities and social sciences/' he 



IQBAL'S MAUSOLEUM: A delegation of GCU Majlis-e-lqbaP visits the IqbaPs mausoleum on 
his 74th death anniversary to pay tribute to the services of the great poet. 

GCU publishes books on Iqbal 

he Government College University Lahore Urdu Department has published 
two books on Allama Muhammad Iqbal titled as "Iqbal studies in the 
international context" and "Iqbaf and Dr Rafiud Din". The books were 
written by GCU Department of Urdu Chairperson Dr Shafiq Ajmi. A launching 
ceremony of these books was held at the GCU Fazl-e-Hussain Reading Room. 
Punjab University Professor Emeritus Prof Dr Khawaja Muhammad Zakria was the 
chief guest at the books lau nch while GCU Dean Faculty of Science and Tech nology 
Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq was also present, Addressing the ceremony, GCU 
Distinguished Professor of Arabic Prof Dr Khurshed-ul-Hassan Rizvi said "idealism 
and individualism are the two extremes which one ought to refrain from since a 
balanced approach can only take us forward " Noted critics Prof DrTabbassurn 
Kahsmiri and Prof DrSaadat Saeed also addressed the ceremony. 

FAZL-E-HUSSAIN READING ROOM: GCU Dean Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq presents 
shield to Prof Dr Khawaja Muhammad Zakria at the books launch. 


OVAL: A group of GCU students poses for a photo with MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister's Special Assistant on Education Zaeem Qadri, 
Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and others after receiving their laptops. 

Grand laptop distribution ceremony 

Laptops distributed among 3,482 GCU students 

• Education alone can bring change, says VC Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 

• Laptop is not a scheme but a vision to empower youth: Hamza Shahbaz 

• Hamza quotes British Professor as saying "Ravians are as good as best students of the world" 



■yoHLj rniiuwrnr oc KAKldlAll 

GCU holds seminar on ' Fiqr-e-lqbal' 

• Iqbal emancipated South Asian Muslims from slavish mentality: Ahsan Iqbal 

• IqbaVs concept ofKhudi guided us to regain our lost glory: Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
h Iqbal is to the Muslims what Shakespeare is to the English: Prof Khursheed Rizvi 

The Government College 
U niversity Lahore 
organised a one-day 
seminar on "Iqbal's Philosophy 
and Contemporary Pakistan/' 
(Fiqr-e-lqbaf and Aaj Ka 
Pakistan) to enlighten the 
youth about the visionary 
thoughts of the great national 
poet. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
chaired the semtnar while PML-N 
Member National Assembly Ahsan 
Iqbal was the Chief Guest. Opening 
the seminar, the members of Nazir 
Ahmad Music Society (NAMS) 
presented several poems of 
AJIama Muhammad Iqbal which 
were composed by GCU music 
maestro Tarlq Suleman Khan 
Farani, while the orators from GCU 
Debating Society presented an 
oratorical rendition of Iqbal's 
verses in the tradition of the 
legendary Zulfiqar Bokhari and Zia 

Mohyuddin, Addressing the 
seminar, Mr Ahsan pointed that 
Allama Muhammad Iqbal had made 
four invaluable contributions for 
the Pakistan movement. He 
emancipated the South Asian 
Muslims from the slavish mentality 
and revived their faith in their 
collective strength. Secondly, he 
advised them to take up untiring 
struggle in every walk of life and 
preserve their self-esteem at all 
cost. Thirdly, he asserted that a 
separate homeland for the Muslims 
of South Asia was indispensibJe. 
Last but not the least,Allama Iqbal 

persuaded the Quaid-i-Azam to 
lead the movement for the 
independence of South Asian 
Muslims when the Quaid-i-Azam 
had settled down in Britain due to 
disillusionment, Ahsan Iqbal said. 
Speaking on the occasion, Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman said that Iqbal's concept of 
Khudi guided us to regain our lost 
glory. "His philosophy tells how to 
set right the affairs of politics, 
economy and education fn line with 
the injunctions of Islam/ he added. 
The Vice Chancellor asserted that it 
was knowledge and creativity 

rather than wealth and 
weapons that afforded 
superiority toany nation in the 
current age. Therefore, we 
must strive for academic 
excellence in the light of 
Iqbal's vision. Noted critic Prof 
Or Saadat Saeed said that the 
eradication of economic 
exploitation was the cornerstone 
of Iqbal's political thought. He had 
predicted the fall of capitalism and 
communism since both these 
regimes were contravenes to the 
principles of natural justice. Prof Dr 
Khursheed Rizvi opined that Iqbal 
was to the Muslims what 
Shakespeare was to the English. 
"No other thinker or poet in the 
Muslim tradition has ever come 
close to the pedestal where destiny 
has placed Iqbal/' he added. GCU 
Urdu Department Chairperson Dr 
Shafiq Ajmi also addressed the 

Laptop Distribution 

Only IT-led education can bring silent, 
positive and peaceful 'change' fn Pakistan 
which everybody is demanding for, said 
Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman while addressing the Laptop 
Distribution Ceremony at the Government College 
University Lahore. Old Ravian MNA Hamza Shahbaz 
Sharif was the Chief Guest of the ceremony which 
was organised at the historical GCU Oval Ground to 
give away laptops to 3,482 eligible students. 
Addressing the ceremony, Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that Pakistan was 
engulfed by multi fierce crises of colossal 
magnitude, but fortunately the Punjab government 
had decided to address the root cause of all these 
problems i,e. lack of quality education. "Believe or 
not, it is only through the dint of education that the 
menace of poverty, Infra structural disarray, 
corruption and bigotry can be eradicated 
through a silent revolution/' he said. 

Addressing the ceremony, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif 
said that "Pakistan would have been a peaceful and 
developed state, if $ 10 billion, wasted on war-on- 
terror, were spent on education." He said that 
distribution of 125,000 laptops on the basrs of pure 
merit was not a scheme, rather it was a vision to 
empower the youth to change the destiny of 
Pakistan. He reminisced that he was just 19 when his 
political rivals put him behind the bars, "That was the 
time when I resolved to bring a meaningful change in 
the lives of voiceless masses of Pakistan/' he said. 
He added that 0.2 million engineers, scientists and 
doctors produced by the universities and colleges of 
Pakistan every year were the true leaders of the 
nation who can guide us out of the quagmire 
pessimism, economic and social decline. Hamza also 
attributed his academic advancement to the 
exemplary grooming afforded to the students in the 
four walls of GCU, Recalling his admission at London 
School of Economics, he quoted a British Professor as 
saying that "the Ravians are as good as the best 
students of the world." 

Saad-ul-Hassan, the most out- 
standing orator of GCU, was also 
given a chance to highlight the 
emotions and thinking of youth 
atthe ceremony, 
He believed that the laptop 
scheme must be considered 
beginning or the first step, 
whereas the youth 
desperately needs their due- 
share in policy-making and 
implementation, which 
would accelerate the pace of 
our progress. 

Special Assistant to Chief 
Minister on Education 
Zaeem Qadri also attended 
the ceremony which was 
marked by the live musical 
performances of the singers of 
GCU Nazir Ahmad Music 

Donors Gallery 

BUKHARl AUDITORIUM: GCU EFT President Iqbal Z Ahmad addresses the annual fund-raiser. 

GCU-EFT raises Rs 10m for deserving students 

» Endowment fund swells to Rs 128m • Iqbal Z Ahmad donates Rs 2m 

lowment Fund Trust 
kind rnisingFijnctioii 

The Government College University Lahore 
Endowment Fund Trust {GCU-EFT} has raised an 
amount of Rs 10 million for those deserving students 
who ca nnot afford their educational expenses. The amount 
was collected at a fund-raiser chaired by Punjab Governor 
and Old Ravian Sardar Muhammad Latif Khosa while Vice 
Chancellor Prof Or Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, EFT President 
Iqbal Z Ahmad, Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt and 
noted businessmen from all over the country attended the 
annual event. Speaking on the occasion, the Punjab 
governor said it was the Bukhari Auditorium of GCU where 
he was schooled to deliver public speeches with 

confidence as well as remain tolerant towards criticism. 
"This is a place where I have been hooted at as well as 
cheered on (by the audiences)/' he added, Prof Dr Rahman 
said the university endowment fund had swelled to Rsl28 
million with the efforts of Old Ravians. EFT Executive 
Committee President Iqbal 2 Ahmad announced a donation 
of Rs 2 million to the GCU Endowment Fund. The Warid 
Telecom, Allied Bank and Bank Al-Habib also pledged to 
initiate golden scholarships for needy students, while scores 
of Old Ravians including Main Misbah, Mian Ashraf and 
Mian Muzaffar gave away donations of Rs 0.1 million to the 

Warid donates Rs 0.8m to GCU Endowment Fund 

The Warid Telecom joined 
hands with the Government 
College University Lahore 
Endowment Fund Trust (GCU EFT) 
to support education and donated 
the trust Rs 800,000. 
Warid Telecom Sales and 
Distribution Head Amer Aman Khan 
handed over a cheque of Rs 0.8 
million to Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
at a graceful ceremony at the GCU 
Syndicate Committee Room. 
GCU EFT Executive Committee 
Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt 
and Warid officials including Iqtidar 
Raja also attended the ceremony, 
Speaking at the occasion, Amer 

Aman Khan said that Warid was not 
just a telecom company but a 'life ka 
network" and the youth was the 
most important part of this network. 

He also pledged that the Warid 
would give more donations to the 
GCU Endowment Fund Trust to 
support its great cause. 

Rank Al-Habib donates Rs 1m to GCU-EFT 

The Bank Al-Habib has donated Rs one million to the 
GCU Endowment Fund for initiating a life-time golden 
scholarship. The perpetual golden scholarship to 

be named after the Bank would be 
given to a GCU deserving student 
every year on merit. The golden 
scholarship covers the university fee 
as well as hostel expenses of a 
student, Bank Al-Habib General 
Manager (Central) handed over a 
cheque of Rs one million to GCU Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, while GCU EFT 
EC Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt 
was also present, 'This is the second 
golden scholarship donated by the 
private bank (Bank Al-Habib) to GCU- 
EFT and they have pledged to donate 
a scholarship every year, so that 

deserving students can continue their studies without any 

financial burden," said Dr Khalid Butt, 

GCU-EFT gives away scholarships to 150 students 

////f/A:ar ^ Ma//A initiates golden scholarship in name of his father Malik Muhmmad Shaft 

present^Addressingtheceremony, DrKhalidButt scholarship in the name of his father the late 

said that the scholarships had been given purely Malik Muhmmad Shafi. He said that in developed 

on merit after the interview of candidates by the countries, people donated their all property to 
GCU Financial Aid Committee which comprised 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Endowment Fund Trust (GCU-EFT) this 
year gave away scholarships worth fts 5 
million to more than 150 financially-challenged 
students. A ceremony was organised by GCU- 
I EFT to give away cheques to the students 
recommended by the GCU Financial Aid 
Committee for scholarships. SAARC Chamber of 
Commerce and Industry Vice President Ifthikar 
AM Malik was the chief guest of the ceremony 
while the donors of the GCU EFT were also 

of five chairpersons. He said that all documents 
of applicants from income certificates to utility 
bills were examined in detail by the committee, 
so that only truly deserving students should get 
the scholarships. Addressing the ceremony, 
Ifthikar AM Malik announced donating Rs one 
million to GCU-EFT to initiate a life-time golden 

hospitals and educational institutions. However, 
he said, culture of supporting education was yet 
to be developed in Pakistan. Later, the GCU-EFT 
took an undertaking from all the scholarship- 
holders that they after entering into their 
professional lives would return the scholarships 
to the Endowment Fund, so that other students 
could drawbenefftsfromit, 

Eminent lawyer and 
Old Ravian Zia 
Haider Rizvi donated 
Rs 1.5 million to the 
Government College 
University, Lahore 
Endowment Fund Trust 
(GCU-EFT) for initiating a 
life-time golden scholarship 
in the name of noted Urdu 
critic and his maternal 
grandfather Maulana 
Muhammad Hussain Azad 

Zia Haider Rizvi donates Rs 1.5m to GCU-EFT 

and a lifetime silver 
scholarship in the name of 
his father Justice (r) Jameel 
Hussain RizvL 

Zia Haider Rlzvi handed over 
cheque of Rs 1.5 million to 
Vice Chancellor Prof 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman at a 
graceful ceremony at GCU. 
GCU EFT Executive 
Committee Secretary Dr 
Khalid Manzoor But was also 
present on the occasion. 

ABL donates Rs 

one million for 


The Allied Bank of Pakistan 
(ABP) donated Rs one 
miflion to the Government 
College University, Lahore 
Endowment Fund Trust (GCU- 
EFT) for initiating a life-time 
golden scholarship for deserving 
students. The perpetual golden 
scholarship to be named after the 
Allied Bank of Pakistan wifl be 
given to a GCU deserving student 
every year on merit. The 
scholarship will cover the 
university fee as well as hostel 
expenses of a student. Allied 
Bank of Pakistan executive Zia Ijaz 
handed over the cheque of Rs one 
million to GCU EFT Executive 
Committee Secretary Dr Khalid j 
Manzoor Butt. This is the 
second golden scholarship J 
donated by ABL to EFT. ^^ A 

«JJE' ; 


The Government College University, Lahore, 
the oldest seat of liberal learning in 
Pakistan, turned 148 years old on January 
1, 2012. It opened its eyes as Government College 
Lahore in the Haveli (palace) of Dhayan Singh in 
the Walled City. The present gothic-style majestic 
building of GCU was completed in 1877 on 3,700 
square feet in the north of Soldiers Garden (Gol 
Bagh) with a cost of Rs 320,000. The college was 
initially affiliated with the University of Calcutta 
as there was no university in this part of the sub- 
continent at that time, The 
Government College Lahore was 
raised to the status of a university in 
2002 and was renamed as the 
Government College University 
Lahore, From first principle Dr G W 
Lietner to third Vice Chancellor Prof 
Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 
as many as 27 heads have served this 
great institution. Talking to media, 
Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, the 
second Vice Chancellor of GCU, said 
that the academic travel which was 
started in 1864 with just nine 
students and three teachers 
produced hundreds of literary 
figures, politicians, two nobel 
laureates, five prime ministers, 
jurists, sportsmen and scientists. He 
said the college had been established 
on the pattern of Cambridge and 
Oxford and it was available in historical records 
that it was decided that ail students of this college 
would be given 10 to 15 rupees scholarship 
annually. In the first year, the fee of the college 
was Rs 2 annually, which was deducted from 
scholarships of the students. Keeping in view this 
very historical perspective of this educational 
^ institution, Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman in fiscal 
year 2011-12 slashed GCU students' fee by 
almost 35 percent besides increasing 

GCU'i role in making PaMftan a nuclear power 

I n his message on Government College University's birthday, eminent nuclear scientist and Ok 

n his message on Government College University's birthday, eminent nuclear scientist and Old 
Ramans Union President, Dr Samar Mubarikmand highlighted the biggest contribution of GC 
I University Lahore in the history of Pakistan, saying that "out of 140 experts who carried nuclear 
explosions in 1998, as many as 60 were old Ravians and their team leader (Dr Samar Mubarikmand) who 
pressed the button for explosions was also the former student of the Government College Lahore." 
Moreover, the prime minster (Nawaz Sharif), who ordered to carry out explosions, was also an Old 
Ravian, The GCU Centre for Advance Studies in Physics also played a vital role in nourishing top-class 
scientists for Pakistan's nuclear programme. The centre began as the "High Tension Laboratory" in 1954. 

scholarships for them. He proudly said that Poet of 
the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Faiz Ahmad 
Faiz, NM Rashid, Patras Rukhari, Ashfaq Ahmad, 
Qudsia Bano, Prof Dr Abdus Salam, the only 
Pakistani Nobel Laureate, Chief Justice M R Kyani, 
Chief Justice Naseem Hassan Shah, Justice (r) Javed 
Iqbal, Justice (r) Khalil-ur-Rahman Ramday and 
Chief Justice (r) Khawja Muhammad Sharif are Old 
Ravains. He said that tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq, 
cricketers Amir Sohail, Ram iz Raja, Inzimam-ul-Haq 
and Salim Malik were also Old Ravains. The GC 

University Lahore also produced 
five prime ministers namely Feroz 
Khan Noon, Yousaf Raza Gillani, 
Nawaz Sharif, Zafar Ullah Khan 
Jamali and Moeen Qureshi 
besides hundreds of political 
leaders including Chief Minister 
Shahbaz Sharif, Hanif Ramay, 
former governor Salman Taseer 
and Punjab Governor Sardar Latif 
Khan Khosa . If you come to 
performing arts, noted Indian 
actor Dev Anand, Rafi Peer, Syed 
Imtiaz Ali Taj, Shafqat Amanat Ali, 
Ali Zafar, Hadiqa Kyani and Jawad 
Ahmad also studied from 
Government College Lahore, The 
VC said that it needed a whole day 
to name all the prominent old 
students of this great institution. 
Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman also chaired a grand 
ceremony held to celebrate the 148th Founders' 
Day of Government College Lahore at the Abdus 
Salam Hall. Prof Dr Abdul Majid Awan, the former 
principal of Government College Lahore, was the 
Chief Guest at the celebrations which was 
attended by alt head of departments. Speaking on 
the occasion, Prof Dr Awan shared the 
experiences of his 12-year stay at the^ 
Government College Lahore as principal 

SALAM HALL Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Prof Dr Abdul Majid Awan cut a cake at the GCU's 148th Birthday. Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Butt is also present. 

<@CSr* 148ta founati^' Haj> celebrations 

?r^i»iML 9 1 uuci 1 1 a 

Waqas Ahmad challenges disability 

"] was di&eouraged, ignored and hatjzd many tim^s but 

I ngvgr quit. I tak£ prid£ in th£ fact that [ njzv^r e^asgd struggle 

©£Spit£ lacking physical norm a ley, 1, invariably, try to contribute in 

any way I can. I n£V£r depended on anyone. I find my^lf b^tt^r than 

many sad-fae^d youths who ngv^r £Xp toiled th^ir potentials, Recording 

to iw, disabled is not the om who can't work, disabled is the one Who 

doesn't work. §o, ! would say, don't be a burden but be the ong who 

bears it. Never give up because life doesn't pardon losers. I am 

spending best days of my life at my alma mater, GCtl." 

with the 
full force. 
The brave 
soul never 
let him fall in 
the valley of 
despair but 
cleared path for 
his travel in life. 
Out of blur, he 
recognised his 
Out of every 
NO, he dug 
out a YES 
for himself* 
Words like 
impossible and disability do not find 
any place in his dictionary. 
He is how lion could've been if he 
had born disabled. 

Talking about himself Waqas says, 
"photography is my passion. I love 
reading history books and most of all, 
travelling is my life, My longest journey, so 
far, fs that of 3 days when I rested for 4 hours only. I 
travelled from Lahore to Peshawar and then went 
back to Islamabad and from Islamabad went to 
Muree and then returned to Lahore, Keeping in 



Waqas Ahmad, a student of BA (Hons) 
Urdu final year at the Government 
College University Lahore, whose life 
moves on with a push of a button of his wheel 
chair, has never stopped in life, His impairment 
failed to baffle him rather he mystified his 
disability. The lion-hearted young inspiration 
refused to be fatalistic and exhibited his firm 
believe in struggle and reward, Soon after his birth, 
his parents realised that he is a handicapped. 
They were worried about his future but when 
Waqas realised it, instead of talking it to heart, he 
kept his disability in his mind and resolved to move 

mind, the 

quandaries I 

confronted in my life, I established an 

NGO to save other handicapped from facing the 

same difficulties." 

(or^f^ffi - Hm$ for t^-j^K , 

GCl teaches visually-impaired students computer 

The Government College 
University Lahore Centre for 
Special Children (GCU CSS) 
digitalised curriculum and general- 
knowledge books for visually- 
impaired students besides printing 
them in Braille. These students can 
listen to these books on computer 
without any special assistance of 
other students. CSS instructor Salman 
Khalid, who is VIA English from GCU 
and also visually-impaired, said that 
the Centre had also started facilitating 
GCU blind students in taking their 
exams. The centre trains them In 
using the computer with the help of 
screen- reading software, so that 
they can take their papers on computer. 
GCU is the only university in Pakistan 

who has Centre for Special Children and is 
offering such kind of high-tech facilities to 
visually-impaired students. Vice Chancellor 

Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman is 
providing extensive funds to the 
centre, so that it can provide 
maximum facilities to the special 
children, The centre surprises its 
visitors when they see blind students 
sending and receiving emails, 
chatting and browsing without any 
help. Salman Khalid said that the 
centre was also providing lectures to 
blind students in mp3 format, so that 
they can listen to them again and 
again. The centre also has a six 
volume English to Urdu Braille 
dictionary for its blind students. The 
GCU visually-impaired students 
term the centre a blessing, saying 

that only visually-impaired students can 

understand its true importance. 


m m ~* yi 

Story of four 'Hafuz-i-Quran' brothers studying at GCU 

The merciful Mother Nature 
equalises human 
endowments: if it takes away 
one faculty, it strengthens the other 
"It has deprived us of our eyesight, 
but gifted us with tremendous 
vision "power of imagination. Name 
any object and we get an instant 
image in our mind" says Salman, 
one of the four vision-impaired 
brothers studying at the 
Government College University 
Lahore. The four brothers, Salman 
Siddiqui, Moaz Siddiqui and twins 
Zaid Siddiqui and Khizar Siddiqui, 
are victims of a genetic disorder that 
runs in their family due to cousin 
marriages. Still, they personify hope 
foralL They believe that no disability 
can stand in ones way if one has the 
will to achieve something. The 
Siddiqui brothers could be the role 
models for many who are suffering 
from impaired vision. The white 
cane symbolises safety, mobility, 
resistance and independence of 
every visually challenged individual. 
The White Cane Day is celebrated 
world over in the memory of the 

victims of the World War-ll in which 
incalculable number of people and 
soldiers lost their eyesight as a direct 
consequence of toxic fumes released 
by nuclear weapons. Though special 
emphasis and immense importance 
on educating physically disabled 
individuals of the society is given 
world over, a very few initiatives have 
been taken in Pakistan over the last 
many years to transform the 
physically challenged people into 
quality human resource. However, 
there have always been examples 
that became the guiding spirit for 
others and Siddiqui brothers are such 
examples to be followed blindly, 
Despite all hardships in their lives, 
they remained steadfast and 
persistent in the pursuance of their 
goals. With their hard work and sheer 
determination, all four brothers are 
Hafiz-i-Quran and now studying at 
the GCU, Lahore, Zaid and Khizar are 
in FA, part-l, whereas Moaz and 
Salman are enrolled in BA (Honours} 
Political Science and BA (Honours} 
English, respectively. Salman wants 
to become a journalist, while Moaz 

and the twins " Zaid and Khizar" want 
to join their alma mater as teachers 
because they believe that teaching is 
the noblest of all professions. 
Speaking about their childhood and 
early education, the Siddiqui 
brothers told Dawn that they faced 
immense difficulties buttheir parents 
and family members kept their spirits 
high. Saying that mathematics 
remained a dry and boring subject for 
them, they narrated their 
mischievous activities in their 
childhood that they still cherish. 
Moaz said their parents inculcated 
the instinct of self-belief and 
independence in them. He said they 
were brought up in a way that they 
would take care of themselves and 
each other when needed, Zaid said he 
topped the matriculation 
examination among the disabled and 
was awarded a cash prize of Rs 
300,000 by the chief minister. 
However, he said he was not happy 
with the examination system of the 
Lahore Board of Intermediate and 
Secondary Education, He said 
separate examination should be 

conducted for the visually impaired 
candidates. He said it used to be very 
difficult for them to arrange writers. 
However, they were not allowed to 
take papers on computers or in 
Braille. They said the main reason 
they all joined the GCU was its Centre 
for Special Students that was helping 
the disabled compete with their 
university fellows. They said their 
course books, magazines and 
journals and even internet browsing 
was available in the centre. At the 
centre, they said, they could get 
copies of any material in Braille.They 
commended the efforts of CSS in- 
charge Salman Khalid and the Vice 
Chancellor. According to them, the 
centre is a perfect place for an 
undergraduate to research for his 
projects, "We not only get our 
question papers in Braille but also 
have the translators, who can sit with 
us in examination hall or use the 
option of sitting in the centre and 
attempting the papers" they say. 
They just say the number of 
computers should be increased in the 

79 visually-impaired students studying at GCU: vc 

• University relaxes rules & merit to grant admissions to special students; Prof Khaleeq 


amid Mir, an eminent Old Ravian, 

hosted GEO NEWS famous talk show 

"Capital Talk" in GCU Bukhari 

Auditorium to highlight the achievements and 

success stories of visually-impaired persons. 

The programme invited visually-im paired 

individuals of the- society who delivered 

their profound services in various spheres 

of life. Hamid Mir also invited GCU Vice 

Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman to the show as special guest and paid 

tribute to the valuable services GCU has offered 
to facilitate the visually-impaired persons, 
The VC said that besides other special students, 
as many 79 visually-impaired students, were 
studying at GCU and the university had set up a 
state-of t he-art Centre for Special Students 
(CSS) to facilitate them. He said university 
relaxed rules and merit to grant admission 
to these special students. . 

GCU Dramatics Club chant a slogan 
"Pakistan Zmdabad" as Mian Muhammad 
Nawaz Sharif, raises from his seat to 
congratulate them on their performance. 
(Down Left) A GCU student Saba Shafqat, 
dressed in pink and green clothes, leads a 
group of vocalists at the youth seminar 
{Down Right) The vice chancellors of GCU, 
UoE and PU attend the seminar. 

GCUDC's *Kal Kay Quaid" met with loud applause 

• Nawaz Sharif raises from seat and appreciates performance of GCU students 

A play "Kal Kay Quaid", 
staged by the Government 
College University Lahore 
Dramatics Club (GCUDC), met 
with a loud applause at the youth 
seminar organised by the Punjab 
government at the University of 
Engineering and Technology (UET) 
Lahore Convocation Hall to mark 
the birth anniversary o f 

Ali Jinnar 
M i a 
d Na wa 

was the Chief Guest, while Punjab 
University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Mujahid Kamran, GCU Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
K h a I eeq- u r- Ra h man and 
University of Education (UoE) 
Lahore VC Prof Dr Faiz-ul-Hasan 
were also present. The GCUDC 
play, "Kal Kay Quaid", presented 
four youngsters from different 
social backgrounds, discussing 
their future prospects in the 
country. Anam, a third-year 
student is irritated by the scarcity 
of public transport. Her classmate, 
Nouman, comments that the 
transport system is reflective of the 
stagnation in the society, and 
presents a picture of the dismal 
state the country is in, Anam 
retorts, saying that if the 
country is going 





here, it is the responsibility of 
the youth to steer it to 
prosperity. Nouman, 
nonetheless, is relentless in 
his criticism of the country, 
and is joined in his carping by 
Omar, an indifferent 
pessimistic student of 
co m pute r sci e n ces. 

While the three are 

arguing, a "malang" 

sitting nearby butts in 

the conversation. He 

reminds Nouman that it 

is this country, 

regardless of the 

prevailing political 

turmoil, that has 

afforded him with 

education. It is on 

the basis of this 

education that he is 

applying for immigration 

to a foreign country. The 

gist of his argument is 

that the 


needs the 

efforts of 

t h e 


and not 


pessimism, to lead 

it to prosperity. This was the 

message of the Quaid that 

the youth of the nation had 

unfortunately forgotten. 

Anam and the "Malang" finally 

convince Nouman and Omar to 

make untiring efforts for the 

country. Nouman decides not to 

apply for immigration. The play 

ended with Junoon's song "Azadi" 

to which the audience gave a 

thunderous applause. To 

everyone's surprise, the chief 

guest, Nawaz Sharif, rose from his 

seat and went to the performers of 


Dramatics Club to congratulate 
them on their performance. The 
cast of the play included Nayab 
Faiza, Sauud Ijaz, Omar Shahzad 
and Tasawar Iqbal. The production 
team of the play was Mariam 
Darakshan, Saad Jamal, Fatima 
Tahir, Zohaib Zafar, Ali Khadim, 
Usman Khadim and Wajiha Komal. 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman expressed pleasure over 
the tremendous performance of 
the GCUDC and congratulated all 
its hardworking members. 




,Z\ v 

ffl l| 

'^ircflfl ^bflb' - dilemma of a rape victim 


he Dramatics Club of GCU this year staged "Sazaa 
Yaab", The Urdu play highlights dilemmas and 
excruciating circumstances faced by rape victims. 
The play also chastises quackery, discrepancies in judicial 
system, gender discrimination and sensationalisation of 
human miseries by media, Saza Yaab begins in the courtyard 
of the home where Nazim Sher Samand is tossing and 
turning in his sleep. Suddenly, he calls out his family 
members claiming that a mysterious sign is appearing 
on his chest. His wife and grandson dismiss him as a 
lunatic. The lights dim and play goes twenty years in 
the past where Samand is launching a tirade 
against Akifa Chaudhry, alleging that she dresses 
inappropriately and works late hours in an office. 
The course of events leads to Akifa's gang rape at 
the hands of masked men. Akifa's neighbours, led 
by Mazim Sher Samand excommunicate her and 
covertly paint a cross on her door, marking the 
L household as outcasts, Act III ipens in f i 
M courtroom. Akifa has filed a petition against the 
fl people of her locality. Akifa has just two 
^§ witnesses to support her rape claim: an autistic youth 
4^ called Bhola, played by Omar Ijaz, and eunuch named 
m v% Khushboo, played by Omar Shahzad. The defence 
counsel dismisses Bhola's testimony on the 
grounds of mental instability. Since Khushboo is 
- not biologically a "complete" man, her 

testimony carries half the weight. Akifa's 
case is dealt a further blow by the 
pompous community leader Nazim 
Sher Samand, who launches a 
tirade against the victim's 
character, The court dismisses 
Akifa Chaudhry's petition on the 
grounds of insufficient 



k ■■£■' ■ i 



t .. 



I '©jzvglopmizntal Psychology' 

I Psychologists deliberate on human behavior 

The first International Conference on 
'Developmental Psychology' was held at 
the Government College University, Lahore 
under the auspices of Psychology Department and 
Dr Ajmal Psychological Society. The two-day 
international conference brought together 
psychologists from Germany, USA and across 
Pakistan at one platform to deliberate on various 
aspects of human behavior and growth. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman chaired the opening session of the 
conference that featured five academic sessions 
wherein 109 research papers were presented. 
Addressing the opening ceremony, world- 
renowned psychologist and Psychology 
Department Chairperson Prof Dr Asir Ajmal said 
the problems of regional identity, ethnic conflict, 
bad governance, injustice, gender-violence, 
intolerance and corruption couldn't be solved 
through science and technology - we also needed 

to have original, indigenous and inter-disciplinary 
research in the areas of social sciences to make 
Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous state. He said 
that the success of a conference was often 
mistakenly gauged by number of reseparch papers 
presented in it and overall participation. However, 
he stressed that quality of research papers should 
be given more weight. "GCU judges the quality of 
research by Its ability to bolster claims, illuminate 
understanding, and add credibility to speech/' he 
added. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman said intolerance, egoistic attitudes and 
greed were destroying the social fabric of our 
society. "I consider psychologists as reformers of 
the society and it is their responsibility to give 
ideas and policies through indigenous research to 
form and maintain a healthy society/' he added. 
The Vice Chancellor directed the organising 
committee to publish the recommendations of 
this conference, so that they can be widely 

circulated and used for common good. He also 
termed the conference an opportunity for young 
scholars to interact with well known psychologists 
and learn from their knowledge and experiences. 
Later, researchers addressed highly critical issues 
of students and children psychology and 
presented papers on the topics including "Who is 
Almighty Allah? Prevailing concept among 
children of Pakistan", "Emotional intelligence as 
determinant of achievement in secondary school 
children", "Psychology distress and life satisfaction 
in parents of children with intellectual disability", 
"Good news for mothers who tell stories: children 
vocabulary and mother's storytelling"/Difference 
in cognitive dissonance among male and female 
adolescents while watching satellite television" 
and "Cognitive reappraisal & expressive 
suppression: relationship with symptoms of 
depression, anxiety & stress in university 

New edition of Journal of Political Science 

VC assures faculty members of extensive funds for research 

Ibrahim Abu Bakar from National 

he Political Science 
Depart ment(PSD) 
published the new 
edition of its decades-old research 
journal, Journal of Political 
Science, which includes research 
papers in the fields of political 
science, international relations, 
international political economy, 
current affairs, strategic studies. 

women studies, sociology, and 
history. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the 
inaugural ceremony of the research 
journal, while PSD Chairperson Dr 
Khalid Manzoor Butt was also 
present . Addressing the ceremony, 
the vice chancellor assured the 
GCU faculty members that despite 
the budget cuts and economic 

crunch, there would be no shortage 
of funds in GCU for quality research 
projects. Dr Khalid Butt said that 
the research journal was speedily 
getting international recognition 
and noted that social scientists, 
including Dr Joe Hill from Bonn 
University Germany, Dr Chanchal 
Kumar Sharma from Centre for 
Multilevel Federalism India, Dr 

University of Malaysia, Dr Syed 
Farooq Hasnat from Middle East 
Institute, Washington, Dr Conrad 
Justus Schetter from Bonn 
University Germany, Dr Tahir 
Kamran from Cambridge University 
UK,Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi and Dr 
Rasul Bakhsh Rais were included rn 
its advisory board. 

Urdu Department publishes "Tahqeeq Nama" 

loth edition dedicated to distinguished Urdu poet N*M Rashid 

The GC University 
published 10th edition of 
its Urdu literary research 
journal 'Tahqeeq Nama". The 
edition was dedicated to 
distinguished modern Urdu poet, 
MM Rashid. The journal also 
contains a section which sheds 
light on life and works of Rashid. 
^ His philosophy and his poetic 

craft have been presented thread- 
bare by noted critics, including Prof 
Dr Tabassum Kashmiri, Prof Dr 
Rasheed Amjad, Prof Dr Saadat 
Saeed, Prof Dr M + Fakharul Haq 
Noori, Dr Haroon Qadir, Dr Saima 
Irum, Nasreen Rashid, Prof Ziaul 
Hassan and Dr Saeed Tahir. The 
journal also contains articles on a 
rare manuscript of Wajid Ali Shah's 

Masnavi, critical appreciation of 
Hafiz Mahmood Sherani, Abdul 
Haleem Sharar, Sajjad Haider 
Yaldram and Shaukat Sidiqque. 
"Tahqeeq Nama" is an HEC 
recognised journal of international 
repute and its advisory board 
includes noted Urdu researchers 
from Osaka University of Foreign 
Studies, Japan; Anarka University, 

Turkey; Punjab University 
Oriental College and Tokyo 
University, Japan. 

Prof Dr Khaleeq-u-Rahman 
acknowledged the research 
acumen of eminent Urdu scholars 
who had explored the literary as 
well as linguistic nuances of Urdu 
language and literature in the 
research journal, 

conGRess & conFCRence 

1,100 zoologists participate in Int'l congress 



he dengue epidemic may hit Lahore more 
fiercely this year as scientists and 
researchers have found that one of every 
three Aedes Aegypti female mosquitoes and 
Aedes albopictus female mosquitoes are infected 
with dengue virus. This was stated by GCU 
Zoology Department Chairperson Prof Dr Nusrat 
Jahan while presenting her research paper at a 
special technical session on dengue control and 
treatment on the opening day of the three-day 
32nd Pakistan Congress of Zoology being 
organised by the GCU Zoology Department, 
Zoological Society of Pakistan (ZSP) and Higher 
Education Commission, For research purposes, 
Prof Jahan said they had collected female 
mosquitoes from various localities of Lahore and 
screened them for the dengue virus by using 
specific monoclonal antibodies. "The results were 
alarming as they indicated more than 33 per cent 
infection rate "she said. 

"Recommending biological and hormonal control 
of dengue, Prof Jahan observed that fumigation 
and sprays should be discouraged as they were 

more hazardous than the dengue itself. She said 
that "bio-control" was the use of natural enemies, 
such as Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (btis) and 
cope pods, to manage mosquito population with a 
minimum risk to humans, wildlife and the 
environment She said that lethal ovitraps and 
insect growth regulators could also be used to 
control mosquito population. About the 
management of critically ill adult patients of 
dengue shock syndrome, Allama Iqbal Medical 
College Principal Prof Dr Javed Akram said that 
dengue fever was not as fatal as was perceived to 
be; rather, he said, it was the mishandling of 
patients that made dengue fever fatal. He also 
highlighted various clinical aspects of dengue 
fever. ZSP gen era I -secretary Prof Dr AR Shakoori 
said this was biggest and most prestigious 
international congress ever held in Pakistan as 
experts from 13 countries, including the United 
States, Sweden, India, Switzerland and 
Afghanistan, were presenting their latest 
innovative work that would cover all major areas 
of zoology including entomology and pest 

management, cell biology, molecular biology, bio- 
informatics, environmental bio-technology, 
bioremediatton, genetics, toxicology, 
parasitotogical, microbiology, physiology, 
paleontology, environmental biology, wildlife 
conservation, fisheries and marine biology, ZSP 
President Prof DrAfzal Kazmi emphasised on the 
contribution of young scientists in national 
development, saying that these congresses were 
aimed at transferring scientific skill and 
knowledge to the youth. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said a healthy research 
culture was being developed in the country and 
such science conferences and meetings were 
highly critical in this regard. He expressed 
pleasure that despite all negative propaganda, 
more and more international experts were 
coming to Pakistan and interacting with local 
experts and youth. Around 1,100 zoologists from 
home and abroad are participating in the 
conference* About 400 research papers were 
presented during the conference of which almost 
20 percent were on dengue epidemic control. 

Political Science Department & UN 
University to organise conference on water 

The Government College University, 
Lahore Department of Political Science 
has joined hands with United Nations 
(UN) to hold the biggest ever international 
conference on "Politics of Water Resources 
Governance in the Indus Basin" in Pakistan this 
year. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Kha!eeq-ur-Rahman and UN Institute of Water, 
Health and Environment Director DrAdee I Zafar 
signed an international cooperative agreement 
to bring into limelight the impending dangers of 
water scarcity and formulate strategic 
responses to these problems. The conference 
also intends to seek critical perspectives on 
politics of water in the Indus Basin, Political 
. Science Department Chairperson Dr 

Khalid Manzoor Butt said 'hydraulic 

societies' in the basin face multiple challenges in 
the wake of dwindling water supplies, worsening 
climatic scenario and bourgeoning population. 
While briefing about the event, the Department 
of Political Science chairperson said that the 

conference would not only help produce critical 
mass of research in the discipline but also 
encourage local academics to research and 
formulate indigenous responses to the 
challenges posed by water scarcity and 
politics.The university has yet received 28 papers 
from international academics for the conference 
which include Dr, David Gilmartin - a veteran 
historian with extensive research profile on 
politics of irrigation, Dr Daniel Haines from 
University of London, Dr Joseph Hill and Dr 
Mehmood-ul-Hassan from University of Bonn, Dr 
Anthony Turton from Free State University South 
Africa and Dr Rohan D 'Souza from Jawahir Lai 
Nehru University, Dr Danish Mustafa, a leading 
academic from Kings College London, will be 
the keynote spea ker at the conference. 


'Role of Botanic Gardens in Conserving Natural Vegetation' 

'Native species vanishing from Harapp & Soan Valley' 

• SI research papers presented at nine technical sessions of three-day conference 

• Botanic Gardens preserved 100,000 plant species all over the world: Shahnawaz 



Government College 
University, Lahore 
Institute of Biotechnology 
Director Prof Dr Ikrarnul Haq said 
maintenance of biological diversity 
was being recognised as the single 
highest conservation priority the 
world over but in Pakistan a tiny 
fraction of resources, both human 
and financial, is available to 
environmentalists and 
biotechno legists to get their job 

Prof Haq was speaking at the 
inaugural session of the three-day 
third international conference on 
"Role of Botanic Gardens in 
Conserving Natural Vegetation", 
organised under the auspices of 
the Botanic Gardens Conservation 
International (BGCI), Higher 
Education Commission, Pakistan 
Horticulture Authority, World 
Wide Fund for Nature and Pakistan 
Botanic Gardens Network 
Secretariat (PBGNS) at GCLL 
Prof Haq said all natural areas 
were bound to face 
fragmentation and deterioration 
with increasing frequency, 
and to tackle them, 

research in the areas of restoration 
and climate change was bound to 
become more and more critical. 
Punjab Forestry Department 
Secretary Shahnawaz Badar said 
botanic gardens ail over the world 
had preserved documented 
specimen of 80,000 to 100,000 
living plant species, providing 
material for display, research, 
education, ex-situ conservation and 
ecological restoration. 
He hoped that this gathering of 
experts would provide valuable 
recommendations to the 
government agencies for devising 
strategies. He stressed the need for 
research on reproductive biology 
and plant-animal interaction to 

support conservation measures. 
He pledged to provide more land 
and conservation projects to the 
GCU-Paktstan Botanic Gardens 
Network Secretariat. He said the 
department had most recently 
given two acres to the Lahore 
College for Women University. 
GCU Sustainable Development 
Study Centre (SDSC) Director Prof Dr 
Amin Khan said there was a dire 
need for changing behaviourof local 
government officials and local 
community for conservation of local 
natural habitats. 

He said the land degradation was an 
emerging and serious 
en vi ron menta 1 1 h reat in Pakistan . 
He said the native species including 

Salvadora oleoides, Tamarix aphylla, 
Capparis dectdua and Prosopis 
cineraria, Olea cuspidate, Acacia 
modesta and Butea monosperma 
were rapidly vanishing from 
Harappa, Shakargarh and Soan 

He said the GCU experts and 
students were also involving local 
communities for enhancing 
population of these species. 
Later, the forestry secretary 
inaugurated research poster 
exhibition which was part of the 
three-day conference. He lauded 
varsity's postgraduate researches 
on 'Diversity of Plants at Ailama 
Iqbal International Airport", "Using 
Google Earth to monitor tree loss', 
'Use of Earthworms for composting 
of paper and sugar industry waste", 
'Transplanted Phoenix trees in Main 
Boulevard, Gulberg' and 'A case 
study on biological environment of 
Lahore Fort' 

As many as 5 1 research papers were 
presented at nine technical sessions 
of the conference on topics related 
to 'Gene Banks', 'Ecotourism', 
'Habitat Restoration' and 'Ethno- A 

seMinAR & conFCRence 

CCU-ASSMS holds Int'l Barbu Conference 


he Government College 
University, Lahore Abdus 
Sa lam School of 
Mathematical Sciences (GCU 
ASSMS) organised an international 
conference on "An encounter of 
Algebra and Geometry" in 
collaboration with the Higher 

Education Commission, European 
Mathematical Society and ICTP, Italy. 
The conference was dedicated to 
the eminent mathematician Barbu- 
Rudolf Berceanu as it was held on 
the occasion 60th birthday. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Or Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the 

inaugural session of the conference 
which was aimed at providing a 
sharing and learning experience in 
the area of "Groups, Deformations 
and Invariants", 

The coherence was attended by the 
eminent mathematicians all over 
the world including Lucian Badescu 

(Italy), Vasile Brinzanescu 
(Romania), Matei Daniel (Romania), 
Alexander Dimca (France), Louis 
Funar (France), Paftin lonescu 
(Romania), Andras Nemethi 
(Hungary), Vlad Sergiescu (France), 
Pael Traczyk (Poland) and Tudor 
Zamfirescu (Germany), 

GCU conducting research on 
biological agents for dengue control 

1 jM 







The female mosquito blamed for 
spreading dengue is an aesthete and is 
fond of sweet and pleasant smells besides 
cosmetics applied by women to improve their 
appearance. "Most women catch dengue 
because they use cosmetics usually having rich 
concentration of lactic acid which attracts aedes 
aegyptL At least, women should avoid make-up 
in the breeding season of dengue mosquitoes," 
said Environmental Controi Court (ECC) Judge 
and known environmentalist Dr AR Saleemi at a 
seminar on "Dengue Prevention and Control 1 ' 
arranged at the Bukharf Auditorium of 
Government College University, Lahore. Vice 
Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the seminar. 

"Carbon dioxide, heat and perspiration have 
been the other major elements that attract the 
dengue mosquitoes towards human beings " Dr 
Saleemi told the seminar also participated in by a 
good number of girl students. GCU Zoology 
Department Chairperson Prof Dr Nusrat Jahan 
recommended biological control of dengue, 
saying that fumigation was useless because 
mosqu itoes had developed resista nee agai nst the 
chemicals used in fumigation and sprays. After 
the first outbreak of dengue in 2006, a research 
was started at the GCU using many biological 
control agents and results were evaluated on the 
base of lethal concentrations, percentage larval 
mortalities and pupae/adult emergence both in 
laboratory and field bioassays, she said and 

stressed the need to support the research in the 
area of medical entomology for developing 
population management strategies of dengue 
vectors in Pakistan. Prof Jahan also highlighted 
the use of lethal ovitraps 1 in houses and other 
places to control mosquitoes' population. "These 
ovftrap can be made through a black plastic 
container filled with water containing a thin 
paddle of wood. The ovitrap could be made lethal 
for mosquitoes by using chemical or biological 
insecticides" she added. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said in his presidential 
remarks that the university would support the 
research being conducted by its zoology 
department on biological control of dengue 

Government College University* Lahore 

ioth convocATion 

iris outdo boys in academics 

Secure 13 of 16 academic medals • 55 receive PhD degrees 
New academic rules implemented as per int 7 standards: VC 
Says GCU massively improving teaching & admin strategies 

Girls outshined boys in 
academics at the 10th 
convocation of the 
Government College University 
(GCU) as they clinched top positions 
in 21 of 26 BA/BSc (Honours) 

The GCU convocation report 
highlighted that girls also secured 13 
of 16 prestigious academic gold 
medals and rolls of honour. Boys 
could secure only three medals. As 
many as 55 scholars received their 
PhD degrees at the convocation . 
Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa, 
who presided over the convocation 
proceedings, urged the graduates to 
pay back to their country which had 
given them such a great honour. 
Instead of becoming job seekers, he 
said, the graduates should come up 
to become entrepreneurs and create 
jobs for others. Stating that 
expenditure on education and youth 
was actually an investment in the 
well-being and future of this country, 
the governor pledged that he would 
ensure that the federal government, 
the Higher Education Commission 
and the Punjab government must 
give funds for the Kala Shah Kaku 
campus of the GCU. 
"The financial resources for the GCU 
will never dry-up/' he said and added 
GCU's invaluable contribution in the 
realm of art and literature had been 

GCU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said this was a 
knowledge-driven world and the 
divide between the rich and the poor 
countries was only a "knowledge 
"Only those countries that have 
invested in education have 
progressed rapidly/' he 


He, however, regretted that Islamic 
countries on an average were investing 
only about 0.46 per cent of their GDPs 
in science and technology, compared 
to two to four per cent spent by the 
advanced countries. 
Prof Rahman said the most important 
and potential source of institutional 
development was industry linkage that 
had so far been untapped in Pakistan, 
He said the GCU had plans to take a 
qualitative leap forward by developing 
strong linkages with industry through 
general support, contract research, 
research centres and institutes, 
research consortium, industrial 
affiliated programmes and new 
business incubators and technology 
parks. He said the GCU was bringing 
about a massive improvement in its 
teaching and administrative strategies. 
He said a number of bold initiatives 
had been taken recently which include 
reduction in students' tuition fee by 35 
per cent and hostel dues by 50 per 

The vice-chancellor said new 
examination rules, which were in line 
with the international norms of the 
semester system, had been devised 
and implemented. He said 
empowerment of academic 
departments in academic as well as 
financial affairs had also been done, 
which was vital for a university. "It will 
cut down the bureaucratic delays/' he 

Prof Rahman said the doors of GCU 
we re now wide open for other colleges 
to seek affi I iation with the GCU. 
Stating that the GCU had attained a 
distinguished place among Pakistani 
universities owing to its strong 
commitment to research work, he said 
that 792 research articles of GCU 

faculty and students had appeared in 
international and national journals 
during last year, Besides, he said, the 
GCU faculty published 58 books last 
year. He also explained 
achievements in 
curricular and co- 
curricula activities. 
Referring to 
develo pme nt 
projects, the vice 
chancellor said 14 
projects had been 
completed during 2010- 
11. "At present, we are 
implementing various 
development projects with 
Rs662.64 million grants from the 
Punjab government and Rsl02.047 
million from the HEC. 
Later, the governor presented PhD 
degrees to 55 scholars. The governor 
also presented academic gold medals 
as well as rolls of honour for securing 
first position in their respective BA/BSc 
(Honours) disciplines. 
Tayyaba Lali, Maria Qanita, Ammara 
Attique, Sayeda Madeeha, Amna 
Batool, M, Moid Sandhu, Madhia 
Aftab, Ayesha Zaheer, Sana Iqbal, 
Nadia, Quratul Ain Shahid, Bushra 
Mahboob, Rafiullah, Raheema Ijaz, 
Ziaul Rehman and Ayesha Sultan 
Bajwa were awarded academic gold 
medals and rolls of honour for securing 
first position in their respective 
disciplines, while Zunaira Tariq, Alina 
Murtaza, Amna Sarwar, Assadullah, 
Matiullah, Samiya Shahid, Zahida 
Abbas, Nimra Baber, Humera Ameer 
Ali and Quratulain received academic 
certificates of merit, Vice Chancellors 
of various universities were also 
present on the occasion, 

convocATion 2011-12 


4 m J0& 

112th Sports begins with Grand March Past 

• Bio-technology wins trophy of Best March Past Contingent 

• Sportsmanship is more important than winning: Vice Chancellor 

^^he 112th Annual SpOrtSOf the Government 

College University Lahore this year kicked 
off at a grand inaugural ceremony at the 
University Ground. About 3,000 students from 26 
departments of GCU took part in the ceremony 
marked by a grand march-past, sports day oath 
and athletics meet. The Institute of Bio- 
technology won the prestigious trophy of Best 
March Past Contingent while English Department 
stood second. Department of Statistics, owing 
L. to their discipline and uniformity, was 
adjudicated third. The GCU sportsmen, 

led by 111th Annual Sports record-holder (Long 

Jump) Adnan Jahangir, took oath that they would 

take part in annual games abiding by rules and in 

the true spirit of sportsmanship for the glory of 

sports and the honour of their teams. Musicians 

from Nazir Ahmed Music Society presented a 

special sports anthem. In his message, Vice 

Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad 

Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that sports made 

students better human beings. He said GCU was 

made one of the finest sports nurseries for 

producing and grooming sportsmen for national 

teams, besides it was involving its students and 

faculty members in healthy sports activities. He 

advised his students to never compromise on the 

standards of sportsmanship. "Sportsmanship is 

more important than winning an event," he added. 

Prof Khaleeq said that they had generously 

increased funds for the sports and co-curricular 

activities in the university budget. 

GCU Sports Board Chairman Prof Dr Ikramul Haq 

said that the importance given to sports by the 

developed countries was no less than 



Adrian sets new record in Triple Jump 

Saddique Akbar of Urdu Department wins 5,000 Metres Race 
Physics Department secures first position in 4x100 Metres Staff Relay Race 

Ad nan Jahangir, an intermediate student, 
set a new GCU record in Triple Jump on the 
second day of the GCU 112th Annual 
Sports, Adnan jumped to 13.75 Metres to pass his 
previous best of 13,64 Metres that was set last 
year. Earlier, the record was kept by Farooq Ham id 
since 1963, Muhammad Saddique Akbar of Urdu 
Department won the 5,000 Metres race by putting 
his endurance to test; finishing the race in 
17:18:88 seconds. Saddique Akbar also won the 
1500 Metres Race by covering the distance in 
4:31:00 seconds. However, in 100 Metres final, 
Muhammad Qasim reached the finishing line in 
11:16 seconds which earned him a gold medaL 
This year too, Adnan Aslam hailing from Urdu 
Department won the Pole Vault, Intermediate 

students won the 4x100 Metres Relay while Urdu 
Department stood second, History repeated itself 
when Aleem ur Rehman of Geography 
Department was declared winner of Discus Throw 
in consecutive years whereas; Khursheed Ahmed 
from Political Science Department won the 400 
Metres Hurdles Race. In Hammer Throw, 
Intermediate student Irfanullah bagged the first 
position, His throw covered the distance of 44,75 

Earlier, team Bio-Technology (girls) secured the 
first position in 4x100 Metres relay race. The GCU 
Physics Department faculty members won the 
4x100 metres staff relay race, 800 Metres race was 
won by Geography Department student M Wasim 
Sajid by covering the distance In 2:05:78 seconds. 

Saddique Akbar came victorious in 3000 Metres 
race. In 200 Metres Race, Tariq Mehmood, a 
student of Intermediate, secured the first position 
with his impressive timing of 22:00 seconds. Long 
Jump event was won by Adnan Jahangir. Saad All 
Hassan of Urdu Department bagged the Gold 
Medal in shot put as the distance was measured 
up to 9.70 Metres, 

Department of Urdu student Moshin Naveed 
brought victory to his depa rtment in 110-M Hu rdle 
race. Student of Urdu Department Qasim A!i won 
the high jump event, whereas Altaf Hussain of 
Political Science Department threw Javelin to 
44.40 Metres to secure the top spot. The main 
event of the day was 4x100 Metres relay race 
which was won by the Intermediate students. 

GCU -Annual fiodubuildinsj Championship 

Samiullah wins 'Mr GCU' title 

Samiullah, a student of BSc 
(Hons) Statistics, won the 
prestigious title of "Mr. 
GCU 201M2" at the GCU 
Annual Bodybuilding 
Championship. Samiullah flexed 
his rippling muscles to win the 
title in the finals of the 
competition adjudicated by 
Pakistan Bodybuilding 
Federation General Secretary 
Sheikh Farooq Iqbal, Mr Imran 
Qureshi and Mian Naseer 
Ahmed. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rehman graced the 
occasion as the Chief Guest, while 
GCU Sports Board Chairman 
Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq (5.1), 

and GCU Registrar Anjum Nisar were 
also present. Samiullah first bagged 
the top position in the category of 
musclemen with over 75kg of weight. 

Then, he took part in the finals and 
won the title of Mr GCU Lahore, Talha 
Fahad, a student of Intermediate, 
managed to beat tough competitors 

in the 65Kg category. The 
performance of Umar Ali 
hailing from Department of 
Political Science Department 
was significant since he 
pushed his more experienced 
compatriot into second place 
in the closely contested 
competition in 70 Kg category, 
Waseem Afzal of GCU 
Engineering Department 
bagged the top position in 
the 75kg category. 
Prof Or Khaleeq-ur-Rehman 
appreciated the hard work of 
the participants and praised their 
efforts they put in the game of 



Urdu literati & Bio-tech 
scientists win GCU Sports 

• Old Ravians win Tug of War for third consecutive year 




I t *• 

The Urdu Literati and Bio-tech scientists 
lilted the prestigious general trophy at the 
closing ceremony of the 112th Annual 
Sports of the Government College University 
Lahore chaired by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman. Government 
College Lahore former principal Abdul Majeed 
Awan and MNA Bilal Yasin were the guests of 
honour of the ceremony that was marked by 
colourful Gymkhana events including Girls Chatti 
Race, Cricket Ball Throw, Pillow Fighting, Staff 
Children Race, Wheel Barrow Race, Musical 
Chair and Old Ravians Handicap Race. Declaring 
the results of the annual sports, GCU Sports 
Board Chairman Prof Dr Ikramul Haq said that 
the Urdu Department's students bagged 13 
Gold, 15 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in boys' 
competitions to win the title while in girls events, 
Institute of Bio-Technology won 9 Gold, 11 silver 
and 3 bronze medals on its journey towards the 
victory stand. However, Muhammad Khursheed 
from the Political Science Department won the 
title of Best GCU Athlete 2012. The English 
Department secured the second position in both 
competitions among boys and girls. Speaking on 
the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman said GCU academic calendar was 
planned in a way that participation in sports did 

not affect the academics of the students, Later, on 
the closing day, the feminine competitions of 
Chatti Race and Musical Chairs were won by 
Rubina and Aqsa Lodhi. The Tug of War between 
elderly Old Ravians and GCU Sports Board senior 
officials remained the most enthralling event of 
the 112th Annual Sports Day which was won by 
Old Ravians for the third consecutive year. Nasir 
Iqbal won the most difficult competition of the 
day, the Obstacle Race. The Oval Ground 
resounded with whistles, shrikes and shouts 
during the Pillow Fight and 60 Metres Race of Old 
Ravians that was won byChZulfiqar. 

GCU shines in Punjab Games 

The Government College University, 
Lahore, maintained its dominance in the 
Punjab Games 2011-12 held under the 
patronage of Punjab Olympic Association. The 
team GCU secured overall second position in 

the mega sports event besides lifting the 
trophy of best march-past contingent. The 
GCU sportsmen performed exceptionally well 
in Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, 
Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, 

Swimming, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, and 
Weightliftrng. Vice Chancellor Prof 
(Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated its sportsmen on their 
tremendous achievement in the event. 

Prize Distribution: 4th Inter-departemntal Games 

Closing ceremony: 112th Annual Sports 



Live in a Worldclass Golf Course 



LUlKI IaIA! Mj»] 

193-Y, Commercial Area, Phase III, DHA Lahore, Pakistan 
Tel:042-35692741 -2 Web; 


Handball match played between Afghanistan & GCU 

• Score at the final whistle remained 29-28; in the favour of team Afghanistan 
Team Tajikistan and Secretary Pakistan Handball Federation witness the match 

The Sports Department of Government 
College University, Lahore has hosted a 
friendly handball match between GCU 
and Afghanistan at the University's Oval Ground 
under the patronage of Pakistan Handball 
Federation. Afghanistan won the match with a 
meager margin of just one goal The score at the 
final whistle remained 29-28; in the favour of 

ASA office 

team Afghanistan. GCU Sports Board Chairman 
Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq graced the match with his 
presence as the Chief Guest. The hand ball team of 
Tajikistan and Haji M Shafique, the Secretary of 
Pakistan Handball Federation, also witnessed the 
match. Addressing the prize distribution 
ceremony. Prof Ikram-ul-Haq said that sportsmen 
are the true diplomats of their country and such 


friendly matches are important to promote peace 
and harmony in the country. "Sports always 
create bridge between two countries/' he added. 
GCU Director Sports Khadim Ali Khan said from 
GC University Lahore Aurangzeb, Raza, Ijaz, Zahfd 
and Umer Hayat showed some wonderful skills. 
Later, Prof fkram-ul-Haq presented shields and 
souveni rs to the team players and officials. 

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman inaugurated the newly- 
established office of Academic Staff 
Association (ASA) at the university's faculty 
guest house. ASA President Prof Dr Hassan A. 
Shah said that coordination between GCU 
faculty and administration was exemplary 
under the leadership of Prof Khaleeq, 
However, the VC said that ASA should 
primarily focus on the institutional and 
academic development of GCU, 

NCSA office 


The GC University, Lahore first time 
celebrated Christmas with the 
university's minority community at a 
colourful ceremony at the university's Abdus 
Salam Hall. VC Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
was the Chief Guest of the ceremony which 
was attended by all faculty members including 
Georgian Physicist Prof DrTamaz Kaladze, ASA 
President Prof Or Hassan A. Shah, IMG5A 
President Khaliq Hussain and staff members 
from minority community. 

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr fvl Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman inaugurated the office for the 
University's Non-Gazetted Staff 
Association (NGSA). Physics Department 
Chairperson Prof Dr Hassan A Shah, Registrar 
Anjum Nisar and NGSA President Khaliq 
Hussain were also present, The vice 
chancellor said that all employees of the 
university were equal and united, and 
together they would put the university on a 
path leadingto national acclaim. 


•Lessons Learnt from the Tennis Tour with Robert £>avis 

Aisam-ul-Haq's boob launched at GCU 


Lessons Learnt from the Tennis Tour with 
Robert Davis, a book written by national hero 
and Old Ravian Aisanvul-Haq Qureshi was 
officially launched at the Government College 
University Lahore under the auspices of the Old 
Ravians Union (ORU). Vice Chancellor Prof Or 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the book 
launch attended by the family of Aisam-ul-Haq 
including her wife Faha Makhdum; who happened 
to be the granddaughter of Government College 
Lahore former principal Dr. M. AjmaL ORU 

Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, Aisam's teacher 
Prof Dr Aminul Haq, Director Sports Khadim Ati 
Khan and a large numberof Old Ravian sportsmen 
also attended the ceremony, Aisam-ul-Haq said 
that he owed his success to his alma mater and 
teachers, Recalling his college days, Aisam proudly 
said that he is a recipient of Roll of Honour and a 
Gold Medal in Tennis from GC University Lahore. 
"While playing for GCU, I also won the Inter- 
Collegiate Tennis Championship in the year 1997- 
1998," he added. He said "GCU inculcates great 

values of tolerance, respect for other's views and 
faith, and compassion along with imagination. I 
am proud to be a Ravian and Pakistani he added. 
He also proudly said that his father was also an Old 
Ravian, VC Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said Aisam 
was now also acknowledged as an Ambassador of 
Peace— something that we wished every Ravian 
to be. Prof Dr Aminul Haq, who admitted Aisam to 
Government College Lahore, said that Aisam was 
as good in academics as he was in sports and 
always secured A+ grade in all his examinations. 

HEC Boxing Championship 

The Government College University 
Lahore has won laurels in All Pakistan 
Inter-University Boxing Championship, 
Besides securing the overall second position, 
GCU student Sufyan was remunerated with 
Gold Medal. Arsalan Maqsood clinched Silver 
and Bronze medals. Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
congratulated Arsalan and Sufyan on winning 
medals in the H EC Boxing Championship, 

HEC Rowing Contest 

The Government College University Lahore 
has got second position in the All Pakistan 
Inter-University Rowing Championship 
organised by the Higher Education Commission. 
As many as 15 colleges marked their worthy 
presence in the championship, GCU students 
Adnan Tassadaq and Munir AN secured Gold 
Medals in the championship. The Vice 
Chancellor appreciated efforts of his team. 

Handball Championship 

The Government College University 
Lahore was the second runner-up in the 
Handball Championship 2012 organized 
by the Higher Education Commission. As many 
as 15 universities participated in the 
cham pionship. Vice Chancellor Prof Or Kha leeq- 
ur-Ra h man and Di rector Sports Khadim Al i Khan 
said that their sportsmen would work harder 
next year to wi n the top slot. 

GCU Sports Board honours its best 76 sportsmen 

The Government College 
University Lahore Sports 
Board honoured its 76 best 
sportsmen with shields, cash prizes 
and titles like "Iron Man\ 'Mr Super 
Fit', r Man of Mountains', 'Mr 
Muscular', 'Cheeta' and The Wall' 
for their outstanding performances 
in national and international 
competitions during the sports 
calendar. The GCU Sports Board 
L organised a special ceremony to 
acknowledge the talent of 

these sportsmen. Prof Dr Ikramul Haq 
was the chief guest at the ceremony 
attended by a large number of Old 

Ravians sports legends including 
former test cricketer Shafqat Rana, 
Pakistan Hockey Team coach Kh. 

Junaid and presidents of various 
sports associations. 
Speaking on the occasion, Prof 
!kram-u!-Haq said that sports were 
considered an integral part of 
physical fitness and mental training. 
These activities have a profound 
effect on the physical fitness and 
mental health of the students, 
which has ultimately enhanced 
their capabilities and efficiency. He 

also prayed for the bright future of . 

these students. 

oi union 

Dr Samar Mubarik chairs ORU annual meeting 

VC OFFICE: National hero and Old Ravians Union outgoing President Dr Samar Mubarikmand meets 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman after presiding the annual meeting of the union. 

The elections of Old Ravians 
Union (ORU) will be held this 
year to elect the new 
president and other members of its 
Executive Committee, It was 
decided at the annual meeting of 
ORU executive committee chaired 
by eminent nuclear scientist, 
national hero and ORU outgoing 
President Dr Samar Mubarikmand 
at GC University Lahore, ORU 
Honorary Secretary Dr Khalid 

Manzoor and youngest member of 
ORU Executive Committee Taha 
Sad a q at were also present. The 
union executive committee also 
met with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
who assured them his ail-out 
support and maximum facilities 
from GCU to hold the union 
elections. The union also formed an 
election committee comprising 
District and Sessions Judge Tahir 

Pervaiz and Advocate Supreme 
Court Javiad Altaf to ensure free 
and fair elections. The union 
executive committee also approved 
the annual audit report of the 
union. ORU honorary secretary Dr 
Khalid Manzoor Butt said ORU 
elections was one of the biggest 
festival of the Old Ravians, adding 
GCU afumni come from all over the 
country to cast their vote at the 

Participants of 95t h National Management Course visit GCU 

HEC be kept afloat: GCU VC 

- m 

PUNJAB ASSEMBLY: A delegation of pre-partition alumni from India and 

members of executive committee of Old Ravians Union pose for a photo with 

Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan during their visit to the assembly. 


Book on Dr Anwar Nasim launched 

'he Young Journalists Society (YJS) hosted the launching 
ceremony of a book on the life and efforts of an eminent Old 
Ravian, renowned scientist and literary person Dr Anwar Nasim 
at the Bukhari Auditorium. GCU Dean Prof Dr Ikramul Haq presided over 
the launching ceremony of the book titled "Dr Anwar Nasim - A 
Versatile Human" which was also attended by eminent personalities 
from all over the country including Asghar Nadeem Syed and Prof 
L Tabbasum Kashmiri, MrlqbalQarshi,DrAbidAzhar, Prof DrShamsi, Mr 
k laved Tufaili, Mr Kausar Malik Abduilah and Dr Muhammad Nawaz 
ysoaddressed the book launch. 



"he Higher Education 
Commission (HEC) 
must be kept afloat 
for development of 
educational institutions 
and promotion of quality 
research In the country, 
said Vice Chancellor Prof 

Dr M Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
while talking to a 
delegation of BS-20 
officers participating In 
95th National 
Management Course 
(NMC) at the National 
School of Public Policy 

(NSPP). The delegation, 
led by Ahmed Yar Khan, 
visited GCU to learn about 
its policy formulation, 
financial resources and | 
future plans of the J 



# C « • ; , v. 

4 #7^-1 


w -j^J^C^ 

The students and teachers of 
GCU, while taking out a mass 
protest rally on the university 
campus against the anti-Islam movie, 
passed a resolution demanding the 
Muslim countries to pressurise the 
United Nations for adopting a 
legislation that prohibits blasphemy 
and proposes death sentences for a 
blasphemer Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman led the protest 

in which Old Ravians and heads of all 
academic departments also 
participated. About 2,000 slogan- 
shouting protesters carrying placards 
and banners took out the rally from 
varsity's masjid to the main gate and 
then special prayers were held in the 
Oval Ground for solidarity of Muslims 
and supremacy of Islam. Speaking to 
protesters, the vice chancellor 
condemned the film and demanded 

strong legal action against the film- 
maker. He urged the students to raise 
voice against the film at all forums, 
including social media and 
international competitions, in which 

th.ey often participated. He, 
however, requested students to 
remain peaceful during protests and 
refrain from damaging the public or 
private property. 

i>~> <^\^^ rf&i ul^ ^ u** ±*^* ji^J*- 

A'Mehfil-e-Milad' was held at the Government College University 
Lahore with religious zeal and fervour to pay homage to the Holy 
Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khateeq-ur-Rahman, Pir Syed Kabir All Shah Aastana Aalia Chura 
Sharif and students attended the 'Mehfil-e-Milad' organised by the GCU Non- 
Gazetted Staff Association . Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof 
Khaleeq said that the whole life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) 
was guidance for the mankind. It was the first 'Mehfil-e-Milad' held at GCU. 

Naattya Muskaira 

The Government College University Lahore 
Department of Arabic organised a Naattya 
Mushaira at the Fazl-e-H ussaln Reading Room. 
As many as 12 poets from various parts of the 
country including Prof. Shakir Hussain 
presented their Kalam at the Naattya 
Mushaira chaired by Monthly Naat, a 
national magazine, Editor Rasheed 
Ma h mood. 


The Urdu Department 
hosted a 'Patras-Faiz 
Seminar' to mark the death 
anniversary of author Prof Ahmed 
Shah Bokhari 'Patras' and to pay 
tribute to noted poet Faiz Ahmad 
Faiz. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq was the chief 
guest at the seminar attended by 
Faiz' grandson Ali Madeeh Hashmi, 
Faiz' daughter Muneeza Hashmi, 
Patras' son Haroon Bokhari, noted 
critic Dr Saadat Saeed and GCU 
Urdu Department Chairperson Dr 
Shafeeq AajmL Addressing the 
seminar Prof Khaleeq said "GCU is 
proud to be the alma mater of 
great poets and men of letters like 
Allama Iqbal, 'Patras' Bokhan and 
Faiz Ahmed Faiz and will keep their 
traditions alive. The literary works 
of these men are like lampposts 
which can guide us to peace and 
prosperity." The Vice Chancellor 
also highlighted the various 
aspects of 'Patras' and Faiz r s 

personalities, Ali Madeeh Hashmi 
remembered that 'Patras' Bokhari, 
as an English Professor at GCU, was 
merciless on students who did not 
display originality of thought, 
Hashmi said Faiz and 'Patras', in 
addition to having a student-mentor 
relationship, also had a close 
persona! friendship. Faiz always 
spoke reverently of his teacher, 
while Bokhari, in his typically 
irreverent style, once wrote to Faiz' s 
wife Atys from London a few 
months before his death In 1958: "I 
would love to hear news of your 
household but also know that he 
(Faiz) will never write since he is an 
intoxicated poet ("shair-e-must"). w 
Faiz' daughter Muneeza Hashmi, 
shared her childhood interactions 
with the legendary Patras Bokhari 
who used to visit his pupil regularly- 
Noted critic Dr Saadat Saeed and Dr 
Shafeeq Aajmi also paid tribute to 
'Patras' and Faiz. 


The Government College University 
Lahore Punjabi Majlis organised a 
| condolence reference in the memory 
of the late Prof Abbas Najmi, a 
renowned writer, and paid tribute to 
his commendable services for the 
Government College Lahore, Prof Dr 
Khwaja M Zakaria chaired the 

reference while Chief Librarian Abdul 
Waheed, Chairman Urdu Department 
Dr Shafiq Ajami and son of the late Prof 
Abbas Najmi were also present. Dr 
Shafiq Ajami shed light on creative 
work of Prof Abbas. A large number of 
students of the late Prof Najmi 
attended the condolence reference. 


he Philosophy Department 
organised a condolence 
reference in the memory of the 
late Prof Shahid Hussian, a renowned 
philosopher and prolific writer, and 
paid tribute to the commendable 
services that he rendered during his 
40-year stay at the varsity. Prof Dr M 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the 

reference while noted analyst Dr 
Mehdi Hassan, philosopher Mirza 
Ather Baig, physicist Prof Dr M Zakria 
Butt, Dr Sajid and the wife and son of 
the late Prof Shahid Hussain were also 
present, Dr Mehdi Hassan said 
"Pakistan needs philosophers like Prof 
Shahid as we are living in ideological 
and philosophical vacuum." 

faiz paid tribute 


The Nazir Ahmed Music 
Society (GCU NAMS) in 
collaboration with Majlis-e- 
Iqbal and Debating Society 
arranged an evening at the 
Bukhari Auditorium to pay a rich 
tribute to a distinguished Old 
Ravian and poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz 
in connection with his centennial 
birth anniversary celebrations. 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman was the chief guest of 
the ceremony, Faiz" grandson, 
Dr Ali Madeeh Hashmi, was 
also present. Prof Dr 

Saadat Saeed, Dr Ali Madeeh 
Hashmi, Tariq Farani threw light on 
the literary, socialist and melodious 
aspects of Faiz' work. The Debating 
Society's public-speakers 
presented an oratorical rendition 
of Faiz' verses in the tradition of the 
legendary Zulfiqar Bokhari and Zia 
Moeud Deen to the audience. The 
promising amateur signers of Nazir 
Ahmed Music Society presented 
several heart rending Ghazals and 
Nazams of Faiz which were 
composed by GCU music 
maestro Tariq Farani. 

o become a MEMBE. 

-4144440 I 0331-4088724 



Old Ravians beat VC XI by ^u runs 

• Education Minister inaugurates the festival match 

• Barrister Aziz Nauman declared Man of the Match 

The Old Ravians X! this 
year beat the Vice 
Chancellor XI by 50 runs 
at the Annual Festival Cricket 
Match at the GCU Ova L 
Punjab Education Minister and 
Old Ravian Mian Mujtaba 
Shujaur Rahman inaugurated 
the festival 
match. The 
O I d 

Ravians XF scored 168 runs in 
15 overs under the captaincy 
of former text cricketer 
Mansoor Rana. 

Batting maestro, Mansoor 
Rana, Mateen Akmal and 
noted Geo TV anchor Aftab 
Iqbal scored some quick runs. 
Chasing a challenging total of 
168 runs, the Vice Chancellor 
XI could not face the heat and 
surrendered at 118 runs 
in 14 Overs. 
M u s a d a q 
j-, Sultan, Yousaf 

Bashir and Khadim 

Ali Khan showed 

some resistance 

and played fine 


Old Ravian 
Barrister Aziz 
Nauman was 
declared Man of 
the Match for his 
spell of 3 Overs 
in which he 

garted fiv«, ickets tor jst 1 5 
runs, a great performace. 
Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman congratulated the 
Old Ravians on wining the 
annual festival match for the 
consecutive third year. GCU 
Sports Board Chairman Prof 
Dr Ikram-ul-Haq and Director 
Sports Khadim Ali Khan were 
also present 


flnnual fine flrtg exhibition 

Education of fine arts be made compulsory: Dr Ajaz 


The education of fine arts 
should be made compulsory 
as it gives students 
motivational tools to unlock a 
deeper understanding of their 
education and of their life, said 
Old Ravian and noted painter Dr 
Ajaz Anwar while addressing 
the inauguration of the GCU 
Annual Fine Arts 

Exhibition at the university's 
Minhas Arts Gallery. Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman was also present. 
As many as 100 art pieces of GCU 
students were put on display at the 
exhibition organised by the Fine 
Arts Department, The exhibition 
housed paintings from calligraphic 
to abstract and watercolours to 

pencil drawings. The paintings of 
GCU Building also met with a loud 
applause by the art lovers. A large 
number of painted greeting cards 
and ladies' purses were also part of 
the exhibition besides ceramics and 
glass work, Talking to media, Prof 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that the 
fine arts opened the minds of 
students in ways mere reading and 

writing could never be able to 
accomplish. Earlier, an art 
competition was held at the 
G o ve r n m e nt Co I lege U n i ve rstty Fine 
Arts Department. A large number of 
students from various colleges of 
the City took part in the 
competition. Ayesha Sharif of 
Ayesha Degree College got the 
first prize. 

flrt unlocks human imagination: Vieg Chancellor 

Paintings highlight human frustration and limitations 

M t " 

A painting exhibition 
highlighting human 
frustration and limitations, 
commercial calligraphic art and 
old architecture was held at the 
Government College University 
Lahore Minhas Art Gallery. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
opened the exhibition 

that was featuring 22 masterpieces 
of amateur artists Fahad Mushtaq, 
Tayyaba Khursheed, Naima Kama I 
Awan and Amna Urooj who said 
their work was artistic but equally 
realistic. The Vice Chancellor 
appreciated the work of the artists, 
saying that art unlocked human 
imagination and enabled them to 
see life and the world differently. 

"Common thing about art and 
science is imagination and a sense 
of discovery/' Prof Khaleeq said, He 
also discussed with artists history of 
oil painting and techniques used in 
it. Talking about her artwork, 
Tayyaba Khursheed said "whenever 
she listens to the word "bound" it 
generates feelings of irritation and 
limitation. We are superlative 


creature but in spite of that we are 
still bound due to restrictions and 
limitations, so I have tried to 
highlight the irritation which arises 
due to these I j mitations " Amna said 
"in my paintings, I have tried to 
define individual characters 
through texture, I create visual 
textures and place my objects 
into it." 

"Qadam Barhao, dengue Mukao" 

Posters raise awareness among students against dengue 

A five-day poster exhibition 
titled "Qadam Barhao, 
Dengue Mukao" was held 
at the GCU Minhas Art Gallery 
under the auspices of Punjab 
Council of Arts (PCA) with an aim 
to raise awareness among 
students and teachers about 
prevention against dengue. 
Dean Faculty of 

Science and Technology Prof Dr 
Ikram-ul-Haq (SI) inaugurated the 
exhibition that was featuring 37 
selected posters by amateur artists 
of various educational institutions 
from all over the country including 
COMSAT5 Islamabad, Bahauddin 
Zakariya University, Multan and 
Faisalabad Institute of Fashion and 

Addressing the poster exhibition, 
Punjab Council of Arts Executive 
Director Syed Tahir Hamdani said 
"art compels us to focus and think." 
He said that he was highly 
impressed by the creativity of 
students especially by the catchy 
posters' headlines like "Wanted 
Dead !" "if you spare him, he will not 
spare you", "Fight the Bite" and "If 

they breed, you will bleed". 
Speaking on the occasion, Prof 
Ikramul Haq laid a stress on 
indigenous research on biological 
control of dengue mosquito. He also 
appreciated the artwork of 
students, saying such exhibitions 
played vital role in raising 
awareness about prevention 
againstthe dengue virus. 

tion f A 



he Government College 
University, Lahore 
Psychology Department has 
celebrated the Mental Health Week 
2012 to highlight the latest trends 
and researches in the field of 
developmental and human 
psychology, GCU Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman inaugurated the 
celebrations which began with a 

poster competition. Around 200 
students from 13 educational 
institutions took part in the 
competition and put on display 181 
posters which highlighted the 
miseries of people due to 
unemployment, load-shedding, 
poverty, gender-violence, injustice, 
illiteracy and religious prejudice and 
effect of these factors on people's 
mental health. The posters were 

inscribed with interesting and 
thought-provoking headlines such as 
"The Infection Connection' 'Crossing 
Eternal Peace 1 , 'Misspelled Morality' 
and' Tug-of-peace.' Speaking on the 
occasion, Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
said that the competition was aimed 
at mobilising students to find ways to 
help the nation in combating with 
negative social trends, He 
appreciated the artwork of the 

students, saying that the artistic 
expression was best way to create 
awareness among people- The 
celebrations for Mental Health Week 
also included Performing Arts 
Festival and Quiz Competition. 
Students from various universities 
staged plays, dramas, mimes and 
skits at the All Pakistan Performing 
Art Festival to highlight the various 
aspects of human psychology. 

Social Even 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Psychology Department organised a social evening 
at the concluding day of the Mental Health Week. 
GCU Psychology Department Chairperson Dr Asir Ajmal 
and old students of the department also attended the 
social evening marked by skits, dramas and musical 
performances of students. 

GCU canteen 
named after Sir 


Government College University, 
Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman named the 
Postgraduate Canteen after Sir H B 
Dunnicliff who was a former principal of 
the Government College, Lahore. The 
Canteen was renamed on the 
recommendation of Old Ravian Prof Dr 
Shafqat Hussian Ch. In his letter to the VC, 
Dr Shafqat recommended that Dunnicliff 
from 1936 to 1939 gave considerable time 
and thought to the health of students and 
established first milk bar in the 
Chemistry Department and the sale 
of the milk bar was confined to 
milk products only. 

The Government College 
University Lahore paid a 
glowing tribute to the music 
maestro, Mr Tariq Salman Khan 
Farani, for his 40 years invaluable 
services for the art, music and his 
alma mater, GCU. Renowned 
musicians and singers including 
Ustad Hamid AN Khan, Ustad 
Shaukat AN, Shafqat Amanat Ali, 
Jawad Ahamd, Musarrat Abbass, 
Zaheer Abbass, Imran Jafferi and 
Ghulam Ali addressed the ceremony 
organised in the honour of Mr 
Farani. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 

Khaleeq-ur-Rahman awarded Mr 
Farani "GCU Award", "Certificate of 
Appreciation" and cash award of Rs 
50,000, saying that Mr Farani had 
selflessly devoted his life to music and 
GC University Lahore. Speaking on 
the occasion, classical singer Ustad 
Hamid Ali Khan said that GCU Nazir 
Ahmad Music Society (GCU NAMS) 
was the biggest teaching centre of 
music and art in Pakistan as it 
produced galaxy of stars for Pakistan 
like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, 
Wans Baig, Jawad Ahmad, adding 
that his two sons had been trained in 

music at GCU NAMS by Mr FarhanL 
Eminent Old Ravian Shafqat Amanat 
Ali declared the legendary Mr 
Farani as his mentor who showed 
the world renowned singers light 
and helped them to climb the 
ladder of stardom. "I will always be 
indebted to Farani sahib," Shafqat 
said. He also shared few light 
moments that he spent with Mr Tariq 
Farani and cherished the time he 
spent in music society especially the 
dinners he had late night in GCU. Mr 
Farani inculcated the moral ethics, 
values and real sense of Ravians' 

students and it's 
been a privilege to be part of 
NAMS as Farani sahib guided his 
students in every sphere of fife, he 
added. Noted Old Ravian Jawad 
Ahmad proclaimed Mr Farani as the 
craftsman who crafted and shaped 
up various lives and turned ordinary 
individuals into diamonds. He said 
that he had performed first time ever 
live in GCU NAMS. 

NAMS jamming session with American jazz band 

Ari Roland Jazz Quartet, an 
American jazz band /Comprises of 
lAri Roland on cello, Chris Byars on 
tenor saxophone, Zaid Nasser on alto 
saxophone and Keith Balla on drums. The 
band last year visited GCU for a jamming 
session. The members 
performed eastern m 
harmonium, tabla,dholak and flute 
The singers of NAMS also performed 
different genres of vocal singing like 
classical, semi classical, ghazal and folk. 
Later, the members of Ari Roland Jazz 

of NAMsF 
n u s i c o n [V 

Quartet performed Jazz tunes and told GCU 
students about the history of Jazz Music. 
Then both GCU NAMS and Jazz Quartet 

performed a jamming session on a same 
scale. The same scale was set of a 
composition on Mystic Poetry of Kalam 

w% ri%» iifii IV»«J 


5* All Punjab, 

- : 

' • 


mStKC mi 


M f/t jfir 

Wiw'I*^ -Jcz 

"" *^ **^lr - 


IUKHAM AUDITORIUM: Chief Justice*) Khwaj, Sharif and Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khalee<,-ur- Rahman presents trophy to the winners of 5th All Punjab Qui* Competition 

Ravians are born to lead: Justice(r) Khwaja Sharif 

R avians are bom to lead the nation. It is here 
in the portals of the Government College 
University, Lahore where profound 
individuals acquire the true essence of leadership, 
fair play and tolerance, said former chief justice 
Lahore High Court, Justice (r) Khwaja Muhammad 
Sharif while addressing the final round of 5th GCU 
All Punjab Inter- University Quiz Competition 2012 
held under the aegis of GCU Ravians Quiz Society 
(RQS). Vfce Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr 

/ — 

Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the final 
round won by Agriculture University Faisalabad 
while University of Engineering and Technology 
remained runners up. Punjab University Law 
College and Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad 
secured third and fourth positions respectively. 
Addressing the students, Justice (r) Khwaja 
Muhammad Sharif shared his memories associated 
with the Government College Lahore and also 
expressed the unique feeling of being a Ravian. He 

said that Ravians would guide the nation out of the 
present era crises. The former Chief justice also 
congratulated the winners and conveyed his warm 
regards to the participants of other universities. 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman while 
speaking at the occasion congratulated the top four 
teams on their accomplishment to secure their 
place in the final round after a tough competition 
with rest of the 17 teams of All Punjab Quiz 
Competition 2012. 

'Jo Kurwa Rava Aay. America Kurwa Raya Aay 

debating Society hosts Punjabi Takra 



plant 2.000 


^^™he Government College 
University Lahore 
Debating Society 
hosted the All Pakistan Safdar 
Mir Punjabi Takra 2012, As 
many as 39 educational 
institutions from all over 
Pakistan took part in the 
competition and debated on 
the motion 'The onus of all our 

ills is on America" (Jo Kurwa 
Raya Aay, America Kurwa Raya 
Aay). The motion in the end 
was rejected by the House, 
while Punjab University Law 
College orator, Muhammad 
Aisam, secured the first 
position for opposing the 
M.A.O College debater 

Muhammad Sameer secured 
the second position while 
Hailey College of Commerce 
student Abdul Raheem 
declared third. 

Vice Chancellor Prof 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman felicitated the orators 
who have won the 

Debating Society honours Mohib Raza 

The GC University Lahore Debating Society organised ceremony in the honour of the late 
Mohib Raza; one of its promising debater who passed away in an unfortunate incident 
during a domestic visit to a tourist resort in northern areas. A large number of Old 
Ravians, GCU faculty members and orators from various other universities attended the 
ceremony. Mohib Raza won more than 30 prestigious oratory awards during his three-year 
jstint at GCU . Later, the "Quran Kh wa ni" was held for the departed soul of Mohib Raza. 

The Government College University Lahore 
Botany Department students and faculty 
members this year planted 2,000 saplings 
at the GCU Lower Mall and Kala Shah Kaku 
campuses as a part of tree plantation campaign 
initiated by the Punjab Forestry Department 
across the province. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and Punjab 
Director General Protocol Asjad Ghani Tahfr 
inaugurated the plantation campaign, 


GCU CG & PC holds "Career Fair 2012" 

The Government College University, Lahore 
Career Guidance and Placement Centre 
(CG& PC), by the virtue of its aims and 
objectives to explore the placement 
opportunities for GCU graduates, organised 
"Career Fair 2012" in GCU Bukhari Auditorium. 
The career fair brought together representatives 
of more than 50 companies including multi- 
nationals that offered full-time, part time jobs 
and elevated internship opportunities to the 
fresh graduates of as many as 26 disciplines, 
The Career Fair is an annual feature of CGPC 

and hundreds of BA/BSc/BS (CS)/ BS Applied 
Management/MBA, MSc, MS & M.phil graduates 

have found prospective employer courtesy this 
distinctive initiative. 

HEC Pinb Ribbon Campaign's launch at GCU 

Sound the alarm - Breast Cancer is reported 
to be rapidly increasing in young girls in 
Pakistan and now one of every nine women 
in the country is at the risk of this disease, said 
experts and researchers at the launch of HEC Pink 
Ribbon Campaign at the GC University, Lahore. 
GCU Dean Prof Or Khalid Pervaiz and HEC 
Regional Director Raza Chohan chaired the 
opening ceremony of the breast cancer 
awareness campaign that is being launched in 19 
universities of Lahore by HEC in collaboration 
with the PAEC Cancer Hospitals, GCU QEC and 
Pink Ribbon Pakistan, The objective of the 
campaign is to create widespread awareness 

about breast cancer and its high incidence, severity 
leading to fatality, impact on the life of sufferer and 

family and also spreading the good news that if 
detected, the cancer can be cured. 

108 Ravians trained in natural conservation 

The Eco-lnternship Progarmme was 
concluded at the Government College 
University Lahore which imparted training 
to as many as 108 Ravians about the conservation 
of ecosystem and Pakistan's natural resources 
and environmental challenges, The Eco- 
lnternship programme was initiated by WWF 
Pakistan in collaboration GCU Career Guidance 
and Placement Centre (CGPC). GCU Registrar 
Syed Anjum Nisar chaired the Certificate 
Awarding Ceremony of Eco-lnternship 
Progarmme while WWF Pakistan Director 
Operations Anwar Naseem was the chief 

guest, Speaking on the occasion, Anjum Nisar said 
that the academic refinement of the students could 

not be achieved without offering them adequate 
exposure to the harsh realities of everyday life. 

GCU students to Teach for Pakistan' 

The students of the Government College 
University {GCU), Lahore, with 
international organisation 'Teach for 
Pakistan' will teach public schools 1 students 
improving their communication skills and 
knowledge besides developing their personality 
confidence. This was stated by GCU Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman at a 
meeting of GCU BS (Honours) final-year 
students. Prof Khaleeq said the varsity's 'Career 
Guidance and Placement Centre" would sign an 
agreement with 'Teach for Pakistan' to assign 
teaching assignments to the best of GCU 

volunteers at different under-resourced schools. 
He said volunteer teachers would coach, educate 

and motivate public schools 1 students through 
modern teaching methodoiogies. 


he commemorative postage stamp, 
issued for Arfa Karim Randhawa, received 
a very warm response from the students 
of GCU who came in hordes at a special ticket- 
stall set up GCU Seniors Club in the university to 
pay homage to the world's youngest Microsoft 
Certified Professional. GCU Dean Prof Dr 
Ikramul Haq inaugurated the stall by purchasing 
the first commemorative postage stamp of Arfa 
Karim while Students 1 AdvisorYousaf Bashir and 
hundreds of students were also present on the 
occasion. Prof Ikram said the late Arfa Karim 
was the epitome of hope forthe millions of 

Arfa's stamps receives warm response 

talented young boys and girls of Pakistan who 
were yearning to vent out their latent talent in a 

world that is always hostile and 
unaccommodating towards to them, 


^f' ? 


(with Latest Laser/Keratome) ** 


J1 *V +i h ' ; J-^*^ 


(92-42) 35868844, 35869944, 35839967 :<jy >^ii(JiL A JiL95-K ^U^* ^lXl/' 

Keep Your House Cool in Summers 
and Warm in Winters 






with unique structural strength 

Mobile: 0322 - 44 55 111 , 0322 - 9001 235 

UAN: 042-111 111 666, Ext: 122,, 


Best Insulation Providers 

Don't Make Home Without It! 

*\* IC *T, 

Ctrl Nit: Cr 1021$ 


!3mm Wm imWgm ^ 




The Oval Ground at the 
Government College 
University, Lahore (GCU) wore 
a festive look as its Dr Ajmal 
Psychological Society organised 
Culture Day to increase social and 
cultural integration among students. 
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman inaugurated the 

festivity, which was marked by a large 
number of full-day activities including 
Mehndi, nail and face painting, 
drawing, competition and food stalls. 
Many students in traditional Sindhi, 
Punjabi and Balochi dresses took part 
in the festival. Speaking on the 
occasion, the Vice Chancellor said this 
148-year old educational institution 

was a unique seat of higher learning 
where students hailing from 
divergent ethnic, sectarian and 
cultural backgrounds have always 
studied together in most congenial 
atmosphere in order to be groomed 
as the finest individuals known for 
their spirit of inquiry, tolerance and 
an enviable sense of sacrifice. 

Nature carnival calls for energy conservation 

Th e 

University, Lahore 
Horticultural Society 
organised a nature 
carnival with the 
event's theme being 
'Save Energy, Save 
Future'. The event's 
chief aim was to 
raise awareness 
among students 
about the 
significance of 
energy conservation. 
As many as 14 
institutions took part 
in the carnival that 
featured several activities and 
competitions, including face- 
painting, mehndi, model 
exhibition and flower 
arrangements. Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleequr 
Rahman was the chief 

guest at the prize distribution 
ceremony of the event. "The world 
had enough to satisfy every man's 
need but not every man's greed," 
the VC said while addressing the 
students. He appreciated the art 
models prepared by students on 
topics including "Go Green or the 

Earth Will Scream', 'Better Save 
than Sorry 1 and 'Save Earth'. He said 
that massive felling of trees in the 
past had endangered the country's 
biodiversity. He further said that 
mass plantation of trees was the 
best way to reduce pollution from 
the environment. 



he Government College 
University Lahore Oval Ground 
and its Ravians wore traditional 
Punjabi lookasGCU Punjabi Majlis and 
Philosophy Department organised the 
Punjab Spring Festival to celebrate the 
colours of spring and promote social 
and cultural integration among 
students. Dean Faculty of Arts and 
Social Sciences Prof Dr Khalid Pervaiz 
inaugurated the two-day festival which 
was marked by traditional food stall, 
live music performances, cultural 
dance and horse dance with 'dhol 1 . 
However, the traditional dance 

performances by groups of Balochi and 
Pathan students remained the most 
enthralling events of the festival. The 
venue was decorated in a traditional 
village style with Hukka, Charkha , 
pitchers etc. The students also arranged 
a special Bhagai (traditional horse cart) 
to drop visitors to the festival venue. 
The student delegations of various 
departments attired traditionally visited 
the festival. Prof Pervaiz said that the 
western culture was rapidly promoting 
in Pakistan because youth were not 
being provided such opportunities to 
understand and adopt their culture. He 

laid a stress on promoting and keeping 
alive Pakistan's core values and strong 
cultural heritage. He also said that these 
events gave students a chance to enjoy 
as in semester system; they remained 
extensively busy in their academic 

The festival chief organiser, Yasir Sultan, 
said that the festival was devoted to 
culturally educate youth and motivate 
them to preserve and promote 
Pakistan's culture. He said that they 
would continue to organise such 
cultural festivals to promote love, 
tolerance and harmony. 




Psychology Department Annual Dinner 

Quaid-e-Azam Hostel Annual Dinner 

Ceremony at Computer Science Department 

Chemistry Department Dinner 

Dell's stall at GCU 

MBA Department's students leaving for foreign tour Environment Protection Society Annual Dinner 

Garret History Society Dinner 

Botany Department's Plantation Drive at KSK Campus Mental Health Week: Certificates Awarding Ceremony Political Science Department's Alumni Dinner 

Majlis-e-lqbal Dinner 

Vice Chancellor's visit to Institute of Biotechnology Plantation drive bv Rotary Club at GCU KSK Campus 

inrcftnATionAL woMcrvs day 2012 

If fll M, -, . 4 

Bilingual §pggeh Contest 

"Women deserve justice, not equality" 

Women from sixteen universities of Punjab, 
celebrating their international day at the 
Government College University Lahore, have 
contended that they deserve justice not equality with 
men as they are far superior to them in intellect, 
commitment, integrity and emotional stability and their 
contribution to social evolution as mothers, sisters, 
wives and daughters bears no parallel with that of their 
counterparts. They argued out that at the finals of the 
three-day long Bilingual Speech Contest, organised by 
the Punjab government in collaboration with the GCU 
Debating Society, to celebrate the International 
Women's Day. Zakia Shahnawaz, the Advisor to Punjab 
Chief Minister, chaired the final round, while GC 
University Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Punjab University Vice Chancellor 
Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and heads of various 
educational institutions attended the bilingual debates. 
Addressing the debates, VC Prof Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that the best of empowering 
women was to provide them more and more 
opportunities of quality education. Later, the Vice 
Chancellor gave away cash prizes of Rs 0.1 million to the 
winner of the debates. Sidra Latif of King Edward Medica 
University was adjudicated the Best English Speaker, 
while Raqa Tariq of Punjab University won the Urdu 

Paintings highlight beauty of Lahore 

A 21-day painting exhibition highlighting beauty of 
Pakistan was held at the Government College University 
Lahore Minhas Art Gallery. Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Izaz-i-Kamal inaugurated the 
exhibition featuring 28 masterpieces of landscapes by noted 
artist Nazir Ahmad. 

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman appreciated 
the work of the artist, saying that paintings unlocked human 
imagination and enabled them to see life and the world 

He said such exhibitions could play a vital role in promoting art- 
related activities among the students of GCU. 
He also discussed with the artist history of oil painting and 
techniques used in it. Nazir Ahmed said that landscape painting 
was his major area of interest and had given him recognition 
with awards at the start of his painting career and encouraged 
his skills. He said he had worked on static subjects including 
historical landmarks by capturing the scenery of Kashmiri 
Gate, Delhi Gate, Sheranwala and Jehangir's Tomb. 



Pakistan Student Congress 



he Government College 
University, Lahore hosted 
one the biggest Pakistan 
Student Congress. Vice 
Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
and LUMS Vice Provost Dr Shafay 
Shumayl chaired the closing and 
opening ceremonies of the four- 
day congress that was organised 
by IEEE Pakistan in collaboration 
with GCU Computer Sciences 
Department. Students from 40 
ducational institutions 
including LUMS, UET, MUST 
lamabad, Military 
College of Signals, 

PNEC Karachi and Karachi Institute 
of Engineering and Technology 
took part in the Congress that was 
spread over 31 sessions which 
included competitions, seminars, 
talks and social integration 
activities. The Congress began with 
a lecture of Google Pakistan Head 
Buiur Khusnood. The Leadership 
Training Workshop was also part of 
the congress. The most 
appreciated event of the Congress 
was "Campus Conversation - a 
career counselling session," which 
was conducted by top 
management officials of 
various universities. 

Media Wati 

National flssgmbly 


The Government College 
University, Lahore organised 
the week-long All Pakistan 
Technology and Art Festival 2012 
that was endeavoured to provide a 
platform to students from across 
Pakistan to exhibit their innovative 
ideas, share knowledge and reveal 
their creativity. As many as 533 
students from 42 educational 
institutions participated in the 
eighteen competitions and two 
workshops of the festival organised 
by GCU Media Watch Society (MWS) 
and Association for Computing 
Machinery (GCU-ACM) under the 
patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof Dr 
Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman 
and Computer Sciences Department 
Director Dr Muhammad Saleem 
Khan. The most thrilling event of the 
festival was All Pakistan Speed 
Programming Competition that was 
won by Abdul Wahab and Agam 
Sufayan. The E-gamming was the 
most participated event of the 
Competition. Jawad and Munaza 
stood first in Project Exhibition. 
Muhammad Bilal Ibraheem, Munir 
Ahmad, Ruqia Riaz, Awais AN Shiekh, 
Muneeba AM .and Rehan Butt 
secured top positions in the AH 
Pakistan General Quiz, Sketching, 
Pai nti ng, Photogra phy, 
Calligraphy and Short Movie 
competitions respectively. 

du Department holds Punjabi Mushaira 

The Urdu Department of Government 
College University, Lahore hosted one of 
the biggest Punjabi M us hi am in the 
history of universities of Pakistan. Vice 
Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq- 
ur-Rahman was the chief guest. 

Noted poets from all over the country attended 
the Mushaira and presented their Kalam. 
Besides, some university students also 
presented their humorous poetry and received 
applause from the audience. Speaking on the 
occasion, the VC said, "University is committed 

to provide an environment to students and 
faculty members where they can have their 
intellectual pursuits and this literary event will 
encourage our students and teaching staff to 
get guidance and support from poets whom 
they idealise and love to read/' 

GEO TV famous show'* Khabamak" at GCU 

A delegation of Mir Pur University students 

Students celebrate Vice Chancellor's Best Physicist Award 

VC monitors anti-mosquito fumigation 

tqbal Hostel Dinner 

Eminent Old Ravian Waris Baig's performance at GCU 


*• A 


Mobile Traffic Licence Office at GCU 


Laptops Distribution Ceremony for leftover students 

Lecture on Traffic Rules 

* I 



P" ! 

(: i 

[ V * *** 

Ms. Rami*a Nizami and US Embassy Press Officer Vice Chancellor's training at GCU by British Council 

TrSftam Perry's visit to GCU 

Group Photo of heads of top educational 
institutions after a training at GCU 

Meeting with US Embassy Islamabad Director 
Strategic Communications Thomas Miller 

Dunya TV talk-show "Talash" at GCU 

Lecture on Dengue Control in Buknari Auditorium 

ecture by noted author Amna Yaqeen 

Guests at Vice Chancellor's office 

Certificate Distribution-Short Course in Fine Art 



Library Society's Book Fair receives warm response 


*«* -if 

Students have retained their interest in 
books, even in the cyber age. It was proven 
at the three-day Book Fair, organised by the 
Library Society of Government University, Lahore. 
The Library Society's survey on the closing day of 
the book fair revealed that students purchased 
over 21,101 books from the book fair out of their 

meager pocket money. The book fair housed more 
than 250,000 books on various subjects. Vice 
Chancellor Prof (meritorious) Dr Muhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Izaz-i-Kamal, also purchased 
books on literature, physics and religion from the 
book fair, saying that reading and writing was a 
Muslim tradition. "Read is the first commandment 

of the Almighty Allah for Muslims in the Holy 

Quran/' he added. 

Vice Chancellor Prof Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had encouraged 

Muslims to leave their homes and proceed to 

destinations as far away as China to seek 


World Book ©ay calibrations 

The Library Society of GC 
University, Lahore 
celebrated the World Book 
Day with an aim to promote the 
habit of book reading. The 
celebrations began in the morning 
from the Vice Chancellor's office 
where students pasted a badge of 
World Book Day on the shirt of 
Prof (Meritorious) DrMuhammad 
Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Izaz-i- 
Kamal. Chief Librarian Abdul 
Waheed was also present. 
Talking to the students, 

Vice Chancellor Prof Khaleeq-ur- 
Rahman lauded the selfless 
struggle of Library Society to 
flourish literacy for noble cause and 
desired that the same must be 
followed in rest of the institutes of 
the country. 

The Library Society also pasted 
badge of the World Book Day on 
the shirts of all faculty members of 
GCU. A special ceremony was also 
held at the GCU Central Library 
where the Book Anthem was 

Basic Writing Skills Workshop 

The Government College 
University, Lahore Safdar 
Mir English Literary Circle 
organised a one-day workshop on 
Basic Writing Skills in the Bukhari 
Auditorium to address core issues 
faced by the students in the use of 
parts of speech in written 
discourse. Hundreds of 
undergraduate students 
attended the workshop 
conducted by GCU English 
Language Teacher Saima 

Jabeen, who involved students in 
various activities meant to improve 
and refine their writing skills. The 
importance of clarity, precision and 
accuracy in written communication 
was underscored. Society Advisor 
Saira Fatima Dogar said that 
initiatives of this nature help 
students to improve their 
communicative competence to 
attain greater confidence in 
presenting their arguments in 
academic writing. 

UCL School of Management Sciences 

Lahore & Multan 

With 18 years 1 experience of 
University of London International Degree Programmes 

UCL has been granted 

Affiliation with GC University Lahore 

Degrees offered 

BSc (Hons) Business Accounting & Finance 
BSc (Hons) Economics 

GC University Lahore degrees offered by UCL School of Management Sciences is the latest initiative by UCL. The programme 
commenced on November 1 , 2012- 

Before launching this programme, a lot of thought and effort went into designing the academic management structure to provide 
support to the running of degree course. 

The teaching faculty at both the Lahore and Multan campuses is well qualified and experienced, UCL management felt quite 
confident and secure regarding this aspect. For over a decade, UCL has been successfully running the University of London 
International programmes in a number of disciplines including Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Business 
Administration, Information Systems and Management as well as Law, The overall results attained by the UCL students have 
been outstanding. Last year among the graduating students a large number distinctions and merits were achieved. Several 
students went abroad to continue their higher education in reputable universities including Oxford and the London School of 

The challenging task was to set up the senior academic management structure to oversee the educational standards at both 
campuses, Lahore and Multan. A team consisting of 12 members was selected. These included individuals with the right 
qualifications and requisite experience, Seven out of the twelve members hold degrees from British universities. Most of them 
have decades of experience in their specialised fields. With this team in place, UCL is confident to conduct the programmes 
according to international standards. 



DrAsad Hussein 
MSc (UK) PhD (UK) 
Director UCL Lahore 

Bilal Khawar 
BSc (Warwick) MSc (UK) 
Academic Coord Lahore 

Management Team 

Nadeem Qasir 
BSc (ton) Msc (Lon) 
Director UCL Multan 

Roma Ahmed 

BSc (Lor) 

Student Counselor Lahore 


Aneeq Khawar 

BOom (Pb) MBA (Pb) 

Director Planning 

Jalees Qasir 

SA (Pb) CIMA (UK) 

Director Liaison GCU/UCL 


Badr Munir 


Admin UCL Lahore 

Zara Kanwal 
Academic Coord Multan 

Basharat Hussain 
MA (Pb) MPhtl {Pb) 
Principai UCL Lahore 

Asad Khosa 

LLB (Lon) Bar-at-Law 

Admin UCL Multan 

Aamir Malik 
MA (BZU) MPhil (BZU) 
Principal UCL Multan 

Ali Was ir 


Student Counselor Multan 

Tel: 042-35963335-7 Fax: 042-35963137 
e-mail: uclhrto pk 

Tel: 06 1 -4586642, 4586643 
e-mail: tic I multan 7/ 


UCL School of Management Sciences 

Lahore & Multan 

With 18 years 1 experience of 
University of London International Degree Programmes 

UCL has been granted 

Affiliation with GC University Lahore 

Degrees offered 

BSc (Hons) Business Accounting & Finance 
BSc (Hons) Economics 

Purpose built campuses 

he Undergraduate Programme 
at University College Lahore (UCL) 
offers the following University of London Degrees: 

BSc Economics and Management 
BSc Accounting and Finance 
BSc Management with Law 
BSc Business Administration 

BSc Economics 

BSc Banking and Finance 

BSc Information Systems and Management 

BSc Economics and Finance 

Tel: 042-35963335-7 Fax: 042-35963137 
e-mail: uclhrfr 

Tel: 061-4586642, 4586643 
e-mail: uclmultanfa <4mail.c0m